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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obamanation, Resistance and Israel

Halloween is over but Obama is busy assembling his own army of monsters for the cabinet, under Rahm Emanuel, a fellow even his friends describe as "Godfather like" as exemplified by the table stabbing incident.

There are some Jews who are "celebrating" Rahm Emanuel's ascension, as if the rise of the man who set up the Rabin - Arafat photo is something to be happy about.

For many there is a pressure to conform, plenty of even supposedly conservative websites and blogs and newspapers to jump on the bandwagon and get along with the party. Unfortunately conformity is a very strong force and with Obama's election the media has completed its cone of compliance over many.

Everyone wishing Obama well, defending him and talking about working with him is part of the problem. That's why we have to work harder at Dissent from Day One, and maintaining a resistance to eventually radicalize the conservative media and energize the base.

If you see pro-Obama articles in a conservative paper or magazine or an Orthodox Jewish paper, make a point of calling or writing to complain. Because conformity works both ways and any editorial staff weak minded enough to begin singing Hosannas to Obama is weak minded enough to eventually go the other way.

I've been sent the following Grassfire petition gathering a million people in opposition to Obama. I haven't taken the time to research it, but I present it anyway for your perusal.

Logistics Monster meanwhile points the way to taking on the Obamation with some timely words.

I have seen the fear and heard the stories of people suffering shell shock from the outcome of our presidential election. I myself was physically ill for days with the complete and total “wrongness” of this outcome. It is time to shake it off, suck it up and do what Americans do in the face of great adversity; come together as one.

As you can see, my site is undergoing massive changes in keeping with what others may consider to be an impossible mission that I have set for myself. My PUMAs have gone back off to their lair and the Monster has a new face as I no longer consider myself a PUMA, rather an American first with no party affiliation, and no party agenda to follow or protect.

I am urging all that read these words to put away partisanship and issue driven arguments. We no longer have the luxury of labeling ourselves with a party affiliation. I know that every group will have their own agendas from caucus/primary reform to women’s issues to getting back to basics concerning the conservative republicans, but if all of these people and groups do not come together to defeat The One and Nancy Pelosi and her Gang, it will not matter what your agendas are because our country and Constitution will have been fundamentally changed by the politicians that now hold power. Your agendas will not matter…

I am asking all that really believe this Presidency was just another instance of purchasing the White House to stand up as Americans and reach out to every other person who wants to make sure that OUR White House will no longer be for sale. It has been 7 days since the Obamanation bought the White House with suspect money, and there are millions of people and probably hundreds of thousands of groups that NEED to join together to take OUR COUNTRY BACK from the corrupt politicians that have been, and will continue to be, in charge of our government. Now is the time for Democrats, Republicans and Independents to drop their party affiliations, their issue driven differences, and form ONE coalition to bring true reform to both parties, and bring balance back to our government. We are America….not the people that we elected who continue to ignore us.

Meanwhile Islamic Danger to Americans has an interesting comment over at Pat Dollard

Meanwhile over at ZionNeoCon, Steven Plaut is keeping up the good fight writing on the ongoing perversion of Rabin's annual memorials

Today is the 13th anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin
according to the Jewish calendar. In Israel the week around the day has
long been turned by the Israeli political establishment into an annual
ritual of McCarthyist attacks on freedom of speech. In ceremony after
ceremony and speech after speech, Israelis are reminded by their
politicians and by the chattering class that Rabin was murdered because
those who disagreed with his policies were allowed to exercise freedom of
speech. The myth of a conspiracy by Rabbis and by the political Right to
have Rabin killed is repeated with all the mechanical repetition of the
Big Lies of two generations ago....

The anniversary of Rabin's killing could have been turned into a day of
education about democracy and freedom of speech. A day in which Israeli
children are reminded that political assassination is an attack on
democracy, and where they are also reminded that everyone has the right to
freedom of speech even if they disagree with the leftist canon. Most
importantly, a constructive Rabin Day would remind Israelis of the massive
anti-democratic wave of McCarthyism launched by the Left right after the
assassination, in which dissidents (including Rabbis) were arrested,
indicted, harassed, demonized....

On a constructive Rabin Day, Israelis should also be warned of the efforts
at deification of Rabin and the attempt to build around him a cult of
personality, where his policies have been represented not as controversial
and often foolish political proposals, but instead are raised to
unchallengeable theological canon. A constructive Rabin Day might also
address the dangers to democracy from a situation in which the entire
media are self-recruited for one wing of the political spectrum. A
constructive Rabin Day might point out the dangers to democracy of
incidents such as Ehud Barak's getting up and screaming that those who
disagree with the Left are a cancerous tumor...

The McCarthyism around Rabin Day reasserts itself in the Israeli media
every year. This year it is being fed by hysteria over an attempt to bomb
far-leftist anti-democratic Prof. Zeev Sternhell, an attack attributed by
the Israeli media with no evidence whatsoever to the political Right and
to "settlers." The media continue to demonize daily the Jews who live
inside the West Bank as violent criminals...

But let us not forget the long long long history of crime and violence by
the Left. Leftist hooligans clash violently with police and soldiers in
the West Bank every day, trying to sabotage the security fence so that the
terrorists can get in more easily. The Left produced the spies and the
traitors, including Mordecai Vanunu, Azmi Bishara, Tali Fahima, Marcus
Klingberg, and including the ring of espionage and terror operated by
kibbutznik Udi Adiv (today a lecturer in political science at the Open
University) in the 1970s...

The article link also has more coverage on Barry Chamish's latest nutsoid going ons.

There is also this following leaflet

Sedition in Israel’s Ivory Towers!
Are you aware of what is taking place inside Israeli campuses??
Did you know?
Professors & Lecturers at Israeli Universities & Colleges:
 Endorse terrorist attacks against Jews
 Call for international boycotts against Israel
 Misuse their classrooms for anti-Israel indoctrination
 Collaborate with Anti-Semites
 Denounce Israel as an apartheid, colonialist, fascist country
 Promote lawbreaking & violence
 Organize mutiny among Israeli soldiers
 Engage in violent protests
 Fabricate imaginary “atrocities” committed by Israel
 Openly call for Israel’s destruction

Learn more about the misuses of contributions and funds received by Israeli universities!
For more details, go to www.isracampus.org.il (POB 6652, Haifa 31066) or email isracampus@gmail.com

And thus a week ends.


  1. Is it my imagination or has the media given more attention to Rabin Day this year than to Kristallnacht? I haven't seen too many articles on Kristallnacht (sp) memorials and only one article on it.

    In a few years Rabin Day will morph into the Rabin School (or society) for Middle Eastern Peace and a Rabin movement or even political party--for the life of me can't imagine what such a party would be called but it would have something in its platform about religious Israelis being a force of oppression and anti-peace/anti-democracy.

    Disturbing times in Israel and the US.

    Shavua tov


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