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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Muslim Immigration Imports Nazis into Europe

Synagogues set aflame, mobs marching through Jewish neighborhoods shouting hateful slogans against Jews, boycotts of Jewish owned businesses and assaults and murders of Jews in Europe were supposed to have ended with the fall of the Third Reich. But thanks to Muslim immigration they are once again a part of life for the Jewish communities of Europe.

While newspaper reports typically describe Muslim attacks on Jews as a product of Middle Eastern politics or Israel's own War on Terrorism, such a simplistic explanation ignores the fact that Muslims have been attacking and killing Jews for centuries. With the advent of large scale Muslim immigration to Europe, countries such as France, England and Sweden have become new hunting grounds for hate filled Muslim mobs.

Just as the Nazis who believed in their own racial superiority and their right to kill or subjugate inferior races, inevitably targeted Europe's Jewish minority-- so too Muslims whose Quran teaches that Jews are the descendants of Pigs and Apes and whose prophet Mohammed, like Hitler, commanded the ethnic cleansing of Jews from what is today Saudi Arabia, believe that they have the right and obligation to attack and murder Jews.

Nor are Muslim attacks limited to Jews. The rise of Islamofascism in Europe has seen Muslim persecution of Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and non-Muslim Africans. Even dissident Muslims are not immune from the threat of Islamic ReligioPolitical terror, as Salman Rushdie's case demonstrates.

Like any form of Fascism, Islamism seeks supremacy over all, and employs bigotry and violence as a means to power. The modern day terrorism of the Muslim is as much influenced by Adolf Hitler as by Mohammed, as German researcher Matthias Kuenzel has clearly shown, tracing the influence and appeal of Hitler's ideology on 20th century Muslims. Islamofascism traces its rise to that ugly synthesis of Mohammed and Hitler, the Koran and Mein Kampf, both among the most popular books in the Muslim world, and a great deal of 20th century Muslim terror traces itself back to that incestuous marriage of Islam and Fascism as well.

In today's Europe, Muslims have become the new Nazis, and like the original Nazis, their rise to power is built on terror and Jews once again are the chief targets of their hatred. As a minority the world over, Jews have commonly served as the "canary in the coal mine" warning of the rise to power of totalitarian ideologies. The wave of attacks by Muslims against European Jewry serve as an alarm bell warning of the rise of a new Nazism, dressed up with a green armband, a black headcovering and a bomb belt.

Europe after the war vowed to resist fascism and prevent the Holocaust from ever happening again, but in the name of tolerance, Islamofascism has found a home in Europe, and attacks on Jews have once again become commonplace. Tolerance for Fascism gives the serpent a warm place in the nation's bosom to grow and spawn, and tolerance for Islam has made not just the Jews of Europe, but all of Europe into the targets of Muslim brutality and terror.

The latest assaults and Synagogue burnings taking place across Europe, in Britain, Sweden and France, is only the latest ring of an alarm bell warning that the dreadful events of the 1930's are beginning to repeat themselves. Just as then, Fascism has many defenders who are all too willing to let Muslims play the victim of the Jews, as the Nazis were allowed to play at being the victims of Europe, until it was much too late.

Those who enable the modern day Fascism of Islam by allowing the brute to play the victim are however should be aware that they not doing anyone a favor. Coddling Nazism and agitating for its appeasement did not prevent war, it brought on a horrifying war that left much of Europe in ruins. Coddling Islam and agitating for its appeasement will not usher in some sort of utopian multicultural society, but a horrifying war in which the devastation in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the bombings of 9/11, 7/11 and the Madrid Train Bombings are only the early rumblings of a much larger conflict.

The Nazis first came for the Jews, and no one spoke up. By the time they were done, a great charnel house stretched from London to deep inside Russia, torched homes moaned in the wind and the cemeteries and trenches of Europe were filled with the dead. The Muslims have come for the Jews, but they have not stopped there and will not stop there. Across Europe the slow realization is growing that Islamofascism cannot be quieted with appeasement and that the wave of Muslim terror continues to spread.

Silence in the face of evil is an option, but it is an option that will end the same way-- with a devastated Europe and long endless kilometers inhabited only by the dead. And this time, Europe can no longer count on America for aid, and can expect only treachery from Russia. Each day, Muslim strength continues to grow, and each act of appeasement emboldens their Islamofascist drive to power. And each planeload and boatload of Muslim immigrants imports a new wave of modern day Nazis into the heartlands of Europe.


  1. A very powerful article.

    I wonder if the people protesting the war on Islamic terrorism actually realize they could be its next victims.

  2. Anonymous6/1/09

    Sultan you said: "The rise of Islamofascism in Europe has seen Muslim persecution of Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and non-Muslim Africans".

    I'm surprised with your last group 'non-Muslim Africans'. In the Sudan today we are seeing a genocide, if not a holocaust of Black Africans. The Blacks of Darfur, no matter Muslim or not, have all been murdered or are being targeted by the Arab militia. Yes, the Black African leader-like so many African leaders- has no problem with his own people being killed for money. The point is the Blacks in Africa have ALWAYS been the exception to Islamic slavery and fellow Muslim murder.

    A Muslim is not allowed to be enslaved by a fellow Muslim, yet Black Muslims have always been enslaved and murdered by the Muslims. From the Umayyads, Sasanids, Mamluks, to the Ottomans, Black Muslims have ALWAYS been the exception to the rule of Islamic slavery and murder.

    So is it any surprise that we see a rise of Black African killings in Europe? Not at all. Like the Jews they are trash to Muslims. Yet they are not hated for the same reason. But the end is the same, the Black Arican to a Muslim is fair game for murder no matter where in the world, the same for the Jew.

    It's a point that many have ignored and I felt the need to highlight it. No criticism:)

  3. Anonymous6/1/09

    Sobering entry, SK. Tolerance, that thread of the "social justice
    tapestry will strangle us all.
    Join us in Chicago 1/9 12pm for a Pro Israel Rally-Dearborn & Adams.
    Stand up for freedom!

  4. People behave in ways they would not without a back up crowd.
    Moslem immigraton has provided Europe with the excuse to feel yet again what they always felt.. hatred for Jews.
    It's easier to be a bum, bully and jackass when you are in an approving crowd.

  5. "I wonder if the people protesting the war on Islamic terrorism actually realize they could be its next victims."

    I believe they foolishly think that if they appease the bully, they will be spared.

  6. Anonymous7/1/09


    According to the Community Security Trust, a group which protects Jewish people, there have been 24 incidents in Britain since December 29. This includes an arson attack on a synagogue in London.

    "There has been a significant rise in the number of anti-Semitic incidents, especially when compared with what is usually a very quiet time of year for racist, anti-Jewish attacks," spokesman Mark Gardner said.

    "It is a pattern with which we and the police are now sadly familiar, whereby hysteria is whipped up against Israel, and British Jews then suffer a wave of anti-Semitism." In the attack on the synagogue in Brondesbury north west London, arsonists tried to smash a window.

    They failed because of the toughened protective glass. In another incident, a gang of youths in Golders Green, north west London, tried to enter Jewish shops on New Year's Eve while shouting "Jew".
    Nearby, a Jewish man was pulled from his car and assaulted by three men, but not seriously hurt.

    More at http://thurrockpatriots.blogspot.com/2009/01/europes-jews-face-marxist-wrath-over.html

  7. Anonymous7/1/09

    Muslims have drawn up a hit-list of prominent British Jews to be murdered. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article2103995.ece

  8. Dang. I like Golders Green. Carmelli's bakery has great food.

    Keli, I think the protesters believe like what Anna T. said - they'll be spared. They're going to be in for a really big surprise as they muzlims start picking them off like flies.

  9. i would like to buy an island in the pacific somewhere and start my own nation.
    No immigration allowed.

  10. The Moslems coming into the West are colonizing, particularly the Salafists. They intend to reshape the West into the image of Arabia -- an image which should alarm us in the extreme as it's barbarous in many respects.

    In the history of Islam, we see that once Moslems gain a foothold in any given geographical area, they take over that area. Furthermore, only one nation every managed to expel them once they gained full power: Spain. And remember what it took to accomplish that? It was horrendous.

    Will the West go under now without a fight? A literal fight. If the West keeps importing Moslems, we have less than 50 years to enjoy what took hundreds of years to establish: the Western ideals of democracy and freedom.

  11. What will it take for the people of the western civilization to wake up and rise against the greatest threat to mankind?
    The lessons of history nor the Jihad being openly waged today seems to do it.

  12. Anonymous18/1/09

    "In the history of Islam, we see that once Moslems gain a foothold in any given geographical area, they take over that area. Furthermore, only one nation every managed to expel them once they gained full power: Spain. And remember what it took to accomplish that? It was horrendous."

    And the Muslims have never forgotten that defeat and they want Spain back: And now Spain once againg has huge numbers of Muslims within its borders (due to immigration, both legal and otherwise) -- and she (Spain) is governed by cowardly, Muslim-appeasing Dhimmis.

  13. Anonymous7/3/09

    Lemon are you single??

    Hungarian Crusader

  14. I'm glad I found this blog yesterday, I think I like it better than Pamela's. My dead wife was Jewish and I worked in a Jewish Deli in Philly for years and yes I love knishes.

    As for the Islamo-Fascists, Europe better wake up and wake up soon. They need to get rid of their leftist and politically correct politicians and start electing more people like Geert Wilders.

    "Islam is to Religion what Nazism is to Politics"

  15. Glad to have you as a reader patricio

  16. Importing Nazism into Europe?
    Don't they have enough of it intristically already, that they need the Muslim version too?

    I guess they need to feel it on their own skin.

    I only feel bad for the Czech, Finn, Danes and Bulgars - the only European nations worthy of survival.

  17. BTW stop saying "Islamo-Fascism". Mussolini protected the Jews, so did the Fascist Franco.
    The true term is "Islamonazism", or just plain Nazism, as in "Barack Obama".

  18. Anonymous13/1/15

    The appropriate spelling should include a double "s" iSSlam, MuSSlim



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