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Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Room in Obama's Jerusalem for the Jew

The same media which can't be bothered to notice that there is a proxy war going on between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Yemen, with Saudi jets bombing civilian targets. Who have paid no attention whatsoever to a week of violence between Algerians and Egyptians that included stonings and death threats, are up in arms over the building of 900 housing units in the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem.

The Obama Administration and the media are naturally not upset by the Jerusalem municipality's decision to build 500 housing units for Arabs in Jerusalem. No they're upset by a private Jewish housing project built on privately owned land. And that double standard aptly conveys their premise that a Jewish house in Jerusalem is a "settlement", while an Arab house in Jerusalem is just a house. A Jewish home violates the "status quo" and is "unhelpful for peace", while an Arab home is just a home. There is of course a name for that sort of policy, it's one that Jimmy Carter who is still continuing his tour on behalf of Hamas knows quite well, Apartheid.

In response to the Nof Zion construction, Obama warned that, "additional settlement building does not contribute to Israel’s security".But Nof Zion is not about security, as much as it is about an overcrowded Jewish population in Jerusalem looking for someplace to live. When the Arabs seized half of Jerusalem in Israel's War of Independence, they forcibly expelled the Jewish population of Jerusalem in a brutal act of ethnic cleansing that goes ignored by the same leftists who focus on elderly Arab men waving keychains in the air. Homes belonging to Jewish families were replaced by Arab families, who in turn were not expelled when Israel liberated and reunited both halves of Jerusalem in 1967.

While countries such as England recognized Jordan's annexation of East Jerusalem, they have failed to recognize Israel's reunification of the city. This has led to the ongoing absurdity in which children born in Jerusalem are treated as stateless by the US government and the US embassy remains in Tel Aviv, while the US Consulate in East Jerusalem does its best to pretend that it's in the capital of Palestine, completely refusing to recognize Israel's existence.

Were security the issue, Gilo which faces the Arab towns of Beit Jala and Al Khader, and has been shot at repeatedly from them, would be a poor choice to live in. But Jerusalem is bulging at the seams. The price of housing has shot up, and while US Ambassador Richard H. Jones may have told Jewish residents of Jerusalem that "Sometimes people do have to move to a different location. They cannot always stay close to their families", the reality is that living next to their families is exactly what people want to do. Regardless of what the State Department thinks about the matter.

1800 years ago the Romans expelled the Jewish population of Jerusalem and renamed it Aelia Capitolina, a pagan city, and renamed Israel, Syria Palaestina. Today Obama and the State Department seem determined to do the very same thing. By calling a Jerusalem neighborhood, a "settlement", Obama is actively attacking the right of Jews to live in Jerusalem. If Jewish Jerusalem is a settlement, then effectively every other part of Israel where Jews live is a settlement too.

When even even liberal US news outlets such as CNN have described Gilo as a Jewish neighborhood, in contrast to radical left wing British outlets such as the BBC and Reuters, who branded it as a "settlement", Obama's shift is a deliberate one. Helpful as always, UN Secretary General Ki Ban Moonbat stepped in to denounce Gilo as a "settlement built on Palestinian land that undermines efforts for peace”. Considering that Gilo already holds a population of 50,000, the land was privately owned and the Jewish presence there goes back to the Book of Joshua, but the facts are no obstacle to the lies.

In Time Magazine, the increasingly unhinged Joe Klein claimed that Gilo "would be the capital of Palestine", with presumably a Hadrianiac or Jordanian style ethnic cleansing solution for the 50,000 Jews who live there right now. Not that I imagine that would stop him in the least, so long as he had someone else to do the dirty work for him.

But finally what is the basis for calling the Gilo neighborhood a "settlement"? The land on which Gilo was built was bought and owned by its Jewish residents. That land was occupied and seized by Jordan in 1948, until Israel liberated the territory in 1967. To call Gilo a "settlement", recognizes the Jordanian invasion and seizure of the land as legitimate, while treating the Jewish presence there as illegitimate.

And that is the real basis behind all this madness. The reason why a Jewish home in Jerusalem or anywhere in Israel is a settlement. To speak of "settlements" is to claim that the Jewish presence in Israel is illegitimate. And while some Israeli leftists may fondly imagine that settlers are religious Jews who live in caravans, as the case of Gilo once again demonstrates, all of Israel is a settlement.

And that is why as far as the world's diplomats are concerned, an Arab terrorist has more right to open fire on a Jewish family driving down the road, than the Israeli army has to shoot that same terrorist. And by giving in to US pressure to negotiate directly with the PLO, by signing the Oslo accords and by repeatedly agreeing to talk peace with Arafat and Abbas, the door was opened to greater and greater delegitimization of Israel.

Israel's global diplomatic position is far worse than it was 17 years ago. Israel's strategic position is far worse than it was 17 years ago. The most rabid bigotry and the ugliest incitement has become the norm, the sort of language you would once hear in Riyadh or Damascus has now become cocktail party chatter in London, Paris and Washington D.C. All of Israel's concessions have combined to put a gun to Jerusalem, and then to the rest of the land for a great going out of business, everything must go sale.

The case of Gilo is one more wake up call that not only our terrorist "peace partners", but even the so-called honest brokers of the world community do not believe that Jews have the right to live anywhere in Israel. Their backing of a Palestinian state has nothing to do with peace, as the fact that peace has failed to emerge over 17 years has not in any way dampened their ardor and enthusiasm for the project. Nor is it about a Two State Solution bringing regional stability. Even the dimmest paper pushers in the State Department and Foreign Ministry know that even were a Palestinian state to be created, the result would be more regional instability, not less. Only a One State Solution can succeed, and that solution is an Arab state and no Israel. The "Peace Process" and the "Two State Solution" are an incremental approach to bringing about that final solution.

The men and women who toiled and worked the land, who turned swamps and desert into farmland and cities, understood that if there was no room for Jews in Israel, there was no room for Jews anywhere. Palestinian Islamic terrorism in turn is driven by the national and religious imperative to destroy the only non-Muslim country in the Middle East. And while America and Europe decry Israel's capital as a Jewish settlement, Muslim settlements are springing up in their own capitals. While the cocktail party chatter is that serving up Israel on a platter to the beast will keep them safe, the violence is already in their streets. The same violence that Israel was built as a refuge against. And if Israel falls, they will be the next item on the menu.


  1. Daniel - MOST of Gilo lies within pre-1967 Israel. Those portions of the suburb over the Green Line where originally purchased by Jews during the British Mandate. Arabs never lived there. The reason the world is up in arms is because Jews live in Jerusalem. It is completely indifferent if Arabs live there.

    Yes the world wants Jerusalem ethnically cleansed - of Jews.

  2. Shiloh22/11/09

    Well, when we ignore the Torah and what to do with those on our land, what results do you expect. Ummm, well Moshe outlines it pretty well, don't you think? Until we get a leader with actual trust in haShem, then it's a lost cause.

  3. Paul, England22/11/09

    Great analysis Sultan. Thanks very much.

  4. Lou De Palma22/11/09

    Norman F, Knish stated that it did.Didn't you read the article at all?

    Yes Knish, Obama is one of them, a Muslim himself. Of course this unAmerican Muslim wants Jews out of Israel.

  5. Morry Rotenberg22/11/09

    Is anyone surprised by the fact that facts just don't matter? No one in the MSM has any historical knowledge nor do they wish to learn any. Just look at our current president. All he is doing to us and Israel was quite predictable during the campaign if anyone made the effort to learn from the alternative media. Even American Jews ignored the facts about Obama. The delegitimation
    of a Jewish presence in Jerusalem and Israel is the same as Holocaust denial. More examples of historical ignorance.
    Israel lost the propaganda war after no longer being considered the underdog after its victory in the Six Day War. Being the underdog means being the loser. Israel should continue not being the perceived underdog. It just doesn’t matter to the anti-Semites in Europe and in Washington, D.C. Israel (Jews) will always be one the wrong side of their narrative. Europe still clings to old concepts that will be their demise anyway. Remember what Churchill said, “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.”
    What Israel needs to do and what it seems to be doing is becoming stronger militarily and economically. And as long as lip service is paid to the so called peace process Israel will do what it needs to do to grow and prosper. It looks like Bibi is playing the appeasers just right.
    Consider this, if Israel attacks Iran, Obama will have no choice but to help bring about a victory. The Americans will be assumed to be behind the strikes in any case. If Iran has regime change then everything changes everywhere and for the good of Israel and ironically the appeasers.

  6. Great post.

    What hope is there when politicians like Shaul Mofaz and Ehud Barak use the language of the Arab propagandists and refer to a 42 year "occupation?" How is Israel supposed to stand up for its rights when its leaders send these mixed messages and give our rights away?

    Polls show the Israeli electorate moving even further to the right than as reflected in the elections earlier this year. How much longer will they tolerate these tired old windbags whose singular intent seems to be firing the gun at Israel's head? It's no wonder that the world treats Israel this way when the Knesset repeatedly sends the message that it's okay?

  7. Even without historical knowledge you'd have to be brain dead to consider any part of any nation's capital a "settlement."

    Obama is eith brain dead, a complete idiot or totally evil.

  8. *Brilliant*.

    Another one for me to reproduce on my blog, with of course a link back here :)

    You've nailed it.

    I wish I could put it as eloquently as you do, but am so glad that you DO - in certain online forums where a lot of Israel bashing goes on, I've now started to post selected parts of some of your articles, with the link to you and your blog name underneath.

    As for OBAMA's latest lunacy - perhaps all that low bowing before the world's despots has impaired his brain functioning correctly...

    G-d, I LOATHE that man more with each passing day.

  9. Anonymous23/11/09

    A Jew With A View wrote : in certain online forums where a lot of Israel bashing goes on, I've now started to post selected parts of some of your articles, with the link to you and your blog name underneath.

    I hope you realise that such posts could lead to some of those people having a seizure, leading to mental injury.



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