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Rosh Hashana Hiatus Roundup

With Rosh Hashana, the new year, beginning tonight Monday evening, the blog will go on hiatus until the end of Rosh Hashana on Wednesday evening.

As this update runs Congress is debating the final plank for the gangplank of corporate socialism, bringing America one step closer to the EU way of doing things. The economic crisis we are facing is a manufactured crisis, anyone who doubts that need only look at the connections between George Soros, Countrywide, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America. It's a manufactured crisis with a solution that will not only damage our economy but free enterprise, which is the real target here. Whatever happens in the election we will be worse off if this bill passes and our future as a free nation will be worse off.

(Update, the bill has failed)

In Israel, Olmert, Livni and the Shabak goon squad are beginning the usual noises about right wing extremism. Which naturally is a preface to a crackdown on the opposition before announcing the surrender of Jerusalem and the forced ethnic cleansing of Jews in other parts of Israel as well. Left wing extremists always decry right wing extremism just as they're preparing for a major betrayal.

On the way out Olmert meanwhile has said what we knew all along, that Kadima will give away Yerushalayim and the Golan Heights and just about everything else to the Fatah terror state. Livni is of course carrying on those same policies behind the scene.

Meanwhile from Africa, Peter Hitchens has a compelling account of how China is building a slave empire in Africa. If you haven't read it yet, you should. We're seeing a new wave of totalitarian capitalism fueled by China, Russia and the Arab Gulf states that's spreading around the world.

The unfortunate 20th century Western mistake of confusing capitalism with free enterprise and corporatism with free labor, which is what Lincoln truly fought for only to have his legacy carved up by corrupt business and political interests. Now the corporate spawn we've nurtured have turned poisonous and weak, they exploit us even as they're slithering off to sell off our assets, jobs and markets abroad and finally sell off themselves too.

Wall Street has been behind much of this problem, turning companies from long term projects into short quarter earnings machines overseen by short term CEO's who don't care about anything but raising the stock price for the quarter and justifying their seven or eight figure salaries by any means necessary. Bailing Wall Street out will reward those responsible while making the marketplace safe for politically correct and completely irresponsible lending once again, this time backed primarily by the taxpayers.

In the blogsphere roundup, The New Centrist replies to my post Does No One Know What Treason is Anymore, with his own take in Communism and Treason and Lessons of the Cold War

The CPUSA was not only dedicated to the ideology of communism it was an appendage of the Soviet Union, an enemy state. CPUSA cadre constantly worked to further the foreign policy goals of the USSR against the capitalist world, especially the US. All one needs to do is read their newspaper, The Daily Worker, to read this firsthand. But a large part of the strength of the US—and all free societies—is the ability to allow these crackpot groups to exist and express their views. Let them have their newspapers.

Problems developed when members of the CP began to occupy positions of authority in the unions (especially the CIO), produce media and educational materials, and infiltrate the federal government. They were ultimately driven out of the unions but the level of government infiltration was much greater than many realize today. The Rosenberg case is still fairly well-known but many people have forgotten about Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chambers.

Via the Ol Broad blog and from the Edwards Report is the transcript for the coming Vice Presidential debate and not too far from reality either.

Lemon Lime Moon has a post on the Clinton - Gore Alinsky connection

The Keli Ata blog takes on Obama as the ultimate Harvard Educated Idiot

Verdict--Barack Obama, guilty of being dumb as a post and not smarter than a fifth grader and a pathological liar and ego maniac. So much for the value of a Harvard education. Now let's get Obama to appear on Are Your Smarter Than a Fifth Grader with Jeff Foxworthy.
The Obama campaign meanwhile scraped a new low by looking for rape victims to appear in political attack ads

Meanwhile the incitement set off by uber dhimmi Denise Spellberg has now translated into actual terrorism with the firebombing of a publisher for The Jewel of the Medina. Now just so you know folks, under Islamo censorship not only can you not publisher material critical of Islam, you can't even publish praise of Islam if you don't do it the approved Islamic way.

That's Dhimmi-Freedom for you.

The blog now goes into hiatus during the new year and will return Wednesday evening. Shana Tova and may the coming year be a better year for us all, jews and non-jews.


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