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Home Obama was a member of the Anti-Israel DSA Party

Obama was a member of the Anti-Israel DSA Party

As on Free Republic Obama was a member of the Chicago New Party and the Chicago DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) and to no one's surprise the Chicago New Party is not exactly a pro-israel party. In actuality it is a party profoundly hostile to Israel.

The Chicago DSA that Obama was part of in their newsletters have cited Mearsheimer and Walt on Israel and protested against CAT selling bulldozers to Israel

At the request of DSA member Libby Frank, the Chicago DSA Executive Committee voted to endorse the April 13 Stop CAT Coalition demonstration outside the Caterpillar shareholder meeting. This was in support of a shareholder action brought by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) to have the corporation consider discontinuing the sale of its D9 and D10 bulldozers to Israel's military.

Chicago DSA accompanied its endorsement with a $50 contribution and lent them its 10 watt bullhorn.

another article mentions a march on the Israeli embassy and listed events such as these

Thursday, June 1, 7 PM
The New Ghetto: the Separation Wall and the Palestinians
In These Times, 2040 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Floor, Chicago
Israeli scholar and activist Yigal Bronner will give an overview of the "separation wall" now rising on the West Bank. An Open University of the Left event, tuition is $5, though no one will be turned away.
There is the DSA's resolution on the conflict
which calls for an end to all US military aid to Israel

Finally, propeace forces in both Palestine and Israel cannot succeed without the aid of the international community. Therefore, DSA calls upon the United States immediately to abide by its stated policy of ending all military aid to Israel used directly for purposes of the occupation. Furthermore, the United States should cut off all military aid if Israel al refuses to end all settlement activity and withdraw from the occupied territories as an integral part of the peace process.

And then there is this far stronger section from the YDS resolution

Since September 11, US foreign policy has almost completely centered on the War on Terrorism. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon seized on this new focus and immediately painted the al-Aqsa Intifada as a part of this stated universal war. Ironically, it was, in fact, Sharon himself who helped provoke the Intifada by his cynical visit to al-Aqsa, a Mosque in Jerusalem. After a horrific suicide attack in Netanya on the first night of Passover this year, Sharon decided to send Israeli troops into the West Bank and Gaza Strip to arrest all suspected terrorists as well as to crush the terrorist network. These murky goals stand unaccomplished, as there is a new suicide bomber it seems every day. Since that step in the war, untold numbers of Palestinians have been killed, with the most graphic loss of life occurring at the Jenin refugee camp, where scenes of charred bodies and destroyed buildings stand as testament to folly of Sharon's policies. The military moves of his administration can be considered war crimes under the Geneva Convention.

This injustice cannot persist. The YDS supports the Palestinians' struggle for self-determination and liberty as is affirmed in the resolution passed by the Coordinating Committee in March 2001. Resistance to Israeli security forces occupying Palestine is worthy of the support of all socialists. 

The latter paragraph is a virtual endorsement of terrorism, at least as directed against IDF troops  

And then there are essays like this

I am Jewish because what else would I be?

But how much longer can I remain Jewish when to be Jewish now means no quarter for Palestinians, no justice for Palestinians?

How much longer can I remain Jewish when to be Jewish means Jewish rage, means total military victory, means a final solution to the Palestinian problem?

And thus I find, in this occupation, that being Jewish may also mean agony and shame and others deciding what being Jewish means.

And so to be Jewish must finally mean, I cannot let that happen.

If next year, Pesach is to be in Jerusalem, I will share the seder meal with my Palestinian brothers and sisters. If not, then I choose exile.

I am Jewish because if you come for the Palestinians, you must come for me, also.

while the events listed occurred after Obama's time there it is doubtful that the party's view of Israel had changed dramatically since then and it is yet another demonstration that Obama has been repeatedly attracted to organizations on the political left which display a blatant hostility toward Israel and sympathy with terrorism. And it is yet one more factor for Jewish voters to consider in the days to come when they step into that voting booth.


  1. The more we learn about Obumski the worse he gets.
    He is the worst candidate in the history of American politics. He should not even be elected dog catcher.

  2. This put into words every deep-seated and difficult to articulate fear I had about Obamber and Israel.

  3. Anonymous27/10/08

    So why would 74% of the Jews would vote for Obama? To show that we are not racists. Isn't this a good reason?


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