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You Too Can Be a Victim!

The first step to turning a normal person into a victim is to convince them that they really are a victim. It's the first thing abusers and liberals do.

Are you unhappy with your life? Liberal ideology will be happy to tell you who's to blame. Are you a member of a minority ethnic group, are you a woman, gay, employed by a big corporation, non-union, rural, urban, overweight, an immigrant, unemployed? Whatever the details, a grievance is waiting for you to filled and be filled by. You too can be a victim.

That is the beauty of liberalism. You're either a victim or an oppressor with a sense of entitlement. You can either discover your inner victim or take the blame for everything that's wrong in the world. With a choice like that, is it any wonder that the victim business is booming as never before?

You too can be a victim has replaced the old American dream of success through hard work. The new dream is a good lawyer and a job that can't be taken away from you because no one wants to be sued by you. Your reward is a chance to be lazy and dependent. The reward of those who enable you to it is your dependency and helplessness.

Adopting a victimization identity is a form of learned helplessness and it can be enabled or it can be downright inflicted. The key of course is that once a person or a group have adopted a victim identity, they become enshrouded in a sense of their own helplessness, convinced that they cannot change their lives because their problems are the sources of forces beyond their control.

They key focus of the life of a victim is their victimizers, whether in a kind of Stockholm Syndrome state of empathy or an obsessive fixation as the source of all their problems. The former is a victim longing to be an abuser, the latter is a common symptom of the professional victim who is no longer, if they ever were, suffering from anything but their own belief in their own victimization.

Real victims suffer, professional victims go on talk shows to discuss victimization, write books about being a victim and otherwise center their lives around their identity as a victim. This is often done in a surface way in the name of empowerment, in reality it's about victimization as an identity.

When entire groups sink into such a mindset they wind up stuck in the same morass, perpetually paranoid, convinced that nothing they do can really make a difference because larger forces are out to get them and easily jostled into dependent roles. And that is when the slave mentality kicks in.

The Russian people have gladly welcomed back their former Communist bosses so long as they're promised that someone reliable will be in authority and they'll have plenty of national enemies to blame and take revenge against for all their problems. They're not the only ones. Around the world tyranny is a much better seller than democracy for those simple reasons, whether it's Islamofascism or the various flavors of Latin American Marxism.

In America liberalism does a great job of fostering that same sense of dependency and victimzation. In America everyone can be a victim or a victim's advocate, which qualifies them for a spot on TV or public office. The culture war that this creates of course plays havoc with society in general, as does a divide and conquer system of ideologically motivated divisions into victims and victimizers. And that is the whole point. Victims by definition must vote for you or the victimizers in the other party will "get them". And any victimizers who want to prove themselves enlightened enough had better vote for you too.

It's a simple system and simply destructive. Is it any wonder that America is lagging behind the world in education or that the same nation which built fleets for WW2 in a matter of years can't even seem to build a harbor anymore without spending 7 years fighting lawyers, activists and various gargoyles from the multi-leveled bureaucratic bestiaries that organized liberalism has inflicted on us? America's formerly greatest cities have become dysfunctional, we can't even imprison terrorists without being accused of being monsters and the favored candidate's only credentials lie in his meaningless but upbeat slogans. That's what the culture of victimization has brought us. It's made us weak, it's opened up our borders to the enemy and turned our values upside down.

An unwillingness to take responsibility is the shortest road to helplessness and that is the bible of the culture of victimization whose first commandment is, Blame Someone else.

Would you like to be a victim too?


  1. Very insightful.

    Where victims's go, lawsuits, publicity, TV appearances follow (humming theme from Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows).

    With lawsuits I think it's going to reach a point like the Sexual Harassment Panda episode on South Park and the case of Everyone versus Everyone lol.

    There's a new realty TV show on daily called The Doctors. In one case, a woman came forward with her problem--a large nose which only appeared large in a single photo that I could tell.

    No matter, the woman postponed her grandson's baptism from two months to two years because she didn't want her picture taken.

    Oh how she wept on national TV in front of a live audience about how she was petrified to have her picture taken or go outside.

    Of course she could have easily learned to live with her nose or gotten surgery but nope, she would rather cry on TV, hold off her grandson's baptism indefinitely, and refuse to have her picture taken--but had no problem assuming the role of victim.

    The thing about assuming the victim role is that it's terribly manipulative, selfish and exploits others.

    Shavua tov, Sultan :)

  2. yes it does exploit others

    shavua tov

  3. I liked this post. Reminds me not to whine so much and do something about my problems than just sit and cry. Hey I like the widget on the right that highlights your posts and can be scrolled through. Really neat.

  4. Heck no! Not when the revolution is just starting to get interesting and fun.

  5. thanks, it's an openly available free widget

  6. Anonymous5/10/08

    G-d works in mysterious ways to perform his wonders.
    Sometimes its a huge bulbous Shnoozaroonie!

  7. Anonymous5/10/08

    I am openly available but no one bothers anyway.

  8. "Real victims suffer, professional victims go on talk shows to discuss victimization, write books about being a victim and otherwise center their lives around their identity as a victim. This is often done in a surface way in the name of empowerment, in reality it's about victimization as an identity."

    Finally someone writes an accurate description of Al Sharpton. I've been trying to define this amorphous creature for months now.


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