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Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Islands of Freedom Stand Alone

For half a century the United States of America has made an effort to promote freedom and democracy around the world. Some of those efforts have been misguided, but yet there is no denying that it is America which prevented the rest of Europe from falling under the grip of Communism, which saved South Koreans from living under the horrifying brutal tyranny of Communist North Korea, and which has stood to represent the rights of individuals to live in peace and freedom, over the power of tyranny.

That era is now at an end. The new policy of the Obama occupied White House is to reward and aid tyrannies at the expense of free nations. It means that countries such as Taiwan, Israel and Columbia; which have managed to survive the bear hug of more aggressive and larger ideological neighbors are now to be sacrificed on the altar of appeasement.

The nomination of the likes of Chas Freeman, is not only a blow against Israel, but countries such as Taiwan as well. Such appointments signal that not only can those countries expect no help from the United States, but rather that the advocates of tyranny will now be calling the shots and working to destroy them from within Washington D.C. itself.

The key countries first up on the butcher block, of course begin with Taiwan.

The United States has spent far too much time selling out Taiwan in order to play up to China. Beginning with the aborted Korean war, the US switched from supporting Taiwan, to all but accepting China's position that Taiwan is a rebellious province of the People's Republic of China. However the United States has also made it clear that the use of force by the PRC against Taiwan would be unacceptable. That no longer stands. Hillary Clinton has made it clear that human rights don't matter, and the new defense intelligence establishment views Taiwan as an inconvenience to be gotten out of the way as soon as possible, in order to maintain good relations with China.

We can expect to see strong behind the scenes pressure on Taiwan, not only to avoid any declarations of independence, but rather to accept a Hong Kong type deal, putting Taiwan under the control of the People's Republic of China. We're likely to see an aggressive push toward such an agreement around 2010, with heavy pressure being applied to Taiwan.

Then there's Columbia. Columbia of course is in the worst possible position. As a conservative government standing strong against the Marxist FARC narcoterrorists backed by Venezuela's Chavez, and defying Latin America's leftward swing under the impetus of Cuba, it's safe to say that Columbia is Enemy Number One at the White House. Particularly after a successful and devastating raid on FARC freed prominent hostages while releasing information about ties between Obama and FARC.

Targeting Columbia taps into a perfect storm, aligning the left wing radicalism of Obama and his associates with a grand sellout to Cuba, Venezeula, Ecuador and Brazil's left wing regimes. The chance to demolish one of the few successful American alliances in the War on Terror, while salvaging FARC as a successful force in Columbian politics will be truly irresistible to the Friends of Bill Ayers, currently running United States foreign policy.

Finally of course there's Israel. Israel does not represent the same kind of obsessive fixation for the American left, that conservative regimes in Latin American do... it is however the idea fixee of much of the foreign policy crowd and the Saudi friends who hold them by the collar.

Like Taiwan and Columbia, Israel completes the trinity of countries that America's appeasement corps believes we would better off if they didn't happen to exist anymore. While they're willing to settle for "regime change" in Columbia, by bringing the Cuban backed left to power, Taiwan and Israel are countries whose destruction they're obsessed with. And both Taiwan and Israel are near the brink.

While Taiwan is crippled by a corrupt pro-appeasement government, Israel has jettisoned its own corrupt pro-appeasement government in favor of a conversative nationalist coalition. This naturally pushes Israel to the head of the target list as far as the Obama regime is concerned.

Having failed to push Israel toward a "unity government" with a left wing party, it's safe to say that we'll see a repetition of the Clinton Administration's attempts at toppling Netanyahu's government which proved successful last time around.

But the larger picture is that the US is now preparing to trade in Abbas and Fatah for Hamas, under the guise of a unity government. With hundreds of millions of dollars pouring into Hamas controlled Gaza and concessions on the table to Iran, Abbas is no doubt keeping his diplomatic passport handy. By now everyone knows which way the wind is blowing. The Bush Administration might have chosen to back Abbas on the grounds that Fatah was more open to negotiations with Israel. For the Obama Regime though, Hamas' blunter terroristic instincts and drive toward creating an Islamofascist state makes it worthier of their support.

And since Hamas, like Hizbullah, is an Iranian puppet... and the US is set to begin selling out to Iran, the package deal can be completely wrapped up.

Around the world, on three continents, three islands of freedom are on the block, sold down the river, by the corrupt forces that have taken hold of the centers of power in the United States. And the islands of freedom in a sea of tyranny will find that the tide is drawing in on them.


  1. Anonymous7/3/09

    You have written a fantastic article that is so sadly true. I also wonder what will happen in Iraq? They are a new democracy and economically they are doing much better that USA. Too bad that Obama and his croonies will destroy all that wonderful work that America did in that country.

    (French Canadian)

  2. I think Iraq will be in trouble, because we're about to give up everything to Iran. So if the Sunnis and Shias loyal to Iran and the Kurds can't stand on their own, they're going to be in trouble

  3. Spot on analysis.

    I suspect that we will see a Netanyahu government that is willing to say shalom to the US and hello to China and India, which have a lot more capital to invest in Israeli technology. And I wouldn't be surprised if Bibi made a little trip to Russia. Word on the street is that Putin and Co. are looking for upgraded port access in the eastern Mediterranean, and there have been talks in the past about oil transport through Israel rather than the Suez. That might be something to revisit, in spite of the relatively low oil prices at the moment.

    We will see.

  4. America and Israel have lost their way.
    Fawning over their enemies at times. electing men who are weak and incompetent.
    Troubled times will multiply .

  5. Carter 2...and thoroughly weak and cowardly. Just how unsafe are we now? Spot on analysis as usual. I knew about Israel and Columbia...Taiwan I didn't even consider. Thanks for the education!

  6. Anonymous8/3/09

    US and Britain betrayed Taiwan when they let Hong Kong go.
    US encouraged that.
    The US also began kissing up to china and trading with them for their poison products.

  7. Anonymous8/3/09

    Dead in Sultan.

    You are a treasure

  8. Carter II is right. Obama has all of the flaws of Jimmy Carter with a boldness and recklessness Carter didn't have.



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