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No Tears for Ted

I'm sure this comes at an unwelcome time when even conservative bloggers are doing their best to make their expressions of sympathy for Ted Kennedy. As gauche as it might be I'm afraid that I have no such expressions of sympathy for offer.

I don't wish him ill, but neither am I going to shed any tears for a man guilty of at least one murder and who freely offered his services to the KGB for own political interests. There are bad men in the Senate and then there are very bad men and Ted Kennedy easily slides into the latter category. That after a lifetime of morbid alcoholism he developed a brain tumor at the age of 76 is not something that should be a cause for mourning. He lived a long full and well off life and he isn't dead yet. Instead he will have access to the best in medical treatments that a politically connected millionaire can afford. And even if he dies he will have lived more than twice as long as Mary Jo Kopechne who died at the age of 29.

It's a safe bet that Ted Kennedy's illness will be a prominent draw on the Obama campaign trail as the dying statesman and Conservatives are playing into his hands by pretending that he is some sort of statesman instead of a morally bankrupt criminal and traitor who is a statesman only by virtue of the fact that none of his crimes, malfeasances or displays of public drunkenness bordering on the downright criminal were sufficient to convince Massachusetts voters to remove him from the Senate.

Democrats may be determined to have Ted Kennedy play the king who dies for his people, one last tragic Kennedy perishing at the ripe young age of nearly 80 before passing on the torch to Barack Obama, the newest honorary Kennedy, but there is no remote reason to go along with it.

Conservatives should not caper around at the news of Kennedy's illness, the way that Democrats do when Cheney is taken to the hospital, but neither should they give inappropriate solemnity or respect to a man who deserves none.

Ted Kennedy's time in office merits no respect. A fatal condition in anyone is sad but there is no particularly obligation on us to feel sad for a man who had a hand in destroying so many lives. If Ted Kennedy wishes to retire from political life, both from public office and political appearances, that would be a dignified closing act, but I expect we won't face that possibility. What we will face is emotional manipulation and exploitation.

I won't shed any tears for Ted. He betrayed his own country and destroyed and even took the lives of those who trusted him. His closing act will likely be one final betrayal as he promotes the rise to power of the most dangerous and destructive candidate for the Presidency in nearly two centuries.


  1. I'm glad you had the courage to write this (and would have been disappointed if you didn't.)

    Just because Kennedy is dying (malignant non-operative glioma--the man IS dying, I'd give him 2-4 months tops) is no reason to absolve him of his crimes.

    There's something about cancer or other serious illness that causes people to forgive and forget a criminal's crime. Every SOB suddenly becomes orney not an SOB, Arfat re the BBC is a dying frail old man worthy of a reporter's tears.

    The end of Chamelot? Good. Considering everything the Kennedy family has done I say good riddance Chamelot and the so-called American Royalty.

    I fear though that the dems will use Kennedy's illness for a Brian Piccolo moment with Kennedy handing over his torch on his death bed to Obama who vows to fight the fight and win the game for his teammate.

    Does anyone remember Brian's Song and Brian Piccolo anymore? I feel sooo old for knowing the song and movie LOL.

  2. eeep. My analogy about Kennedy and Obama and Brian Piccolo.

    Brian Piccolo was the white football player who was dying and his teammate Sayer was black...and played for the Chicago Bears.

    My little analogy might of been a tad on the money.

  3. yes i know brian's song

    and it's already happening and it's the top story


    On Sunday, Mr. Obama embraced the legacy by standing in for Mr. Kennedy, who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor last week, and delivering the commencement speech at Wesleyan University.

    “It’s because you have an obligation to yourself, because our individual salvation depends on our collective salvation,” Mr. Obama said. “Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential and discover the role you’ll play in writing the next great chapter in America’s story.”

    the shameless cynicism is truly astounding

  4. We shall see what happens next.
    Obama would be a disaster for America.

  5. Statesman? Hmmm.... I have another name for him that starts with an S, but that ain't it!

  6. Obama sure is starring in so many shows lately. His campaign is straight out of central casting. If only it were just a movie that could just get a bad review and not hurt anyone.

    "our individual salvation depends on our collective salvation." Oh the arrogance of the man!

    Is it just my imagination or does that statement have a whiff of communism to it as well as showing that Obama has a god complex? Communism with a messianic twist?

  7. Anonymous26/5/08

    The Collective:"You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile"
    Borg Obama

  8. ROFL!!! I'm one of those people in a horror movie who "knew" all along so I am assimilation proof unlike the masses lol.

  9. In all seriousness and getting back to the article here though, I despise politics and politicians but nevertheless from the time I was 18 felt strongly that it was my duty to vote, not shurk out of jury duty etc.

    As for elections I rarely probe deeply into the issues or candidates. That said, I've never had such an intense dislike for a candidate as I do for Obama.

    It's not because he is black, either. There was a time I thought Colin Powell would have been a good president because of his military experience.

    At least there was some logic behind my wanting him president. I can't think of any reason for Obama to be president and dozens of reasons why he shouldn't and would be a disaster.

    There are the reasons often reported such as the lies, Wright, Pro-Arab stance.

    But also something vague that I can't really describe except in analogies which keep boiling down to ACTING, which in Obama's case translates in my mind as actor/liar. Sinful and at the same time appealing to the masses.

    And another hard to put into words feeling about him that on the surface will probably sound silly but here it is anyway:

    Obama almost always stands before a podium with a little plaquard in front that reads simply:

    "CHANGE" in capital letters.

    It always bugged me. Change. Just that word stuck out with nothing else.

    No indication of what kind of change. It seemed so generic, like corn flakes brand corn flakes. A plain cereal box with Corn Flakes written on it.

    Why does it bug me?

    I think it's because everything about Obama is so generic.

    He's the elite Hollywood actor to the wealthy masses and the generic brand X to the suspicious working class.

    Brand X Obama.

    As an act Obama's campaign does have a certain horror movie aspect to it. The masses totally obsorbed in their own need and wants view Obama as their savior.

    The working class are the small number who know something more is going on and are distrustful.

  10. there is a basic falseness and hollowness to the obama campaign, which is completely at odds with the frenetic and religious level of support for him from certain sectors

    that's enough to set a lot of people's teeth on edge already

  11. obama borg: ROFL!!!! That was good!

    1. Let the bum die and not even his fleas will mourn him.
    2. Someone give Dick a gun and send him bird hunting at the muzlim's rallies.
    3. Bill Cosby for president.
    4. Replace both the senate and congress with Monty Python's Flying Circus. (Inspired by today's Monty marathon.)

    PS: I loved Brian's Song, even though it made me cry like a baby.

  12. Anonymous26/5/08

    Nothing unscripted is done by the big O. He is a disgrace to the IL Senate and completely fake!!
    Wish others would listen to his words in this election season-this is more than a beauty contest!!
    Great post. Wish the conservatives would just stop talking about the dynasty!

  13. Good post, Sultan, and it's good to see others who have opinions about this leftist, Kennedy, which are similar. I have done a similar post which puts it this way:

    "...there is a civil respect one pays, even to those valid opponents with whom one disagrees, but that formality is abrogated, whether heartfelt or civility inspired, when it is not valid disagreement deserving of an equality in respect, but a denunciable series of repeated acts which rise to the stature of treachery against America and a sedition against it's people."

    I must agree, also, with Keli Ata's opinion on Obama. He strikes me as having an undertaker look about him, as if he is a vulture awaiting a threshing carcass. I'm afraid that is the kind of change he has in mind. I think many of us feel it.

  14. yes well put, people who demand respect should be worthy of it, or at least be willing to show it themselves

  15. Me too, Anonymous. Dynasty. Yikes, that implies that it won't stop with the new Kennedy prince, Barack Obama.

    BTW: Obama seems to stumble on his words quite a bit beyond his well-rehersed speeches and catch phrases. Is he really that inarticulate in the senate?

  16. ...and now that he's the heir to the Kennedy dynasty will Prince Barack's stumbling speeches and excuses be interspersed with "er uh"?

  17. Respect should be something that has to be earned. And if respect has to be shown due to title, once one proves he's not worthy of it, the heck with him. (says the grumpy menopausal beast - grin)

  18. Anonymous27/5/08

    "he developed a brain tumor at the age of 76 is not something that should be a cause for mourning. He lived a long full and well off life and he isn't dead yet."

    When everyone else forgot Mary Jo, G-d remembered Ted Kennedy.

  19. Udiyah...I am at a loss for words. Such truth!


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