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Home Important Posts Concessions Can Never Appease an Inferiority Complex

Concessions Can Never Appease an Inferiority Complex

The latest news is that Muslim Scientists, a living paradox if there ever was one akin to Atheist Priests or Peaceful Warriors, want time to be centered on Mecca. Shall the world truly tell its time by the global symbol for backwardness where savages toss stones at a pillar symbolizing Satan. Shall the arrogant House of Saud, who dispense oil and terrorism in equal measure, under whose auspices hundreds of thousands of Muslims from around the world gather only to return radicalized and filled with hate to their native countries?

Yet no doubt the day will come when our responsible leaders will decide to do the responsible thing and let Mecca stop all the clocks in the name of appeasement. Appeasement after all has become acknowledged across the civilized world as the responsible thing to do when threatened by homicidal savages.

Civilization was built by those who understood that when savages come to your front door with their grievances and their knives, you man the ramparts and dissuade them of their demands. Civilization is being torn down by those who welcome them in, serve them tea, dole out billions, honor them, crown them and finally bow down to them-- all in the name of responsibility.

But as it usually happens, the responsible thing to do is also the irresponsible one and utterly futile in the face of Muslim rage to boot.

Muslim rage is brewed in an ugly kettle that is only stoked by appeasement and filled with the foul odor of an inferiority complex. An inferiority complex cannot be appeased through appeasement, after all appeasement is what the better offers to the lesser. Appeasement to an inferiority complex is a patronizing condescending provocation.

Every time the West begins appeasing Muslims by giving in to their demands, the Muslim world brews with even more suppressed fury, like a small child with indulgent parents whose behavior only grows worse with every indulgence-- because what he wants is not the indulgence, but to rebel and become his own person.

An inferiority complex can only be appeased through independence and yet the Muslim world lives a parasitic life, dependent on the West for its industry, its technology and the bulk of its culture. And so Islamism has set out to craft an independent uniquely Muslim identity, one that will swallow and consume the West.

Meanwhile our responsible leaders continue to engage in the same unprofitable idiot dialogue, indicating their willingness to do anything to relieve Muslim grievances, when it is precisely that reminder of their own inferiority which drives Muslims bananas. By assigning themselves responsibility for Muslim grievances, Western leaders take away what is most precious to an angry Muslim, his grievances.

The more Western leaders strive to appease Muslims, the worse the grievances grow as Muslim grievances and Western appeasement run a Red Queen's race. The more Western leaders appease, the more grievances Muslims must develop to stay ahead. This insane dynamic is the sort of thing psychologists usually see in abusive relationships, among alcoholics, drug addicts and badly behaved children and it is a form of pathological behavior that we are continually enabling.

The Muslim need for self-worth can only be met from within and yet Muslims have chosen Islam, a way of life least fitted to meeting that need. Yet it is a way of life that deliberately stands in complete opposition to all the values and virtues of the West.

Science, technology, literacy, learning-- who needs it. Like the Soviets who assigned the Western inventions they stole to random Russian frauds, peasants and lunatics like Polzunov, Artamonov and Tsiolokovsky -- Muslims are happy enough to create a fraudulent history filled with enough borrowed and imaginary cultural and scientific achievements to warm themselves with through the long dark regression into the degenerate glories of their splendid backward past.

Islamism encompasses both the embrace and the reconciliation of the Muslim inferiority complex through the destruction of the West on the one hand the absolute submission of its followers on the other. Only by becoming slaves and divesting themselves of their individuality, can Muslims redeem their inferiority complexes in a bloody tide of wretched murder against anyone who has committed the wanton outrage of achieving more than they have.

And so Muslims trot out their demands, cast themselves as victims with one side of their mouths while uttering threats and imprecations with the other. Keep the Saudi flag off the soccer balls, no pork or drinks in our taxis, set the world's clocks to Mecca, surrender Spain, Israel, Thailand, Kosovo and any other piece of land we set our eyes on at once. The madness never ends and it can never end.

Appeasement is not the cure for their inferiority complex, it is the oil tossed on the burning fire of Muslim outrage. It feeds an appetite with diplomatic junk food thereby creating a hunger that cannot be sated.

It is not appeasement that an inferiority complex demands but limits, like a persnickety child, what the Muslim world needs most is to be forced to make the choice between responsibility and self-destruction, to overcome the challenges from within or perish.

Limits though is the one thing our responsible leaders cannot embrace, instead they dig around for some means of enabling and appeasing Muslim grievances, thereby creating the very Muslim anger they seek to put away.


  1. Isn't it interesting. A parent knows that if they give in to every temper tantrum their kid throws, eventually they'll live to regret it.

    You can tell whose parents did, because that individual is the biggest pain in the neck to work with.

    Business owners know the same with their employees. So, why the heck do people think they can get by with that kind of attitude toward muzlims, the most evil of all things on the planet.

    On the other hand, I can see it in my own family in regards to my evil nephew. The ones who can do something about him won't because they're scared stiff. They know he'll threaten to hurt them and follow suit. And the sitch everyone is in now is because they catered to his temper ever since he was born.

    Ok. I just answered my own question. It all comes down to weakness and cowardness.

  2. Anonymous6/5/08

    This is one of the most brilliant and insightful posts I have ever read. Well done.

  3. Appeasement=aiding and abetting.

    All of this coddling of terrorists is criminal.

  4. The guy in w hite shirt and black pants on the far right in the photo looks like Obama. :)

  5. Brilliant analysis, SK! I'm adding you to the blogrolls on my blogs PoorGrrl Zone, Hammer Folk Woman, and Kafir Warrior. Cheers!

  6. Anonymous6/5/08

    We see this in schools all over the place.
    Great piece!!!
    Can't understand why John Bolton is ignored...oh yeah, because he understands the situation perfectly.

  7. thanks for stopping by, nice battle hymn video on hammer folk and I've added your blogs as well


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