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Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Afternoon Roundup – The Democrats’ Watergate, Olmert in a Dress, Yeshiyah Amariel


With the Sarah Palin email break-in, the Democratic party has legitimized its own Watergate. The hacker was the son of a Democratic politician who somehow obtained a private email address. But what happened afterward is the Democratic party’s Watergate moment. Major liberal blogs and websites, including the Huffington Post and Gawker Media gloatingly published private letters and photos putting even Nixon to shame, while the media repeatedly ran stories mitigating the break-in by claiming that having a semi-private email account justified this version of Watergate.

Still you can understand why liberals would be so outraged by the McCain\Palin ticket. For the first time in a long time a major party Presidential ticket is running without a lawyer in the Presidential or VP slot as McCain is a Naval Academy grad and Palin has a degree in Communications. By contrast both Obama and Biden are law school graduates… and lawyers and liberals are naturally terrified and enraged at the thought of the country not being run by lawyers.

Meanwhile in Israel, Livni has slithered her way predictably to the top of Kadima to begin the reign of Olmert in a Dress. Fatah is positively gleeful at the thought that Israel will have just as weak and corrupt of a leader as Olmert, if not even weaker. Swapping Livni for Olmert extends Kadima’s hall life a little longer prolonging the disenchantment cycle, at a time when Israel cannot afford it.

Meanwhile in the US, the Democrats have already succeeded in sabotaging the planned rally as J-Street, their Anti-Israel puppets have achieved the forced withdrawal of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. Personally I think the rally is mostly a waste of time, but the ability of J Street to exert pressure in order to sabotage a pro-Israel rally shows that the left is getting its blood money’s worth out of the J Streeters. I do wish they would get rid of the J since there isn’t anything Jewish about them. L Street for Limousine liberal or K Street for Kapo would be so much more accurate.

Update: A New rally is being planned to protest the World Council of Churches meeting with Ahmadinejad

by Beth Gilinsky, Jewish Action Alliance

Posted on Friday, September 19, 2008 10:32:54 AM by Ziva

On Thursday, Sept 25, at 6pm in Manhattan, The American Friends Service Committee, Mennonite Central Committee, Quaker UN Office, Religions for Peace, World Council of Churches-UN Liaison Office will be honoring Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at an Iftar (dinner to break the day’s Ramadan fast).

At the same time, The Jewish Action Alliance, Stand With Us, the Israel Project, Americans for a Safe Israel, The Center for Security Policy, the Catholic League, Rabbi Potasnik from NY Board of Rabbis, the Traditional Values Coalition, and the Alliance of Iranian Women will hold an interfaith counter-rally to protest Ahmadinejad’s presence at the United Nations, and to oppose his nuclear weapons program and his outrageous threats against America’s ally, Israel.

Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been invited to speak along with other politicians, Democrats and Republicans.

Please join us at the Hyatt Hotel, East 42nd St, near Lexington Ave and Grand Central Station, in Manhattan, at 5:30pm.

Send a message to the Mullahs in Iran!

For more information, or to bring your organization on board, call 212-726-1124

Luckily the Jewish people still have have the wisdom of age

One of the residents, 105-year-old Miriam Pollak, is believed to be the oldest American voter living abroad. With five generations of descendants, she "stopped counting" how many great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren she has.

She is surprisingly engaged and aware, and even tech-savvy: She spends significant time on-line reading political news from America; she even "Skypes" her children and grandchildren in America daily.

She is a lifelong Democrat and votes in Del Ray Beach, Florida - and she is voting for John McCain. Barack Obama, she and her family say, is just "too much of a risk."

Another resident, Ben Genauer - 95, with more than 100 great-grandchildren - is planning on voting for McCain, noting that he can't recall ever having previously supported a Republican presidential candidate. Genauer, for decades a pillar of Seattle's Jewish community, was personally friendly with former Democratic senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson, who serves as the yardstick by which Genauer measures the candidates.

Regarding which candidate is "best for Israel," Genauer's position boils down, in essence, to: I knew Scoop Jackson. Scoop Jackson was a friend of mine. You, Sen. Obama, are no Scoop Jackson.

I'll take Bubby over the smug millionaire yuppies eager to sell out America and Israel by voting for Obama.


Meanwhile since the group Israel for Obama is in the news again and Yeshiyah Amariel has been pestering me while claiming to be Jewish, here is some more updated material on the Amariel family.

Yeshiyah, your support for Obama has zero to do with Jews or any interest in Israel, but your own family’s Chicago background and their involvement in Black Nationalism.

Your father participated in Farrakhan’s Million Man March, together with Obama and demanding slave reparations at Jesse “Hyimetown” Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition together with the vile antisemitism of Dr. Leonard Jeffries. Jeffries is even listed on your family’s page as one of your colleagues

Your background is in the same toxic mix of Chicago politics and black nationalism as Obama, except that your “family” is part of the Black Hebrew movement and so attempts to integrate it into the framework of some kind of Jewish identity.

I have no interest in arguing people’s presumptions to a Jewish identity, whether they’re Mormons or Black Hebrews– until they begin pretending to be Jews and speaking on behalf of Jews, particularly while advocating an Anti-Jewish agenda. Which is what the election of Obama is.

Your presence running a front group to promote Obama while pretending to be something you’re not is disgusting and despicable, just as if I were to start a group called “African-Americans for McCain.”

For anyone who’s forgotten this is who Leonard Jeffries, the Amariel family’s “colleague” is

– “Russian Jewry had a particular control over the movies, and their financial partners, the Mafia, put together a financial system of destruction of black people.” This was “a conspiracy, planned and plotted and programmed out of Hollywood” by “people called Greenberg and Weisberg and Trigliani . .

Turning to the larger roundup of the blogsphere, Elder of Ziyon notes that Iran’s supreme religious leader Ali Khameni has defined all Jews in Israel are valid targets.

The use of the word "army," I believe, is significant. Officially, Islam says that it is against killing innocent women and children, but if Khamenei is classifying every single Israeli as being effectively military, he has just given the Islamic justification for, let's say, exploding a nuclear device in Israel.

This is similar to the justifications for terror given in the past by various terror groups against Israel, but they would say that all citizens are legitimate targets by the virtue of the military service they are presumed to be doing, have done or will do. That "logic" was always a stretch. Now, in Iranian eyes, the very existence of Zionist Jews living on land in the Middle East is considered an aggressive act, no matter who they are - and by implication, it would be mandated to get rid of them.

This might sound silly, but in the end all terrorists strain to find religious justifications for their actions. Last April we saw al-Qaeda chide Hamas - using sharia - for indiscriminate rocket attacks, and Hamas defend itself by saying that children aren't the targets.

Khamenei might have just given the sharia-compliant green light for Iran's politicians and generals.

Michelle Malkin takes on the Freddie Mac Fannie Mae debacle

Yes, yes, crony Democrats are to blame for much of how we got here. You don’t need to recite all the talking points back to me. I’ve been writing about the Fannie/Freddie debacle for years.

But it is September 19, 2008. And this is a Republican White House presiding over the Mother of All Bailouts. Every step along the way since stimuluspalooza began last summer, we’ve heard that every bailout step was just a one-off. Each step was supposed to calm the markets. Each new government intervention and allocation of taxpayer dollars was supposed to achieve “stability.” Each new package of goodies rewarding irresponsible behavior and bad financial decisions was supposed to prevent new ones.

None did. And now, here we are.

This is your Bush legacy — not Pelosi’s, not Reid’s, not Obama’s: A ginormous bailout of every last, failing, panicked financial institution’s illiquid assets that may reach into the trillions — TRILLIONS – when all is said and done.

Lemon Lime Moon contributes her take National Debt: $9.634 trillion and rising...........

The government has bailed out AIG but who will bail out the government? With a national debt of $9.634 trillion we are in deep, deep and deeper doo doo than politicians want to acknowledge. That’s 4 TRILLION dollars more than when Bush took office. For years the administration has told the people the economy is great. It was not and is not 'great' No household with more going out than coming in is in 'great' shape. No household in deep debt to creditors is in 'great ' shape

Look at fema’s declared disasters webpage. Ronald Reagan had averages of 23 disaster declarations each year he was president. His successor had39 each year. Bill Clinton dealt with an average over 47. President Bush had 54 annually. Hurricanes Gustav and Ike brought this year’s total, just til September , up to 56. That’s a new disaster that requires the government to intervene every five days.

Small Dead Animals meanwhile has the charitable stats for the top contributing nations

The KeliAta blog has Sarah Palin on Israel

IsreallyCool has the disgraceful news that the Jerusalem Post buckled to pressure and added Richard Silverstein’s Tikkun Olam deceptively named pro-terrorist blog to its blogroll. Of course any blogroll that already includes the likes of Ima Shalom, On the Face and Jewlicious already has major quality control issues.

Meanwhile at KapoDickie, Richard Silverstein appears to be whining about being threatened with violence by one Seva Brodsky. As is well known Richard Silverstein whines very easily.  Not long ago this terrorist advocate was whining to the Forward, which of course naturally loves any Jewish blogger who hates Jews, whether it’s Richard Silverstein or FailedMessiah’s Shmarya Rosenberg. Finding a pro-Jewish blogger featured in the Forward is as likely as finding chili in the tundra.

Back then Richard Silverstein was complaining about “below the belt discourse” Apparently supporting terrorism isn’t below the belt, but hurting his feelings is.

At Jihad Watch, non-Muslim workers are now protesting the accommodations made to Muslim workers

Right Truth has word on more education abuse with a professor ordering students to write an essay critical of Palin

At Atlas Shrugs, Obama’s national finance chair owns the hotel hosting Ahmedinejad

Clearly Obama's chief fundraiser could refuse to host the Ahmadinejad at her hotel. Instead, she has rolled out the red carpet.

It was bad enough that Obama would not send someone to represent him  at the anti-Ahmadinejad rally on Monday now this


  1. Anonymous19/9/08

    I am a Jew even if I am black .
    I am a rapper and rap for Jesus, the ultimate Jewboy

  2. Anonymous3/10/08

    Cool Shabaz.

    Sultan, I used to like Buchanan because on many issues as a Conservative he was right in my alley. But lately, more and more I hear about his anti-Semitic views and how he actually compliments Hitler even maybe in not such an open way. And there was a time when I hoped that he would get the vote. Oh boy!



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