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A Dress Code for Muslims in the West

After the Obama campaign issued a dress code for female reporters ordering them not to wear jewelery, nail polish, open toed shoes and a warning to have a scarf on hand to cover their heads with in a makeshift Hijab, Nancy Pelosi style on his MessiahTour 2008 of the Middle East, you can't help but wonder why Americans are once again called on to "respect" Muslim sensibilities with a dress code in their country, while no such equivalent "respect" is reciprocated in our country.

If Americans are to be expected to dress like Muslims in Muslim countries, then the reverse should be true, Muslims should be expected to dress like Americans in the United States. But of course the reverse isn't true which really means that we accept Muslim standards as superior both at home and abroad.

It's no surprise that Barack Hussein Obama would have female reporters trot out the makeshift Hijab. I'm sure we'll get to the point when Obama Girl is wearing one too. But if Muslims expect us to live by their rules and bay for blood when a schoolteacher names a teddy bear Mohammed or when a reporter wears nail polish, maybe they need to learn to live by our rules over here.

But par for the course, instead we find that Muslim laws are being imposed on us in our own country. The Hijab evolved as a way for Muslim women to avoid being raped in Beirut by Arafat's PLO thugs. (I'm sorry that's Nobel Prize winner and Palestinian President Yasir Arafat.) Today they serve that same function for non-Muslim women in Norway and Sweden and parts of France. What the Hijab really communicates is, "I'm subservient, please don't rape me." It's a true testament to the hope and change Obama and the Democratic party are bringing, for them to compell female reporters to don that badge of servitude that is really no different than a yellow star.

If the United States demanded that Muslim women who come to the United States wear pantsuits, which we consider respectable dress, there would be an uproar. But when a Presidential candidate whose middle name shall not be mentioned demands the same of American women, we're expected to take it in stride.

Today the black ghosts of masked women haunt European and American cities. And what bruises, what bloody marks and what brutality those veils and sheets hide is anyone's guess. While Muslim groups practice their idea of anti-civil rights as civil rights by fighting for the "right" of Muslim women to be oppressed, Western feminist groups hold Hijab and Burka fashion shows whose message seems to be, "Try on some oppression now so you can get used to it."

If the standard is "When in Rome", then it's time for Muslims in America to dress as Americans. If the standard is, "Follow your own cultural traditions", then Americans in Muslim countries should dress how they please. But instead the real standard is "Muslim dress is correct in all circumstances." And that cannot be allowed to stand.

We don't expect Muslim women to wear pantsuits. That is our idea of tolerance. Muslims however expect us to dress by their standards. That is their idea of tolerance. In such an exchange, tolerance meets intolerance and the intolerant win. Just like negotiating land for peace with enemies who take land but don't keep the peace, providing tolerance to those who refuse to practice tolerance in turn is a sure formula for defeat.


  1. I say make 'em wear Daisy Dukes like any red blooded American girl would.

    Darn foreigners.

  2. Anonymous22/7/08

    Damn straight, we here in Alabama don't take to any of them foreign garbage sheets on the streets of our fair municipalities

  3. I think I am in love with you Bufford. :)

  4. I'm with Lemon! Daisy Dukes, red nail polish, big hoop earrings and flip-flops. Okay, as a teeny compromise on the open toe shoes I'll wear crocks, they're open-back not open toe.

    Obama is insane but showing his true colors as a Muslim man; a Muslim man aligning himself more with radical Islam than moderate Islamic or Westernized Arabs.

    When my sister gave a career development talk at a local Islamic school all they asked was that she remove her shoes in the sancturary where they worship when they took her on a tour of the facilities. They didn't ask her to wear a headscarf or anything.

    Conservative business attire was fine.

    So Obama is definitely leaning more towards Middle Eastern Islamic standards for non-Muslims and not American standards.

  5. a muzlim is a muzlim and I despise them all.

    let the female reporters do the Daisy Duke!!!!!!! And even skimpier!

    send in the transvestites dressed as Daisy and Rachel Welch!!! that'll get 'em ! (evil grin)

    bring in the nudest colonies till we run the foreigners out! (happy grin)

    fancy that! I'm suddenly a supporter of vulgarity...oh well...if it gets rid of the foreigners - booo yaaa!!!!!! go get 'em!!!!

  6. Anonymous23/7/08

    First of all I don't believe in moderate Muslims. If they are moderate, they are a) not knowledgeable in depth about the Koran, b) afraid to disagree with the violent scriptures of the Koran or c) practicing TAKKIYAH which is lying for the advancement of Islam. This being said, I saw Muslims, two men and two women with their unmistable headscarfs even so more fashionable clothing at Hershey Park. It really tempted me to walk up and say something to them. Also whenever I see and undoubtedly American woman dressed in Muslim garb I feel like walking up and telling them what happnens to women in Islamic countries if they don't do as being asked. Needless to say I'm very concerned about the future of the United States.

  7. Andy, I agree. There's no room in izlam for picking and choosing what you believe and practise. It's not that kind of religion. A muzlim is a muzlim, there are no moderates.

  8. Anonymous5/5/11

    that second from last photo in the piece is utterly appalling...


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