Home 70 Year Old IDF Ex-Paratrooper Defeats 3 Arab Burglars
Home 70 Year Old IDF Ex-Paratrooper Defeats 3 Arab Burglars

70 Year Old IDF Ex-Paratrooper Defeats 3 Arab Burglars

70 year old Jerusalem resident Nathan Weil, a former soldier of the IDF Paratrooper brigade with the help of his 68 year old wife drove off three Arabs who broke into his home.

Nathan was alone in his own home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Bayit VeGan on Pesach when he heard a knock on his door at 5 PM yesterday and someone called him by name, "Nathan, Nathan." After opening the door he was confronted with an Arab robber who entered his home and ordered him to stand aside.

Without losing any time, the former paratrooper stunned him with a fist to the face. He reached for the phone to call the police but before he could complete the call, two other Arabs entered wearing in ski masks.

The two assailants attempted to strike Nathan with steel bars they had in their hands but he succeeded in avoiding the blows which did smash a utility cabinet along with the telephone.

While one of the Arab burglars attempted to seize him and tie him to a chair, Nathan Weil broke one of his fingers. At this point Nathan Weil's wife returned home and seeing what was going on called for help and the Arab burglars fled. Nathan Weil's wife pursued them and as they drove away succeeded in memorizing the license plate number of their car.

The police used the broken finger and the license plate number to identify and arrest the robbers. a


  1. WOW! Incredible story. I am so glad this home invasion ended with the Arabs behind bars--and battered.

    Fist to the face! YES!

  2. It's disconcerting that they knew his name, though. Kind of implies that Nathan had past dealings with these Arab criminals. Perhaps they were stalking him. Not good.

  3. they might have simply looked at the nameplate on the door

  4. Go Nate, GO!!!!!

    Never attack the aging, for they are cranky and will beat the crap out of you. :] GO NATE!!!!

    So, how many seconds did they keep the bloody arabs under arrest?

  5. (true. Now I feel stupid for saying that ).

    Go Nathan Go!

  6. no need to feel stupid, you're a crime reporter and it's a reasonable assumption

  7. Anonymous24/4/08

    Similar story happened in New England-Vet beat up an intruder!
    Thank goodness they are still fighting for us all.

  8. My youngest son Aviel is named after a former Israeli paratrooper.

    My second oldest son is named Nathan. Neat.

    I'm glad Nathan and his wife were not harmed by these animals. I only wish Nathan had broken this guy's neck instead of just his finger.


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