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Friday Afternoon Roundup -Orwell's Putin, Fanchon Stinger,

Putin brings Orwell to life courtesy of the Novosti Russian news agency. The pictures comprise a collection of the best photos of Putin widely advertised throughout the Sovie... oops Russian government controlled press.

Debbie Schlussel meanwhile has been spearheading the coverage on the story on Fanchon Stinger, a local Fox News Muslim anchor whose boyfriend is tied to Louis Farrakhan as a top Nation of Islam leader and an extensive criminal investigation going on in Detroit. Debbie Schlussel has written extensively about the case in multiple pieces and has been the first to report breaking developments, at the heart of which is a larger story, the Islamic subversion of media and politics in parts of the United States with a heavy Muslim presence, a situation that well could betoken a future Amerabia.

Stinger--a convert to Islam whose reporting involves biased activist reporting in favor of Islamic and anti-Israel causes--and her married Muslim boyfriend, Rayford Jackson, are involved with Synagro, which sought to place a sludge treatment plant in Detroit. Jackson--who told friends before 9/11 of his plan to change his name to Rayford Muhammad, and whose brother is in prison for his leadership of the Murder, Inc. gang--stood to own about a third of the project, as the minority contractor, hired by Synagro to comply with affirmative action requirements and expectations.Jackson doesn't give out money unless he gets something--usually something illicit--in return. What did Knollenberg give him? For a few thousands in campaign contributions from Hezbollah agents Ali Jawad and Nijad Fares, Knollenberg sent almost $100 million of your tax money to Hezbollah.)

Via Ol Broad, the Harry's Place Islamofascist lawsuit

If they can’t convert you, they’ll blow you up. If they can’t blow you up, they’ll cut your head off. If they can’t cut your head off, they will use the court of law.

The Ministry of Truth clarifies the situation furtherCaroline Glick has a sad look in A Tale of Two Hostages at what has happened to Israel's detterence under the pressure to negotiate with terrorists and a left wing government

Exalting at her liberation by the Colombian military last week, former hostage Ingrid Betancourt exclaimed, "This is a miracle, a miracle! We have an amazing military. I think only the Israelis can possibly pull off something like this."

Betancourt's statement made thousands of Israelis wince. Held hostage in the Colombian jungles for six years by the narco-terror group known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, Betancourt, a dual Colombian-French citizen who was a Colombian senator and presidential candidate at the time she was abducted, obviously had not heard the news about the "new Israel." Her statements were based on her memories of the "old Israel." She didn't know that the "new Israel" doesn't fight terrorists.

The "new Israel" views fighting terrorists as an exercise in futility. Its leaders and military chiefs alike repeat endlessly the mantra that there is no military victory to be had, only a political accommodation. She didn't know that the week before she was rescued, the "new Israel" made a deal with Hizbullah to release five senior Lebanese terrorists, an unknown number of Palestinian terrorists and hundreds of bodies of dead terrorists in exchange for the bodies of IDF reservists Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, who were murdered by Hizbullah two years ago.

The "new Israel" is the Israel that maintains one-sided "cease-fires" with Hamas and is poised to make a deal with Hamas by which it will release up to a thousand Palestinian terrorists in exchange for IDF hostage Gilad Schalit. No, Betancourt, was thinking of the "old Israel" - the Israel that electrified the world when it sent its commandos thousands of kilometers to free its hostages in Entebbe 32 years ago. It was that memory of Israeli heroism that doubtless gave hope to Betancourt and her fellow hostages as they languished in FARC captivity in the jungle, malnourished, ill-treated and terrorized. The Entebbe rescue allowed them to fantasize that one day, they too would be rescued and their tormentors would be brought to justice. And last week, their dreams came true.

Sadly Israelis today live under a government of traitors, some in the name of left wing ideology, some bought and paid for by money from NGO's and business associates and some have simply given up the fight. Even as Olmert is being hit with more corruption charges, the degradation of Israel, once the champion in the fight against terrorism, continues.Samurai Mohel takes on Congressman Robert Wexler over his attempt to fight any US Boycott against Iran. Wexler is a prominent Obama supporter who fraudulently bills himself as an Orthodox Jew.

Professional politician and lying sack of crap Congressman Robert Wexler is one of the Democratic party’s most visible “Pro-Israel Politicians” which means he’s constantly sponsoring and pushing meaningless resolutions that don’t accomplish squat except to convince his senile Florida constituents that he’s a “nice Jewish boy” fighting for Israel. But Bobby Wexler may show one face to Bubbe and Zaidy in Miami Beach, but he shows a whole other one to his left wing buddies over in Huffington Post and he’s written a whole article over there about his fight to protect Iran… from America.

Meanwhile as the New Centist writes, Iran's Provocations Continue

With the recent missile launchings yesterday and today, Iran is making their belligerence clear. The signs are pointing in two directions, appeasement or confrontation. The liberal punditocracy claim these moves are strictly defensive, a response to moves by the United States and Israel. In the minds of these observers Iran only reacts to the actions of its adversaries. Iran possesses no agency of its own.

This is a major mistake. The United States has enemies. Enemies who will do whatever is in their power to make us suffer defeat. When these enemies speak, when they articulate their policy preferences and political goals, we should listen very intently. When they threaten us and our allies, we should take those threats very seriously.

Military action should always be the last option. But it must remain an option and we are rapidly approaching a point where it may be the only option. As the Israelis realized in 1981 with Iraq’s Osirak nuclear facility, destroying Iran’s nuclear sites before they reach the capacity to produce weapons is the only choice unless the world wants to see a nuclear armed Iran.

Lemon Lime Moon tackles the Obama language controversy with "Strangers Among Us"

Obama is embarrassed that Americans speak English and want English only as the national language of America, a society and culture founded on English speaking people.I am embarrassed before G-d that America comes up with a candidate for the highest office in the land who is the product of trash talking black preachers,a mother who hated her own people, fathers who deserted their families and were members of a misogynistic and racist religion. Obama is embarrassed by an awful lot but he is not embarrassed to be a liar who changes his mind on every subject in minutes. He is not ashamed to toss his friends and loved ones under the bus if they get to showing his true self to the public. He is not ashamed to diss his own supposed Christian religion through membership in a weird church. He is not ashamed that he knows nothing about his own religion and when interviewed about his religious beliefs spoke out in words that proved he is not a Christian at all. Double dealing is no problem for him in that way.

From HillBuz an articulate response by Democrats who continue to refuse to Why We Don't Shut Up and Fall In Line and back Obama, It's worth reading

In high school, a history teacher told us the story of the Louvre in World War II, Hitler's greatest prize. The man dreamed about it, obsessed over it. The entire invasion of France, in a way, was engineered to place his fanatics at the gates of this treasure trove, so a twisted, little egomaniac could have all the prizes he single-mindedly dreamed of. It was all about him, his personal gain, his ambition, his pride. He plunged the world into chaos to get what he wanted -- true, much more than paintings and sculpture and art, but these treasures were of particular importance to this particular egomaniac. So, the bureaucrats dithered.

The strategists mismanaged the campaign -- plotting victory with an outmoded Marginot Line. The "good guys" fell to the superior organization and bully power of a whole new kind of war machine. The Germans took the capital, and Hitler's fastest troops sweeped into the Louvre, cameras ready, to record the despot's greatest triumph...that wasn't.Because, you see, regular people, the "unimportant", second-guessed the bureaucrats and party leaders and they rebelled. They knew the Marginot Line was outdated, and that the German air force would overwhelm France quickly. They knew the art must be protected, and that the lunatic must be denied his prize.

So, these regular people resisted...they banded together...they organized, and plotted, and schemed. They forged unlikely alliances, and they saved the greatest treasures of the Western world from the clutches of a madman, because they never gave up, never surrendered, and never listened to those who told them to shut up and fall in line. It's a true story. They even made a movie about it. Average French citizens did what their party leaders would not: they acted, they recognized the emperor had no clothes, and they tossed him a pair of boxer briefs. They hid all the art in barns, caves, and in the catacombs. So, when Hitler's goons arrived to ransack the last 1,000 years of history, they found only empty rooms, and the lonely pathetic echoes of their goosesteps, where tenaciously independent thinkers had indelibly left their mark.

So, that's why we do this. That's why we stay home when our friends want to go out, because there's a story we want to write, there's something we want to get out about Obama. We can't speak for everyone in the PUMA community, but the reason we support McCain over Obama is because we know in our hearts John McCain is a good man, and he's in this race for the same reason Hillary Clinton entered it: because he feels he can do the best job for this country, that he can truly lead this nation and take care of its people. We will always maintain that Hillary Clinton is the best person for this job, and that she would, truly, be one of our greatest presidents of all time -- and not just because she would be the first female president, but because she's just that damn smart, compassionate, kind, tough, and unyielding.The woman's our champ for a reason.

We're no dummies. We don't drink Kool-Aid. We've been watching her political career with great interest for the last 16 years. She's the real deal. We've always believed in her, and we always will.And, we say truthfully, we also believe in John McCain. Hillary Clinton blows him out of the water, there's no denying that. But, if the DNC forces us to choose between a decent, honest, patriotic American like John McCain, and someone like Barack Obama, the choice is clear: it's McCain all the way for us. With a rematch for Clinton in 2012.

Just so you know, this isn't an academic exercise on our part. We live in Chicago. We've seen first hand how Obama behaves, how he carries himself. We've seen how he bullies others to get what he wants. We've met Alice Palmer -- we know what kind of person she is, and what sort of job she did for her constituents. We know how Obama treated her, how he shanked her, double-crossed her, and then did nothing for the community when he usurped her. His eye was always on the next office -- and he never once in his whole career did a thing for Chicago, for his district. We've driven around the neighborhoods he represented in the Illinois senate: you couldn't find a more horrifying ride if you went for a drive in Beirut. All of this rot, decay, squalor, and neglect: just 10 minutes from the Obama Mansion. And yet, no Hope or Change ever came to Chicago on Obama's watch. And that's because Obama is only about Obama. Always has been, always will be.

Daled Amos has Hevel Havalim 17 up now, go check it out


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