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The US Consulate in Jerusalem's War against Israel

Anyone who wants to see an unambiguous demonstration of the State Department's bias toward Israel need look no further than the US Consulate General in Jerusalem's activities, as laid out on their website.

Despite being located in Israel's capital, anyone visiting the website would remain all but ignorant that Israel even exists, because the US General Consulate's activities are wholly directed toward Palestinian Arabs. The US Consulate General funds camps, conducts cultural arts programs and other activities all of which are directed at Palestinian Arabs and take place in Palestinian Arab areas.

To quote the Consulate website, "Since 1993, the American people have spent more than $1.7 billion in the West Bank and Gaza to combat poverty, create jobs, improve education, build roads and water systems, construct and equip medical clinics, and promote good governance."

Long before any negotiations have occurred, the US Consulate General has already declared itself as Palestinian territory. In piece after piece Israel isn't even mentioned, as if it had been wiped off the planet as thoroughly as Saudi Arabia and the US State Department wished it had been.

The US Consul General Jacob Walles is listed as sending Eid al-adha greetings to the Palestinians and Bush's Eid al-Fitr greetings are listed. no similar greetings are listed for any Jewish holidays. The website has an Arabic language section. It does not have a Hebrew section, despite being in a Hebrew speaking country.

Walles commemorated Independence Day by inviting Salam Fayyad, so-called Prime Minister of PLO's PA. No mention is made of any Israeli officials.

There is a word for the US Consulate General in Jerusalem. A German word that the Arabs and now the US State Department have enthusiastically embraced, Judenrein. Judenrein though isn't just a state of being, it's a practice. The elimination of any Jewish presence.

To that end Jacob Walles, under Condoleeza Rice, have broken new ground in promoting the Arab presence in Jerusalem and subverting and browbeating Israel into going along with their plan for an Arab Jerusalem.

When an Israeli court issued an eviction notice for Arabs in Jerusalem who had refused to pay rent, the US State Department via the Consulate intervened and demanded that the eviction be recinded.

When the daughter of Hannan Ashrawi, a leading PLO figure, and friend of Condoleeza Rice, returned to Israel after years of being away, having lost residency under Israeli law, she promptly contacted Rice and minutes later Israel received a call from the Deputy Secretary of State commanding that Israel override the law on her behalf. Similar intervention occured for the "Fullbright students" when the Consulate itself passed on the story to the New York Times. By contrast Jewish Americans in Israel who appeal to the US Consulate for help find it less than useless.

Many such incidents occur regularly occur involving the US Consulate in Jerusalem, which seems to exist purely to undermine Israel and promote the division of Jerusalem. When people talk about the people of the Israel Lobby, they forget that the most powerful Arab lobby in the United States is the State Department.

The US Consulate's own website has purged Jewish and Israeli references as thoroughly as any Saudi website has. Meanwhile it spends billions on promoting and aiding Arabs and working against Israel to dismember the country. It's hard to miss the reality that in the great tradition of WW2 era US diplomats who worked to prevent Jewish refugees from even reaching the Western Hemisphere, Consul General Jacob Walles like much of the State Department is conducting a war against Israel.


  1. Yes, the US consulate is all about Arabs and has nothng to do with Jews of Israel or really israel itself.
    The website is a disgrace and Americans need to complain to the government about it.

    If not, it will just grow worse.
    More bloggers need to pick this up and run with the ball as well.

  2. Anonymous9/9/08

    It isn't just the US State Dept., it is (almost) every country. Recently the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in cooperation with the Arab League, the PLO and the Palestinian Authority, have decided to recognize and celebrate Jerusalem as "the capital of Arab culture" for 2009. This does not distinguish between what is often called Eastern Jerusalem and the Western side. The world essentially does not recognize any Jewish content when it comes to Israel.

    I am not sure how the deal with the Western Wall and the Temple area. Maybe you know.

    More details can be read in the opinion section of Arutz Sheva.

    There is another article titled: "If I Forget Thee, East Jerusalem," avialable at the same website. It discusses how the Arabs demand all of Jerusalem, not just the Arab areas.

  3. sure, but this is the Consulate in Jerusalem, showing something that is naked bias

  4. This might sound stupid but...that Consulate in the picture looks a lot like a church with an altar behind where those men are talking.

    Altars are usually for one thing aren't they?sacrifice. Are they sacrificing the Jews in Jerusalem for an impossible peace with terrorists or something else?

    I'm sorry. It really does look like a church and an altar.

    The PLO wants Jerusalem first (as they said after Gush Katif, that was only the beginning, Jerusalem in next. And after that all of Israel.)

    Sheesh---$1.93 million and Gaza and the West Bank still look like a war zone.

  5. oops, $1.7 million

  6. 1.7 billion with a B. And that's only via USAID.

    The actual number would be much higher. The US has promised several times that just in the last two years to stabilize the PLO,

  7. When I was at University, one of the professors mentioned having seen a map that would be published so many years from that moment. It wasn't a guessed map, it was one that's waiting to be published. Israel isn't on it.

    There's nothing like that feeling of being invisible.

  8. Anonymous9/9/08

    Naked bias is an understatement Sultan. I went to the site, shocking to the core. I have had a bad feeling about "america" for some time now. I believe we are about to be set up for a big big disaster. The US is sinking quickly, and is in need of a scapegoat. Between prophecy and history of the state dept, Bush etc, hang on, it is about to get real ugly towards us.

  9. Anonymous13/9/08

    I once was rejected from a graduate school because I did not agree with the interviewer who stated that Israel must withdraw to induce the Arabs to make peace. This occurred in 1974!

    While (for how much longer isn't known) the "silent majority" in America is still pro-Israel, the power-brokers and the elite has only one real goal, a tiny or nothing State of Israel.

    In the early 60's there was a radical anti-American group. I think they were called SDS. I think Abbie Hoffman was a senior member.

    Today I was thinking what became of these fellows. I wouldn't be surprise to hear that they went into education, law and politics.

    What can one person do if he/she became an instructor at a college/university?

    One teacher would lecture to a class of 100 students for 20 years. If 5% of each class would take up the radical ideas you will have 100 new professors. The next generation will produce 10,000 radicalized professors. by the third generation you would have a million teachers taught to hate America teaching throughout the school system. Again, this assumes that only one anti-American radical enters the teaching profession.

    We seem to be well on the road. This is even better see in Israel, where the radicals are deeply embedded.

  10. sure they went into education, look at Ayers, Obama's mentor of the Weathermen

  11. same here, anon @ 11:04pm, lost a job b/c of my Zionism, but we are called to persevere anyway (even when our country and even Israel herself seem against her):

    "Upon your walls, O Jerusalem, I have set watchmen, who shall never be silent, by day or by night, O you, the Lord's remembrancers. Take no rest, and give no rest to Him, until He establish Jerusalem, and make her renowned on earth." (Is 62:6-7)

  12. Anonymous28/9/08

    as someone has had to work with these people from the israeli side - this cannot be anymore right. they basically view themselves as the "us embassy to palestine"

  13. A Jew With A View2/8/09

    One particular line of yours conveys the reality perfectly:

    'When people talk about the Israel Lobby, they forget that the most powerful Arab lobby in the United States is the State Department.'

    Spot on.

    So much for America being 'controlled by the zionists'...! (cue bitter laugh)

    I'll definitely be adding a link to this article on my blog. I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned in the British Jewish press so I'm going to write to the Jewish Chronicle etc also. This info needs to be out there.

  14. the whole Jewish lobby thing is a perfect example of jews being indicted for defending themselves

  15. Yep. Whether we defend ourselves verbally or physically, the result is identical: a world that howls in protest.

  16. the usual cries that come when Jews try to stop Jews from being killed

  17. Very alarming. I'll be using this post, with of course a full link back to it, on internet forums to counter the lies about Obama et al being 'puppets of israel'.

    The world has turned against Israel big time.

  18. yes, just keep in mind this post was written while Bush was in office, the situation is worse now though


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