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Obama: A Profile in Cowardice

Meet Barack Hussein Obama. The man who turned his own middle name into a no-go zone during the election, only to bring it out of the closet when he trotted down to a Muslim country. The man whose associates labeled talk about his Muslim background as racist, only to proclaim his Muslim background loudly and proudly from the podium of a Muslim country.

There's a word for a man like that. Coward.

Meet Obama, the bright young Senator with a phony biography geared to playing up his biracial angst for the college campuses. Who promised his leftist volunteers an end to rendition, detentions, eavesdropping and a whole bundle of other things, only to pull a bait and switch on them.

After all tools like that come in handy, even if they're less likely to be used against Muslim terrorists, than they are against Tea Party protesters.

Meet Barack Obama, the man who was going to bring an end to the American coercion of other countries. No more would the White House tell the rest of the world what to do. Except of course to dictate where Jews can live in Israel, how the Honduran judiciary can operate and who can head the Muslim community in Greece.

Of course Obama has drawn the line somewhere. He has drawn the line against standing up to Ahmadinejad, Chavez or any Socialist or Muslim tyrant. Instead Obama has browbeaten America's democratic allies, in support of Muslim and Socialist tyrannies. You can read that as Obama putting his own political and religious loyalties ahead of America's interests. Or you can read it as the act of a craven coward who hopes to sacrifice America's remaining allies in order to win over America's enemies.

When the Iranian youth came out to protest against Ahmadinejad, Obama mumbled and fumbled for something to say. He dragged it out long enough to send a loud and clear message to the Iranian regime, that America would not interfere no matter what they did. And the regime got the message. Obama cannot be held completely responsible for the ruthless crackdown that has followed, but some of the blood is certainly on his well manicured hands and sleeves.

As the supposedly most cyber-aware fellow in the White House, Obama could have followed up on the British effort to provide social networking access to Iranian protesters, or on the one proposed by Senator John McCain, the man the media lambasted as tech-illiterate and out of touch. He could have imposed sanctions on Nokia for aiding in the repression of political dissidents and compelled them to make the plans for the technology they sold to Iran, public.

Harnessing America's status as a world power and his own supposed global goodwill, Obama could have organized an international diplomatic response to the crackdown. He could have made any nuclear negotiations contingent on the treatment of the protesters. He could have done a dozen things, but aside from making a series of fumbling statements when his inaction became humiliating even for his own party, Barack Hussein Obama did nothing.

Behold the man. Behold the coward.

By contrast when Honduras' legislature and supreme court acted to remove President Manuel Zelaya, a close ally of Chavez, who had fired the head of the army and attempted to stage a coup by violating the Constitution, Obama and his people have been working around the clock to restore Zelaya to power, even while stating that they want the whole thing to be "free from external influence and interference" (the hypocrisy on that line alone is almost enough to choke even Chavez himself). The question is why?

But of course it's not that difficult of a question. Not when you think like a coward. Not when you think like Obama.

Why wouldn't Obama panic at the sight of a Congress and Supreme Court removing a left wing Socialist President who violated the Constitution in pushing to make himself el-presidente for life, by violating term limits. Let alone the military dumping said President across border.

Obama no doubt has nightmares of waking up on a C-31 transport to Kenya, after enough of his wrongdoing leads him to being booted out of the White House by what remains of the American legislative and judicial infrastructure.

Today Manuel "ALBA" Zelaya. Tomorrow it could be Barry "Hussein" Obama. And Barry knows better than anyone else the full catalog of lies, crimes and scandals brewing beneath his regime. Obama's rise to power has been part of an American hemisphere trend that covers the likes of Chavez, Zelaya, Correa, Silva and even the return of Kerry's old buddy, Ortega, to power in Nicaragua. What all of them have in common with Obama is a left wing socialist agenda that ignores the rule of law. An attack against Zelaya, could in Obama's mind be seen an attack against him equally.

If the rollback of socialist tyranny begins in Honduras, it might spread. If Brazil, Venezeula and Ecuador follow-- might not the democractic revolution spread to America as well, and make the Prince of Chicago's throne shakier than ever?

That is how a coward thinks, and Obama is nothing if not a coward. And like all cowards, he knows how little he deserves what he has, and how easy it would be for him to lose it all. A gang of greedy and deluded followers, and a nationwide 24/7 propaganda blitz can only do so much. After all there isn't a socialist tyrant in the hemisphere who hasn't had the same thing. And yet the latest of them is enjoying a well deserved vacation in Venezuela.

Heavy hangs the head that wears the ill-gotten crown. From one corner of the globe to another, Obama flits back and forth, delivering speeches and posing for photos. Like a rat rubbing against a rosebush, hoping some of the loose petals will attach themselves to him so that he can appear more like a rosebush and less like a rat, Obama hopes that going through the motions of being a world leader will actually get people to confuse him with a world leader.

Yet his mumbling silence on Iran speaks far more eloquently about the sort of man Obama is, than all his scripted speeches ever could. Obama has been compared to JFK, but what he represents is no profile in courage, but a profile in cowardice. A liar and a manipulator who serves his own ends first and his host country's, last. Who proclaims, Ask not what I can do for your country, Ask what your country can do for me. And above all else, a craven coward.


  1. There's that gesture again. "Uggh, doc. I'm scared it's gonna need a root canal..."

  2. Well birds of a feather flock together.
    America has her own mixed multitude who are bound and determined to make America null and void in the eyes of the world and G-d.

  3. His mother obviously never told him that if he doesn't watch it, it'll stick that way

  4. About this Iran issue.. what is your take on the support for Mousavi? Some allege that only urban people supported him, while the rural people were for Ahmadinejad..

    If that is the case.. an American support for any dissent would be ill-founded.. wouldn't it?

  5. rural supports depends more of regional ethnicity, but Ahmadinejad began as Mayor of Tehran, his key base of support was supposed to be urban

  6. Jew With A View30/6/09

    Spot on. Obama's true character - or rather lack of it - has been exposed by his refusal to categorically and quickly condemn events in Iran.

    His hypocrisy in placing pressure on Israel is now clear to more people. I've heard that more American Jewish leaders are now expressing unease about Obama's bias against Israel - oh well, better late than never, I guess...

    Obama's 'meddling' in Israel will be the murder of Israel, if Bibi et al don't find their metal.

  7. A lot of American Jewish leaders were uneasy with Obama all along, thus far though Hoenlein is the only one who's gone public with it

  8. He is a coward indeed.

    Personally, I think the Iranian issue will open the eyes of a lot of liberal American Jews and non-Jews alike. Obama's silence on the human rights violations and massacre of young people is against everything liberals supposedly stand for.

    Mr. Mumbles blew it on this one. No doubt who ever runs against him will capitalize on this blunder.

  9. Jew With View--you're right. I'd imagine uneasy American Jews will look at how Obama turned his back on his fellow Muslims fighting for freedom in favor of continued dialogue with the modern day Hitler and wonder...wouldn't Obama just as quickly turn his back on Israel?


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