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We All Live in a Settlement

What is a "Settlement" anyway?

To a Western Liberal it has all sorts of things to do with colonial powers and the third world. Which is somehow why a handful of Israeli towns are to be considered settlements while their own suburban homes built on former Indian lands aren't.

To Muslims though the definition is a good deal simpler, it's non-Muslims living under their own authority on land that Muslims consider their own. Clear away all the gabble about rights and counter-rights and it's what you wind up with.

In the Islamic mindset, non-Muslims can only live on Muslim land under Muslim law as second class citizens or Dhimmis. The failure by non-Muslims to conform to Muslim law, whether it is by drawing cartoons or their prophet or living under their own authority on territory that Muslims consider their own, of course sparks "justified" outrage and violence.

In the mindset of the Western liberal though, it is never the Muslim hate and rage that is an obstacle to peace but the things that provoke it. Which of course allows Muslims to play the piper and call the tune by engaging in violence that is inherently justified, because they have engaged in it. And as the violent ones, clearly and paradoxically, they're also the injured party. And must be appeased.

Through this process, Islamic law has become backed by the domestic and diplomatic power of the West as everyone looks for a way to appease Muslim rage without ever asking Muslims to simply control themselves. That too after all is offensive.

And so Islamic law is applied across the globe and we find ourselves all living in a settlement. As the Muslim diaspora spreads across the world and Muslim minorities grow inching toward majorities, Islamic law also takes hold. Imams deliver invocations at legislative sessions, cab drivers refuse to carry alcohol, seeing eye dogs are attacked, polygamy is promoted, honor killings are carried out as a form of discipline and Sharia takes the place of family law courts. The growth of Islamic law and populations collides with the non-Muslim population and its forms of law and government and reduces them to settlements. Entities that have no right to exist unless they submit to Muslim law.

As the Dar Al Harb makes the transition to the Dar Al Islam, new claims for land are raised, from Spain and across Europe to Australia (whose aborigines were apparently Muslims) to America (apparently discovered by Muslims).

Non-Muslim inhabitants who do not live under Islamic law in this setup become an obstacle to peace. Their peace. The wages of appeasing Muslims and permitting Sharia expansion is to transform every place we live into a settlement.


  1. The surrender to dhimmitude comes at a time when people are apathetic and asleep.
    In the US, the love for Obama, who surrounds himself with horrible, characterless people is an omen of just how bad things are in the world.
    If they will vote for someone regardless of character or associations they will also surrender their freedom to whatever evil comes along.

  2. Muslims want the entire world to revert to Isalm since they have the twisted idea that Islam and Shira Law predates everything else in history.

    When I see photos and video of Gush Katif and Sderot the word settlement has a positive connotation--a sense of settling down a wild desert into a flourishing and peaceful seaside community in suburban Israel.

    When I think of Muslims and settlements all I can picture in my mind are scenes of squalor, rundown buildings and violence.

  3. Sultan Knish!

    love your blog daddy o


  4. thank you, i always loved your commentary at lgf

  5. Anonymous4/6/08

    Scientology will overcome Islam!

  6. Lemon: It's insane. The muzlim hates whites and yet they insist on voting for him. I believe if he just came straight out and said, "If I win, I'm going to kill every white person in this country!" They'd still vote for him and cheer.

    We're seriously a land of sickos.

  7. A Jew With A View5/8/09

    Spot on.

    Especially this:

    'In the mindset of the Western liberal though, it is never the Muslim hate and rage that is an obstacle to peace but the things that provoke it.'

    That one sentence sums up the whole problem - and reveals the mindset which will be the downfall of democracy and the start of Eurabia.

    OK. I'm now starting to sound a tad paranoid.... or am I...?

    - cue deranged cackle.

  8. It's not paranoid when they're actually out to get us

  9. A Jew With A View5/8/09

    That is true.


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