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Friday Afternoon Roundup -The Congress of Corruption and a Turkish

Here we are headed down the dark tunnel of the Obama regime. Poorly disguised as a "Stimulus Plan", the Democrats' Congress of Corruption passed a huge spending plan filled to the brim with waste and pork, and of course support for their own leftist alliances that helped them take power, including ACORN.

And in a remarkable victory for Principles over Pork, not a single Republican voted for the plan. Not long after Obama had warned Republicans that they ought to listen to him since "he won", rather than to Rush Limbaugh, they listened to Rush Limbaugh, and won a victory of principles. Even now support for the Stimulus plan is nearly half and half, which shows just how unpopular the plan is, when you compare it to the approval ratings for Obama.

The early start that the Democratic Junta is making on embarrassing itself with its own smog of corruption is truly impressive. Not only have Blagojevich and Patterson created two giant embarrassments for the party, but from Pelosi's clueless ramblings to the Congress of Corruption passing a plan that's supposed to fix the economy but will do nothing of the kind, the mud is pouring down. And the media can only keep blatantly spinning the facts for so long before the Reign of Obama, becomes the Reign of Chicago Prince of Crime.

Meanwhile under Erdogan, Turkey continues sliding further into the Islamofascist camp. The old secular Turkey that prevented Islamic rule is all but vanishing away, as the Islamists have gorged the Turkish public on hatred of America and Jews to disguise Islamism as Turkish nationalism. With Erdogan openly calling on Obama to legitimize Hamas and Hizbullah, Turkey is now functioning as a pro-terrorist regime.

Erdogan's hypocrisy at Davos was all the more despicable considering what Turkey has regularly done to its ethnic minorities, the Armenians, the Kurds, not to mention the ethnically Turkic but religiously varying Alevi. If Turkey wants to wail about genocide, it can look within its own borders. If Erdogan wants to condemn conquest, he and his fellow barbarians can leave the borders of the country they conquered, despoiled and turned into an Islamic pigpen of poverty stricken warrens, drug dens and mosques. While Turkey can't seem to provide a decent living for its own citizens, sending them forth to infest Europe, it continues to build up its military while occupying Cyprus.

Meanwhile Mitchell heads to Israel as part of the Obama diplomatic assault on Israel. Samantha Power, despite calling for the invasion of Israel, will now serve as the senior director for multilateral affairs at the National Security Council. This will put her in a prime position to push Hillary aside and implement her own policies, traveling with Hillary Clinton, and doing an end run around her to her friend Barack afterward.

Of course any Jewish stupid enough to believe the lies put out by liberal apologists for the Obama campaign that Samantha Power is not an issue, now get their comeuppance. The apologists of course won't retract or admit that they passed along a lie in order to promote a blatantly anti-semitic candidate.

Meanwhile I wasn't going to post on the topic, but since some bloggers such as Allahpundit at HotAir have blasted the Chief Rabbinate for ending relations with the Vatican, over its embrace of the Society of Saint Pius X. The issue here is not simply Bishop Williamson's Holocaust denial. The SSPX's views can be summed up as believing that Jews are the ultimate evil and everything wrong with the world, including Capitalism, Communist, The Renaissance, Protestantism and the French Revolution comes from the Jews.

A few choice selections from one essay on the SSPX website follow,

...In the world as it is, there can be only two truly basic modes, two poles of attraction: the Christian and the Jewish. Only two religions: Christian and Jewish. All that is not of Christ and for Christ is done in favor of Judaism.

...Christendom and Jewry are destined inevitably to meet everywhere without reconciliation or mixing. It represents in history the eternal struggle of Lucifer against God, of darkness against the Light, of the flesh against the spirit.

...God gave two enemies to the nations that flourished under the Church’s guidance in the Middle Ages: an internal one, the spirit of rebellion against the spiritual in order that worldly greatness be achieved; and an external one, the Jewish people, who live among the Christians to be a goad and a spur.

...At the end of the Middle Ages, the Gentile people committed great sins, especially the clergy. Thus weakened, this people succumbed to the brain and hand of Judaization —through the Renaissance, the French Revolution, and Communism. Judaism would give mental ammunition to the rebels, e.g., Renaissance skeptics and 18th-century libertines. Werner Sombart, the authoritative historian of Capitalism who is neither Catholic nor antisemite, shows in his book Les juifs et la vie économique how some Protestant sects, especially the Puritans, are Judaic. Close relations formed between Judaism and some of the Reformation sects and a great keenness for Hebrew studies swept Europe.

To sum up, everything the Society of Saint Pius X dislikes about the world, including non-Catholic versions of Christianity, is the fault of the Jews who are their eternal enemy. I don't even need to go into the SSPX's history with Nazism and Fascism. My point is that one can disagree with the Rabbinate's decision, but there is a good deal more context to it, than Bishop Williamson's comments about the Holocaust, something that bloggers who write about the subject should mention.

Embracing the SSPX looks a good deal like embracing the same kinds of beliefs that caused so much persecution of the Jews in the first place. And the Chief Rabbinate has the right to opt out.

The Vatican meanwhile has to decide who its real enemies are, and as a hint they're the ones gathering en masse in front of their Cathedrals, and taking over formerly Catholic cities. Instead the Vatican chooses to empower the Islamists by criticizing American and Israeli military operations against terrorists, at a time when even the Dalai Lama seems to show some signs of understanding that peace will not stop terrorists.

Europe is the new Israel. The Arab workers who came to Israel drawn by work under the British Mandate, quickly began acting like owners. Today their great-grandchildren will insist that they are "Palestinians" and that they have been living here for thousands of years. Europe is a generation or two away from being in the same boat.

The European Intifada is already under way. Islamic law is coming to Europe will the full assent of its governments. And as in Iran and Egypt, when the leftists have had their moment, the Night of the Mosque and the Burqa will come down. Resisting that should be the first priority of what's left of Europe's religions.

On that topic, the Infidel Bloggers Alliance has a call to defend Geert Wilders, writing,

Let’s remember that both Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler had the same opinion about Islam: It is a totalitarian and violent religion. Churchill denounced and warned about that ideology while Hitler admired it.

Today Winston Churchill, the most stalwart anti-Nazi, would be arrested in Holland for incitement to hate and racism whereas Hitler would be free to promote Islam and recruit Muslims into his Nazi party unmolested.


Doing something real and effective to support Geert Wilders — and freedom of expression above all — is very simple with the Amnesty International-SITA method: a letter in a stamped envelope, sent by snail-mail. Amnesty International has a strong record of success with this method.

For the letter itself, it is even simpler: A basic-rate stamp allows sending at least two sheets of paper. Here are some possible things you could include:

1. Print out the first two pages of this article (one sheet front and back). Dutch people commonly read English in addition to Dutch. (Note than another article supporting Geert Wilders is available too). So that's one page. For the second page...

The whole thing is worth reading for a useful alternative to silence, which by its very nature implies assent.

Right Side News has Jeffrey Imm's article WE ARE ALL GEERT WILDERS NOW

In the case of Geert Wilders, a court was repulsed by his comments comparing Islamic supremacism's beliefs to those expressed in Hitler's Mein Kampf. That court was not repulsed by the daily calls for killing Jews by Islamic supremacists. That court was not repulsed by the antisemitic hate that is regularly channeled in the Islamic supremacist media. That court was not repulsed by the regular calls for the destruction of Israel by Islamic supremacists. That court was not repulsed by the references to the antisemitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion promoted in Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf within the very charter of the Islamic supremacist Hamas organization, a group defended by protestors in the Netherlands over the past few weeks. That court was not repulsed by other Netherlands politicians defending calls for an intifada against Israel, while Amsterdam crowds called for "Jews to the gas."

Closing its eyes and plugging its ears to the reality around it, the Netherlands court extended an accusation against Geert Wilders of inciting hate for defying an Islamic supremacist ideology that is itself based on hate. Like those who charged Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with inciting hate for defying white supremacism, no doubt they believe that if they just silence this one man - they will set an example to others causing "friction and unrest." No doubt they hope to persuade those who would defy supremacism that they need to find a more "realistic approach" and accept "forbearance" of the supremacist cause. We have seen such tactics to silence defiance to supremacism before. We have seen them in 1963 in Alabama. We have seen them in the decades of covenants of security by nations that have harbored and tolerated Islamic supremacism around the world. We have seen them in the United Nations where Islamic supremacist groups seek to silence dissent and free speech against such supremacism. We have seen them in the halls of Congress in the United States in our present day, by those lobbying for "engagement" and "reconciliation" with Islamic supremacist organizations and leaders. Now we see them in the nation of the Netherlands by a court that seeks to turn a blind eye to the incitement of hatred throughout its nation by Islamic supremacists and instead focuses its blame on Geert Wilders, a leader of freedom who would dare defy such supremacism.

Xanthippa’s Chamberpot points out that such suppressions follow a particular pattern

Let’s go back to basic human psychology…

Whom does a bully pick on first???

The successful bully will first pick on the strongest opponent who does not have allies ready to come to his/her defense!

This is a very basic psychological principle, taught to us both in school (if one were inclined to study psychology or anthropology/sociology or even history or business skills) and also in fiction - good fiction (including ’science fiction’ and ‘historical novels’, ‘where’ most good ‘fiction’ writer are). From Waltari to Card, from Čapek to Asimov. The lesson is clear. One would expect that most intelligent people would have learned it by now…

It is precisely because Geert Wilders is not likable, it is precisely because he is on the fringes of society, that he is one of the ‘first lines of victims’ of this new form of totalitarianism which hides its ugly face beneath a pretense of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘accommodation’. Not aware of his new totalitarianism? Please, look around!

Totalitarian governments are always bullies - it’s part of the definition. That is why they follow classical bully-psychology: beat up the biggest guy nobody will come and help because he’s a jerk. When they want to establish - set a precedent - that they have the power to control something, totalitarian governments will pick on their strongest opponent who is least likable. Once the precedent is set, they can then pick on their other opponents, one at a time. Please, notice the pattern!

While I don't agree with this assessment of Wilders, the pattern does stand. Swap out Wilders for Limbaugh, and you see Obama and his allies pulling the same stunt in America. Swap out countries for individuals and you can see the motives behind the targeting of America and Israel.

Target, isolate and destroy the strong, and then you can pick off the weak one by one.

On that note, Atlas Shrugs writes that the Academic Boycott movement has moved to the United States.

There is something strangely perverse in this idea - schools of learning boycotting the finest minds on the planet. But when ou think of it, it's organiic and logical, if the barbarians have seized the helm of education and culture. 25 years ago such an idea would have seemed outside the realm of conceivable thought. It would have been cast along aside the relics of Nazi past.

Atlas is shocked but I'm not. This was always the plan. US Academia is still radicalized, it's only less radicalized than its European counterpart. But any such movement was bound to move here sooner or later. And it will naturally find legitimization. Part of its goal will be along Soviet lines, to intimidate Jewish and non-Jewish academics into remaining silent in defense of Israel.

That is how it worked in the USSR. That is the goal here now.

Atlas also has video on a New York Post photographer openly being intimidated at a pro-Hamas rally.

Now having been at many rallies, I can tell you that normally the NYPD quickly and decisively steps in to end any confrontations, or even potential confrontations, at protest rallies. Those are their orders. For the NYPD to refrain from doing so, suggests that they have orders from the top, which likely means that you should be directing your complaints to Mayor Bloomberg's office. The man is running for reelection, which is about the only circumstance that can cause him to do the right thing.

At Petunika Politik, a solidly worded denunciation of Barack Hussein Obama.

The nation has now elected a man who seems to effortlessly allow himself to admit his Muslim heritage, which was denied, debunked, decried all throughout the primaries and general election. For anyone to dare to "accuse" the man of lying about his roots has been tantamount to heresy. Yet in the tape of his interview, ears do not deceive. Would this be a cause celeb if it were not for his denial of such? Simply, no. I am reminded of the man's grandiose speech as he created his own pulpit in Berlin while still a candidate. The pomposity of the man astounds. What stood out for me as he read his teleprompter was the manner in which he APOLOGIZED for America.

America holds itself to a high moral ground, and principles that no other nation adheres to, and yet this invisible man with years missing from his calendar is sorry for who we are and what "we've done"

Via Islamic Danger to Americans, the message Obama should have delivered to Muslims.

Art Freedom and Happiness has more on Stephanopoulos' inside media consultations with Emanuel. This is of course the consequence of a media wholly dedicated to ending any division between government and the press, thus terminating the very notion of a free press.

Lemon Lime Moon writes, "It's All About the Pork" and Doom and Gloom Gubbermint


Oh really Brain boy? So then don't moan about businesses closing , How stupid is this man??

How is business to stay IN business and pay employees if they can't make profits! No wonder business is escaping the US and going bankrupt, Obama doesn't want them to make any profits.

Mr. Obama says people are losing jobs. His comments are all doom and gloom . According to him we are in the worst shape in all history , in all the universe and we have absolutely no hope of relief during his term in office. He admits it is just beyond him to help. So much for hope boys and girls.

Of course it's all lies and smoke and mirrors. And let me tell you that Doom and Gloom trash talk by the administration can make people HOPELESS. Yet his pork fund is not making jobs it is taking money out of your pocket and making the taxpayer an employer. His pork plan is taking jobs away! He will raise your taxes and take them away too.

Via Democracy Broadcasting, Melanie Philip's chilling post.


  1. Anonymous31/1/09

    sultan....something that most people have been missing is the fact that obama and his minions [dodd, frank,pelosi, reid, the entire DNC] are all responsible for countless deaths due to their actions.thanks to their overwhelming need for power and money, and all the games they played to get this ass of a "man" elected people are dying.ask your EMT's about the suicide rate.i have never heard so many emergency calls for suicides before. ever.and this is just in a small area. i can imagine what the rate is elsewhere. when they take away people's hope with their doom and gloom pure BS they are taking away what is ,in many cases, all these people have left.
    obama is pure evil.

  2. the Dems set off the crisis using alarmism which they knew would create a domino effect, they're responsible for all of it

  3. Anonymous31/1/09

    Who are these millions who are dead?

  4. Anonymous1/2/09

    Sultan look at this comment again and you'll see something incredibly amusing:

    "...Christendom and Jewry are destined inevitably to meet everywhere without reconciliation or mixing. It represents in history the eternal struggle of Lucifer against God, of darkness against the Light, of the flesh against the spirit"

    Notice the order of the analogies:

    Christendom vs. Jewry
    Lucifer vs. God
    darkness vs. Light
    flesh vs. Spirit.

    Spot a pattern? Hey man, I'm not the one who wrote that line ... just sayin is all.

  5. Anonymous1/2/09


    A year or so ago Green Arrow wrote an article on superstitious Muslim belief in the Torture of the Grave: http://isupporttheresistance.blogspot.com/2007/05/torture-of-grave-haunts-many-muslims.html

    Well, some more information has come to light on this topic due to the investigations of Father Zakaria Botros, a courageous Arabic-speaking Christian priest who the Muslims have nominated as 'the most wanted infidel in the world' with a fatwa worth $60M on his head.

    Mohammed had sex with the body of his dead aunt, in an attempt to spare her from the 'torture of the grave' . Well that was his story. Kuffars may be of the opinion that he was a filthy, sick, perverted Satanist.



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