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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Saviors and Politicians - Saint Barack and the Goracle

Lately it doesn't seem to be enough for liberal politicians to merely run on a political platform, it's not enough to do such mundane things as discuss policy proposals and programs, in place of politicians, liberalism now gives us saviors.

From Saint Barack to the Goracle, liberal politicians are no longer satisfied with just dispensing pork and collecting six figure salaries. Now they want to be your savior too.

Al Gore has built his post-crazy reputation on promising to save us from a crisis that doesn't exist and that we couldn't actually do anything about it, if it did. Strange bearded men who stand in Times Square wearing sandwich boards claiming that the world is doomed are laughed at... unless they happen to be a former Vice President that is.

Saint Barack, with the Illinois State Legislature still wet behind his ears, disdains to run on experience, instead of running for President in 2008, he's running as the Savior of Camelot Reborn or maybe it's Best JFK Impersonator with Criminal and Racist Ties.

Remember when politicians just used to be politicians, without expecting you to erect a Church or a Temple in their honor? It takes an outsized ego to run for public office, but even the Democrats should have drawn the line at worshiping a fat crazy bearded ex-president who claims the world is going to end if we don't switch to energy saving light bulbs (Q. How many Gores does it take to screw in an energy efficient lightbulb? A. None, energy efficiency is only for the little people) and a slimy Chicago State Senator with charisma and ties to radical Muslims.

Sadly they didn't and so now we're saddled with a black Carter trying to pass for JFK and a political hack who went crazy after losing the election and decided that he's the environmental messiah, despite his fleet of cars and the fact that all his books on the environment are ghostwritten and riddled with obvious errors.

American democracy was premised on the fallibility of our leaders. That's why we have a system of checks and balances in the first place. We don't elect monarchs, saviors or deities. We elect men.

Obama and Gore's liberal supporters expect us to treat their idols as suprahuman. If you question Al Gore's popularized misinterpretations of scientific theories, you're a heretic. If the ABC debate asks Saint Barry about his Wright issues, the Dem Underground mob lets out a howl and demands the scalps of ABC producers who of course are in the pay of Karl Rove.

Welcome to 2008 - The year the Democrats got religion. Unfortunately it's the idolatry of politicians, rather than the worship of any higher power. Democrats may claim to be for the Separation of Church and State, but what they're foisting on us instead, is Church fused with State, a secular religion dedicating to turning living politicians into minor deities.

Absurdity transcends absurdity with liberals warning us about the dangers of state religion as they're turning their limousines and campaign vans into the turnoff to Babylon.


  1. Psst....

    Obama and Gore's liberal supporters "except" us....

    I think you were saying expect? :)

  2. Anonymous22/4/08

    a political hack who went crazy after losing the election and decided that he's the environmental messiah

    As opposed to Bush, a political ignoramus who went crazy after "winning" the election and decided he's the messiah, period.

    I know full well Gore and Obama are fallible. I also know I have no interest in electing McCain, particularly as he shifts ever rightward to convince evangelicals and war/immigration hawks to forget his "maverick" past. The new McCain will not fight against the conservative pet issues that I oppose, and will appoint judges that take the country in a direction I feel is misguided.

    At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter how slimy or pseudo-Muslim you say Obama is. I'm not interested in shoring up the Republicans for another eight years. So I will vote for the other candidate (Clinton or Obama), fully aware that they are probably not even a fraction of what their spin doctors say they are (ditto for McCain). But simply because our pet issues coincide more. I can't speak for other Dems, but I get irked with the Wright stuff because it's poisoning the well, it's dirty politics, and because, more than anything, it's so obviously an act of false outrage. Most Obama-bitching has more to do with politics as usual than any real principles of transparency or truth, or concern about "extremism".

    The reality is conservatives don't want ANY Dem anywhere near the White House, they were panicked that nothing seemed to stick to Obama, and now that they can smear him as a would-be terrorist who spends his free time burning (instead of wearing) miniature American flags while French kissing Farakhan, they're going to keep it up until November. The right can bleat away all it wants but it shouldn't expect us to keep paying attention while they scream the same old conspiracy theories for the next five months.

    Obama doesn't have to be infallible. He isn't a Republican and he isn't worshiping at THEIR altar of Guns, God, Gays, and 100 years in Iraq. And that will be enough for me.

  3. We are entering the era of false messiahs and false saviors because people don't like to do for themselves anymore. It seems as if people want government to provide for them in so many ways: save the whales, food, gas, health, jobs.
    Government has gotten too big and too powerful.

    It is funny how rock stars need gimmicks and now politicians also use gimmicks to get elected.
    Blame it on Sesame Street. ;)
    They warned it would happen if Sesame Street became popular and they were so right.

  4. I think if Charles Manson ran for president, the liberal dems would stand in whole-hearted support of him. Oh wait! The new Chuckie Manson is running for president! He's just pretend black and muzlim.

    PS: Lemon: The Cookie Monster is broken by your comment. He thinks your insinuation is crummy. He also wants to know if you have a chip on your shoulder and if it's chocolate can he have it. (shut up Jeff)

  5. really friar, false outrage?

    I bet if McCain had been attending the Westboro Baptist Church on a regular basis and introducing Fred Phelps around on a regular basis as his mentor, it would be "phony outrage" too

    your whole speech comes down to, "I'll vote for anyone who isn't Bush"

    to which I can only say, I appreciate your honesty

  6. Intersting note on Gore's documentary--he even plagarized a scene in which polar ice caps are falling.

    It's from another movie in which NYC is totally flooded by a mega tidal wave. The graphic designer admitted that the scene which is identical to Gore's was entirely computer generated.

  7. Yo...you are just too funny ROFL.

  8. Lemon: yes, you're absolutely right.

  9. your whole speech comes down to, "I'll vote for anyone who isn't Bush"

    Really now? And here I thought term limits had taken care of that for me.

    It's not about Bush, it's not about McCain, and it's not about Obama. It's about what they will do while in office. You seem to believe Obama is beholden to Jihadis and will scurry about to do their will (how, exactly, without us becoming wise to him?) I think it's more likely he'll be trying to curry favor with more traditional liberal special interests and pet issues, like environmentalism, unions, and gays. As opposed to McCain's. It's not about the President. It's about the agenda. The bottom line is that you misunderstand the debate or choice Dems are making- it's not between "honest veteran McCain" and "Afrocentrist potential Bin Laden Obama." That dichotomy only works if we BELIEVE your central assumption that all of Obama's mistakes and blunders are actually indicative of treasonous leanings as opposed to puffed-up bouts of boneheadedness.

    I believe McCain's own talking points about what he will do a lot more than I do all the conservative blogger's questionable assertions about Obama's Jihad leanings. If I didn't, then choosing Obama would seem crazy to me as well. But as long as I think you're all full of crap, there's no reason I shouldn't disagree with McCain's agenda more than Obama's. I'm not a Republican, and I don't want to see Republican values have four to eight more years of traction. And until I see some actual proof that Obama's a sleeper agent as opposed to a guy with a few connections to the Muslim world (not a crime, nor particularly incriminating) and a jackass for a preacher (irritating, but not a deal breaker), I don't intend to change my mind.

    And yes, Sultan, some of the crap people have been throwing at Obama can only be described as false (or downright manufactured) outrage. His middle name? Not wearing an American flag pin? Wake me up when we start getting substantial here. It all seems desperate. And that's fine. But it's just contributing to Boy who Cried Wolf syndrome. Between allegations of Obama's drug-induced gay sex binge and his supposed-Marxist leanings, well, I just stopped paying attention. Can you blame me?

  10. who's talking about the choice dems are making, in the end it comes down to the choice americans will make

    and in the end putting up a bad candidate for the national election is its own electoral reward

    considering that wright has hit the big time and that's just the primaries, wait till the real fun with rezko and obama's long list of slimy chicago buddies and radical pals become national talking points in the general election

    in other words you reap what you sow and typically when either the far left or the far right get their dream candidate, the result is disaster at the national level. Remember Goldwater and Stevenson.

    but no Obama isn't beholden on gay rights, he actually blew gay activists off twice... I guess Obamabad isn't that gay friendly after all

  11. The things said about Obama are hardly unimportant they are very important but leftists tend to ignore character in favor of cheap rhetoric. A person is ok if he curses at them in a PC fashion.
    Talking about someone's character is not PC and therefore leaves leftists cold.
    Cookie Monster is on the list now for that half-baked comment!

    curse you blogger for not having emoticons .

  12. Friar yid, it's the little things a person does that exposes them for what they are or intend to do.

    Those little things are warning signals and always have been. It's what you look for when you're dealing with people in counseling.

    When I worked as a counselor in juvenile prison, the main thing you are taught is to look for the little things, because it was there that you saw it all. Before you say it, that doesn't hold true just for prison life, it's true about human nature in general.

    There are no little things.

    Cookie Monster is proud!

  13. Kind of like the 'broken window' concept.

    That might be a simplification, but it can still apply. Character counts for a great deal. Anyone who would go around breaking windows (sitting in a church that spouts hatred, associating with terrorists, etc.) has some serious character flaws.

  14. Anonymous23/4/08

    and in the end putting up a bad candidate for the national election is its own electoral reward

    That's funny given how displeased you were when McCain became the nominee for the GOP.

    I guess Obamabad isn't that gay friendly after all

    So he's even more moderate than you thought!

    Lemon- if character was the only issue most of the people running would have been banned from the start (Giuliani?). It is definitely a factor, but it's not the only determinant, particularly when any principled stand on character (vote 3rd party, don't vote at all) only benefits the other party. When I see GOPers boycotting elections on principle, I'll start.

    Yobee- Except that I don't trust any of the three as far as I can throw them. They're all slimy, they're all tainted, they're all backstabbers. Because they're all politicians. Which, I admit, as an Obama supporter, is a hard pill to swallow, and may indeed be his undoing, because once reduced to the level of a politician, he's clearly outclassed by the other two. Again, it comes back to agenda. I remain unconvinced that there is that big a difference in personality or ideology between Obama and Clinton. There is, however, a gap between the two of them and McCain. I just happen to be less sick of Obama. If Clinton gets the nomination, I'll happily vote for her over McCain. I'll be disappointed, but I'm not married to Obama.

  15. No one needs to boycott anything.
    Character is more important than you realize and some are of better character overall than others. It is that simple.

  16. That's funny given how displeased you were when McCain became the nominee for the GOP.

    The GOP could have had both. The Dems will have to settle for their choice of losers.

    So he's even more moderate than you thought!

    No, just more Farrakhanite.

  17. Kate: I agree with you 100-percent. The broken windows theory has a lot of credence that can apply to presidential candidates and their character (or lack of).

    Obama's got way too many flaws to even be under consideration as president--refusal to say the pledge of allegiance, his wife's comment about not being proud to be an American until her husband's election.

    Obama's church affliation is a close to Nation of Isalm as he can get without actually joining the group. And in his little race speech he said he could no more reject his racist pastor than his grandmother...so clearly he has no plans to cut his ties with that church.

    That only speaks volumes about his character.

    There's a huge difference between a candidate having affairs and being divorced multiple times such as Guiliani and Obama's questionable loyalty to the country.



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