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Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Global Political Malaise and Muslim Madness on Parade

Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Global Political Malaise and Muslim Madness on Parade

The global political malaise continues its slow tread onward.

The Obama Administration continues to sink. Its orchestrated hate campaign against Rush Limbaugh has gone nowhere, except to raise the hopes of a few RINO's.

The pathetic charade of Megan, or is that Meghan McCain, getting news time just because she's helping divide the Republican party, only testifies to media bias. I hope to hell we aren't seeing the beginnings of some sort of McCain dynasty here.

Not that Ann Coulter doesn't deserve a healthy measure of contempt, mainly because she's the anti-Rush Limbaugh, playing into liberal stereotypes of conservatives while dishing out controversy for the sake of controversy, just to advance her career-- but Republicans fighting Republicans on national tv only plays into Obama's hands.

But neither the White House's orchestrated attacks on Limbaugh, or Santelli or currently Cramer, managed to do much to distract the public from increasing concern over the economy, or a clueless administration. A third treasury nominee is overboard, and Geithner himself is seen as set to get the boot and take the blame for non-results.

Of course all of Obama's cabinet is there mainly to take the blame for something. Still it seemed like Gates or Hillary would be likelier to get the knife in the back, but with the economy high on voter's minds while Obama and the Dem congress run up the national debt like it's the lottery, Geithner comes first on the list.

Obama's perpetual campaign can keep his likability index high enough, but his economic policies are still tanking badly. Obama managed to push through a giant pork spending bill by dressing it up as a stimulus plan, but fewer and fewer votes are buying that anymore. And without a well timed economic recovery, Obama is going to need a fall guy or fall guys.

Naturally there's suddenly some tough talk from the Admin about "Wall Street", as if Obama hadn't taken millions in campaign contributions from Wall Street, only to return billions without oversight. The hilarious sight of Barney Frank trying to get tough on his old buddies is only equaled by the sudden whispering campaign about Geithner spread out of the White House. Because there's always plenty of room under the Obama Bus.

Meanwhile the UK has picked Hezbollah over Wilders. Which is the reasonable cowardly thing to do. After all if you can't even protect your own returning soldiers from Jihadist Muslim mobs chanting for their death, why even talk about standing up for Wilders, and risking that a bunch of the bearded fanatics living on your dole might stage a street riot or set off a few bombs.

Islam in Europe has become steadily more aggressive with every concession, something that the political center in Europe is in denial about. The more European Muslims get away with dominant behavior, the more they begin dominating. It's a cycle that can end in only one of two ways. Absolute Surrender or Absolute Defiance. Currently Europe is headed down the long grim road to Absolute Surrender.

When your enemies are allowed to taunt the soldiers who have come back from fighting them in the streets of your own cities, you might as well open up the gates and bow your head to the sword. Because the barbarians rule.

Meanwhile in Israel the long slow coalition talks drag on, and so does the tug of war between Lieberman and the religious parties. The proposed Justice Ministry for Professor Yaakov Ne’eman is a touch of good news, since it brings some hope to reforming Israel's completely out of control left wing Supreme Court, and the same justice system that was used to bring down Netanyahu last time around. And news reports that the Supreme Court is moving to make it easier for Arabs from the territories to get Israeli citizenship is another reminder of why cutting the court down to size is so urgent.

But the media lynch mob at Katzav's press conference is itself a reminder that none of this will be easy. Katzav's frame job, meant to elevate Peres to the Presidency, shows how much corruption there is in the Israeli political and media establishment. The destructive alliance between political interests, the justice system and the press created what amounted to a coup. The ongoing media hate campaign against Katzav, demonstrates just how little democracy there is in a system in which the fourth estate, and particularly its powerful owners, gets to call the shots.

Speaking of media bias, Congressman Posey submitted a completely reasonable bill

H.R. 1503. A bill to amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the office of President to include with the committee's statement of organization a copy of the candidate's birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution; to the Committee on House Administration.

After all running for President should require at the very least the same sort of documentation that getting a driver's license would. Naturally the media is condemning him as a "Birther" even though the bill wouldn't even apply to the current usurper in chief. But we've reached such a state of bias, that a bill that merely checks a candidate's qualifications for the highest office in the land, is clearly some sort of outrage.

Meanwhile in the big blog roundup, via Weaser Zippers has more Sharia Madness, with a Fatwa enabling neighbors to end a couple's marriage

"If the evidence that the neighbours present is verified, the court has the right to make the couple divorce," said Sheikh Jamal Qutb, cited by Dubai-based TV network Al-Arabiya.

Qutb, an Islamic scholar and former head of the fatwa committee at Egypt's most prestigious religious institution Al-Azhar, said that a community, including family members or neighbours, should have the same right to end a marriage as the couples themselves.

Not the worst thing Sharia law has spawned, but it does remind us just how incompatible Sharia is with civil rights and human freedom.

Via Dragon Dirt, a Telegraph column, Stop pandering to enemies of our way of life, points out the special treatment Muslims are getting from the authorities in the UK

She's right, of course, but she must know that in agreeing in advance to what was bound to be an offensive protest, the police were only following what they believe to be government policy: don't upset radical Muslims in case they blow us up. Luton has around 20,000 Muslims and is a black spot for jihadism. The police conciliate the vociferous in the hope they won't get so cross that they bomb the airport.

Fear is the only reason that Muslim groups receive special treatment. Why else would the representatives of around two million people have money and time lavished on them in such an obscenely disproportionate way, while no one much bothers about the peaceable Hindus? And why else would the Government throw £90 million at PVE (Preventing Violent Extremism) – an unaccountable, contradictory, bureaucratically convoluted counter-terrorism initiative that has the authorities snuggle up to homophobic, misogynistic West-haters, just so long as they don't actually use violence?

"A new generation is being radicalised, sometimes with the very funds that are supposed to be countering radicalisation," say the report's authors, Shiraz Maher, himself a former radical, and Martyn Frampton. For example, Tower Hamlets council awarded a substantial grant to the Cordoba Foundation, an Islamist pressure group, which in turn offered a platform to the radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which promotes the message that democracy is forbidden in Islam.

These are of course the hard and heavy wages of appeasement. The more you appease, the worse the situation gets.

Meanwhile from Citizen Warrior, a petition to stop Muslim immigration

The United States must change its immigration policies to exclude Muslims. Islam is both a religion and a political ideology, and its politics are supremacist. That is, the doctrines of mainstream Islam command the followers of this faith to work toward the dominance of their religion over all other religions and the subjugation of all other political systems beneath the Islamic political system (Shari'a). In this sense, Islam seeks to overthrow the established Constitution of the United States, and to replace it with Shari'a. That is sedition.

It is a legitimate point, one that liberals habitually overlook, little realizing that just as in Iran, the rise of Islam sows the seeds of their own destruction.

Via the Keli Ata blog, more Muslim Madness, with one crazy cleric claiming that the Starbucks Mermaid is really Queen Esther. While this sounds like a Purim Joke, similar to an April Fools joke, Muslim clerics seem to have the unique ability to create true stories that are stranger and more absurd than parody.

“Do you know who Queen Esther was and what the crown on her head means?" Higazi asked. "This is the crown of the Persian kingdom. This queen is the queen of the Jews. She is mentioned in the Torah, in the Book of Esther. The girl you see is Esther, the queen of the Jews in Persia."

He pointed out that Starbucks coffee shops are located in Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, as well as in Cairo.

Muslims in general seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession with Starbucks.

Via Lemon Lime Moon, Why The Founding Fathers Would Want Obama's Plans to Fail.

James Madison was not specifically contemplating Barack Obama, or Nancy Pelosi, when he wrote Federalist No. 63. But reading the document — one of the seminal arguments in favor of adopting the U.S. Constitution — it’s clear Madison knew their type. And he knew they would come along again and again in American history, if Americans were lucky enough to have a long history.

Obama and Pelosi, along with their most ardent supporters, are the types to see a crisis, like our current economic mess, as a “great opportunity,” as the president put it last Saturday. They are the types, after a long period out of power, to attempt to use that “great opportunity” to push through far-reaching changes in national policy that had only a tangential connection, if at all, to the crisis at hand. And they are the types the Founding Fathers wanted to stop.

Indeed. The American Experiment was never meant to promote a mobocracy or an obamacracy, it was meant to create the rule of the people by the people under laws that segregated individual rights from government authority. America was not built on crisis rule or on creating a collective system under charismatic leaders.

For the people, by the people, means that we are the guardians of our own laws and our own rights. Something that the far left and the far right repeatedly refuse to accept. Freedom is not a symbol, it is a fact or it is nothing at all.

Have a good weekend.

Sultan Knish


  1. Shabbat Shalom Sultan and Lemon.

    TY for the inclusion, Sultan:)

  2. Anonymous13/3/09

    "The American Experiment was never meant to promote a mobocracy or an obamacracy, it was meant to create the rule of the people by the people under laws that segregated individual rights from government authority. For the people, by the people, means that we are the guardians of our own laws and our own rights. Something that the far left and the far right repeatedly refuse to accept."

    Damn right! It is hard to believe that Americans calls tin foil hat anybody that wants to make sure that Obama is eligible to be POTUS according to the Constitution. It is even more unbelievable that the law suits concerning the eligibility are turned down on "standing". Maybe it would be time to teach the Constitution in American schools.
    (French Canadian)


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