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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Israel's Treason to the Living for the Dead

This week the leaders of the State of Israel have committed an act of treason. Treason to the living, fealty to the dead. By trading terrorists for bodies, the appeasement of this government has reached a new depth of sheer degradation. Through this trade Israel has not only emboldened terrorists to seek and kidnap hostages-- but has demonstrated to the terrorists that they need not even keep those hostages alive-- because Israel will pay the same price for the dead as for the living.

This horror is the ultimate degradation of life in favor of death. The exchange of the lives of the living for the dead. The lives of the soldiers and civilians who will die because of this crime. The lives that will be taken by the murderers who have been freed. It is nothing more and nothing less than the elevation of death over life.

It's easy enough to remember the dead. It takes no special courage to hold a memorial service and lower a body into the ground, to light a candle, to say a prayer and a farewell. It is painful but a part of escaping pain. What we put into the ground gives us closure, the illusion of escape. We bury our pain and walk away.

Thus we remember the dead and forget the living. Memorials are a way to deal with our pain, but pain must not be put away, it must become the fire that stokes us to changing the world. Some things we cannot change. Death is still final. But murder we can change, we can prevent and we can avenge.

Today we still hold the memorials for the dead. For the dead of 9/11. For the dead of the Holocaust. For the dead of terrorist attacks, since grown numberless. We mourn. We grieve. We bury and we grow numb to the pain. We remember the dead in order to forget the living. We mourn in order to forget our obligation to insure that this will never happen again.

This week Israel turned over living murderers in exchange for dead bodies. Funerals, flowers, flames will be lit. And we will mourn. Again. Again for the dead. And again we shall forget our obligations to the living in our tears.

Mourning can be a relief. a way to release the pain. But it is also dishonest to mourn what you can prevent. It is evil to lavish self-indulgent tears for the dead in exchange for defaulting on our obligations to the living. Every nation has memorials to the dead. Great nations do not keep their duty entombed in granite, they wield it as living flesh against the foes of their people.

When oratory over graves does not give way to the thunderhead of righteous anger, when the lighting of arms is held back while men weep over wounds of earth, then that nation and that people embrace the grave over their duty to their brothers and sisters, and to themselves and their nation.

When there are calls for action, weak leaders find it easier to hold funerals than send forth men into the field. Little is required of leaders at a funeral except to look somber and praise the dead. Much is required of leaders who would choose to fight rather than weep, tear open the enemy's earth rather than lower caskets into their own.

We have grown sated with weeping, with endless tears and endless funerals. We have grown weary of governments that remember the demos of the dead, over the polis of the living. Hold no more funerals and light no more candles. Only those leaders who would hunt down the killers of the dead are worthy of mourning them. Only those leaders who show courage in life are worthy of mourning the courageous dead.

Life is filled with pain and death that will not cease till the mountains are overturned and a horn is blown again in Zion and men ride to war against the horde. It is well to mourn those who are gone, but it is more important to do for those who are still here. The duty of nations is not to the dead, honored though they may be, but to the living. For the dead care not, but the living still breathe and bleed. The dead do not hold the future of the nation, only its past heritage. It is the living on whose backs the nation will either falter or hold.

Leaders who cannot defend the living, are unworthy of the sacrifices of the dead and unworthy of the posts they hold. Don't tell us to mourn, to seek closure among the dead. Our closure is to be found among the living, it is to be found in defending that which the dead fell to protect. Our nations. Our peoples. Our homes and our brethren. Trade no more coffins for the living. The only trade of war that makes or unmakes nations-- is to trade the corpses of the enemy, returning free of charge their bodies, for the living future of the state won through the destruction of the foe.


  1. This might sound crude and knee jerk but my initial reaction when I read about the corpes for terrorist exchange was that Olmert et al had just put a contract out on every Israeli.

    A sick and twisted auction of sorts. An IDF soldier is worth 100 or 1000 terrorists with an ultimate yield of 2,000 Israelis murdered in a terrorist attack. A toddler nursery school another couple hundred or thousand, a homeless elderly person not as many.

    I have this image of a Palestinian terrorist on a tower with a rifle and scope putting various Israelis in the cross hairs trying to estimate how much his or her remains will benefit him. What will ultimately result in the greatest number of dead Israelis?

    Now Israel's Arab enemies knows that by murdering Jews and then holding their corpses until terrorists are released they can achieve victory in their quest to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

    I can empathize with the desire and need of the families of these soldiers to have their remains back and give them a proper burial on Israeli soil. I really can. But proper burial or not these soldiers ARE known unto G-d.

    We can't restore the living to life. But we can prevent more innocent people from being killed.

    I doubt these soldiers who gave their lives for their country would want these murdering SOBs released if it meant more terrorism and murder.

  2. Kuntars V for victory sign is just right. He did win. He got away with murder and now his cohorts get back their prime member whom they need badly to carry out even more harm in Israel.

  3. What's ironic and maddening is that now the Israeli foreign ministry has posted a video in Arabic to warn Arabs about the "extremist" Kuntar. Extremist is the government's word. I call them bloodthirsty terrorist murderers.

    I just reposted an article about it on my blog.

    It makes absolutely no sense. Israel threatens via the video to do worse to Arab countries than what was done to Lebanon in 2006 if they continue to support terrorists and yet Israel releases Kuntar.

    BTW Sultan, on You Tube your Kuntar video is just below the Israeli government's and much, much better and honest.

    It's been viewed over 34,000 times.

  4. yes I made it before kuntar was widely seen as tied to the war

  5. Anonymous17/7/08

    Nice article Sultan. What get's me is these leftist pigs acting as if they are mourning. They are an incredible imbarrasment to the nation of Israel and to the Jews world wide. I hope haShem will step in a rid our country of such filth who could care less about the life of a Jew and who loves to be loved by the goyim, who want recognition and respect from those who matter not in this world. Damn I wish we would wake up. Just a side note, we are expecting one of the 'cheif rabbi's of Israel' to visit our community, we are giving him a big welcome, with a dinner etc. This for one of the most corrupt 'leaders' of our history. What the h*ll is wrong with us?

  6. Anonymous17/7/08

    "Night of the Living Dead...Israel values the Dead more than the living" film by Dino Ravioli.

  7. Anonymous23/7/15

    The left has a strange vision of morality...and people who have this cannot be trusted...they like to take on inconsequential situations and wrap themselves in moral cloaks saying "see how enlightened I am?" They have arrogantly sought to topple the learned experiences of those before them. When in fact their self congratulatory "new, progressive" moral stance is not enlightened at all but but an immoral decline.

    The White House in rainbow colors?

    What makes it worse is they are doing it on purpose.
    Their "we are here to change things, to right previous wrongs" puts the decision making in the hands of proven sinners who our ancestors LEARNED to reject.

    This indeed is a cultural war. And the right has been slow to realize the viciousness of the other side. The left are pursuers with selfish agendas.

    When G-d visits this country for its decline the right will be guilty of not fighting hard enough, not showing enough faith, not showing enough loyalty to G-d and His counsels.

    It is time to wake up and FIGHT MUCH HARDER. Activate, protest. Intimidate. Answer the phony polls of the left. While they get dirtier and dirtier we must get cleaner and cleaner. We must rub it in their faces. Heterosexual marriage should be celebrated! When you see a gay sponsored article of a fractious divorce or a child gone bad we must write of beautiful marriages and well behaved children.

    All the things the left rubs in the faces of the right we should retaliate and rub it right back.



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