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Friday Afternoon Roundup -Sarah Palin, Georgia and Hizbullah

Naturally in response to Sarah Palin's role as the VP for McCain, the Democrats are already reciting the party line about McCain putting someone with "no experience a heartbeat away from the Presidency."

It's laughable from a party that has actually put someone with no experience as their Presidential candidate. It's also bizarre since Sarah Palin has served as Governor since 2006, Barack Obama has served in the Senate since 2005. Is the Obama campaign really claiming that Obama's extra year in the Senate makes him qualified to be President but makes Sarah Palin unqualified to be Vice President?

It actually gets worse because when you consider that Obama has spent a lot of time playing hooky from the Senate and spent most of that "extra" year on the campaign trail, his extra year vanishes entirely.

On top of that Sarah Palin spent those 2 years in an executive position making a stunning series of reforms. Obama spent those 3 years doing what exactly? There isn't any serious comparison here.

Finally, because the Obama campaign's snide elitists learned nothing from Pennsylvania, there are a whole lot of digs about Palin coming from a small town of only 9000 people. Considering that their campaign is going to have to spend a whole lot of time soliciting support from people in small towns whom they just dismissed. At least this time Obama managed to leave out the whole thing about Palin clinging to guns and religion.

But naturally the same media that hailed Biden as a great leader, are busy smearing Palin as a beauty queen contestant, commenting on her looks, making insuations about her personal life and all that great stuff they were doing that nearly helped Hillary Clinton make a comeback last time around. Because after all sexism worked so well for the Obama campaign last time around.

While the media will do its ugly best for Barry Hussein, the VP round goes to McCain. Both Obama and McCain have selected VP's from small states. Obama picked a VP who overshadows him with an ugly history of running his mouth and who has ties to Iran and to Obama's own corruption scandals. And no matter how much the media will refuse to discuss it, it will come out. McCain meanwhile picked a VP who won't overshadow him, but who will help him and who has a great deal of credibility on energy issues, letting the McCain team nail down another leg of the stool.

That's not how the media is spining it, as far as they're concerned, Biden is a wise foreign policy expert and Palin is some inexperienced beauty queen. But on the final leg of the campaign, when Joe Biden is saying embarassing things on national television that not even Jake Tapper will be able to cover up for him, while Sarah Palin is campaigning in those same small towns with 9000 people, the trump card will be made clear.

Meanwhile the other shoe is dropping as Russia's facade of supporting "South Ossetian independence" collapses as even they have admitted that Russia actually intends to annex them.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the region's leader, Eduard Kokoity, discussed South Ossetia's future earlier this week in Moscow, South Ossetian parliamentary speaker Znaur Gassiyev said.
Russia will absorb South Ossetia "in several years" or earlier, a position that was "firmly stated by both leaders," Gassiyev said.
Can anyone say Sudetenland?

Elder of Ziyon remembers Gliad's 22nd birthday

Debbie Schlussel on Sarah Palin

At IsraPundit, Bill Levinson follows up again on the hatred for Israel at Obama's church.

At Doc's Talk, questioning Biden's foreign policy experience

Madgeburger Joe comments on Palin and the Democrats

It is unlikely that the ideologues and spin masters of the Democratic Party will concede that her appointment is a step forward for women. The Democrats only count a woman or an African American as "empowered" when they embrace the beliefs of the Democratic Party. To use Marxist jargon, they believe that political conservatives who are Black or female have "internalised the values of the oppressors. " Their patronising approach lends them an eerie resemblance to the"revolutionary vanguard of the proletariat" of which Gus Hall and Vladimir Lenin would certainly be proud.

The Democrats want the American political spectrum to be an ideological ghetto, in which ethnicity and colour determine where one may politically reside. To this end, they have distorted and falsified American history, robbing it of its many fascinating complexities such as the Republican judges who dismantled the Jim Crow laws and Nixon's creative attacks on poverty in America.
Lemon lime Moon tackles the one good man question

Neocon Express passes on the story of the man whose family was nearly murdered by Obama's "friend"

Meryl Yourish covers the Venezuela Hizbullah connection in Don't Call it Anti-semitism
See, not “Israeli” businesspeople. Jewish businesspeople. Like, say, my relatives the bookstore owners who decide to visit their relatives in Buenos Aires.
And if the kidnapping does occur, will the world make a peep? No, there will only be shrugs, unless Israel refuses to ransom the kidnap victims from the terrorists that are now part of the legitimate government of Lebanon.
South American Jews are in the crosshairs. And all roads lead back to Tehran, and the Jew-haters there.


  1. Obama is a puppet for anti Americans who will pull his strings and help dismantle the US just that much faster.

    As far as connections.. there seems to be a connection with Putin and Al Quaida


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