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Who Do You Blame?

The great question of our time that defines the great moral boundary between those who are interested in the survival of their countries and those who knowingly or unknowingly want to destroy them, is simply this. "Who do you blame?"

There's certainly plenty of blame to go around but the hallmark of liberalism and of the left, of the appeasers and the defeatists is to blame ourselves rather than the terrorists.

You see this same pattern cropping up after every terrorist attack. You see it in every discussion about anything from genital mutilation to mass murder. It begins with some thin excuse for the atrocity that quickly turns into an attack on us and shifts the blame for it over to us , e.g. "It's their culture, who are we to judge", "They've been so oppressed that they have no choice", "It's Western capitalism that's to blame", "They're only reacting to our foreign policy".

This behavior has become the Friend or Foe recognition system of the great issue of our time. There are many reasons why people parrot this rhetoric but the overall reason is because they have been programmed to do it. They have been programmed to do it by a media and academic culture that presumes that anything wrong is inherently our fault or rather the fault of those "reactionary" conservatives who refuse to listen to the professors and pundits who will be happy to tell them how to fix everything.

This same mindset has wormed its way into the political culture under a facade of patriotism. The most anti-nationalist politicians know that all they need to do is pay some sort of lip service to the idea of national greatness or uniqueness, like a visiting rock star shouting, "What's the rockingest town around?", at election time and national ceremonies, before going back to the same hatefilled rhetoric.

When 9/11 happened liberal politicians and pundits lined up to blame our foreign policy, after an appropriate 5 seconds of mourning. The left wing and the paleocons went even further embracing 9/11 Denial and claiming that the whole thing had been done by us in the first place.

The interesting thing about 9/11 Denial is how ubiquitous it is and how commonplace a part of Terrorism Denial it is. From India to Israel to Russia to the United States, wherever Muslim terrorists attack, local and international conspiracy theorists quickly claim that governments were behind it. The impulse behind Terrorism denial is a more extreme version of the one that this post discusses. It's a need to shift the blame from the terrorists to ourselves.

In the liberal lexicon the original sin is national existence. A sin that can never be atoned for. America is forever damned for stealing land from the Indians. Israel is forever damned for displacing the Arabs. Europe is forever damned for its colonialism. The idea of "Original National Sin" is so embedded in the left that it has made liberal nationalism all but extinct. Like a virus that devours its host, the progressive ideologies hollow out the will of a country to exist.

In the wake of the terrorist attack at Mercaz HaRav, the media and the police quickly went on the attack... not against the terrorists mind you. Channel 2 silenced Yitzchak Dadon, the hero who shot the terrorist, when he blamed Olmert and Peres for arming the terrorists. The media implied that the police had actually shot the terrorist. A reporter claimed falsely that the students at the Yeshiva were killed because they didn't serve in the army. Channel 1 falsely claimed that students at the Yeshiva had gotten approval from a Rabbi to carry out an attack on Arabs. The media reported that the police were on alert against retaliatory attacks against Arabs, despite the fact that no such attacks had occurred or will occur. Story after story emphasized the nationalistic character of the Yeshiva's philosophy, justifying the attack. The blame had once again been effectively shifted.

That is why it is vital to stand up and say that shifting blame from Muslim terrorists is the same as exculpating them. Someone who fails to blame terrorists is engaging in propaganda on their behalf and aiding in their crimes. Treason does not come any clearer than standing on the wrong side of the question, Who Do You Blame?


  1. what a joy to see your comments at WHT..I was actually reading your posts as u were commenting!..I worked down at Ground Zero for months in the aftermath..this is so spot on!!!:
    When 9/11 happened liberal politicians and pundits lined up to blame our foreign policy, after an appropriate 5 seconds of mourning.

  2. I blame humans all over the world and most especially Adam and Chava the world's worst parents EVER!

    We are in the time of good being called evil and evil.. called good.

  3. Lemonlime, do you think all humans and our cultures are equally evil? How can we blame Adam and Chava for evil today?

  4. All humans are evil to some extent, yes. Tanakh says so.
    How can I blame Adam and Chava? Simple they set in motion the choice to decide for themselves rather than to heed divine revelation and all of their children choose the same path to this very day.
    All human society is far short of what G-d intends and none of it will be left standing when the 'rock' as described by Daniel smashes them to pieces and G-d himself sets up his own government finally once and for all.

    Human thinking that the above is simplistic is why the world continues in the same mess day after day.

  5. The only people to blame for Sept. 11 and the slaughter of those young people at a religious school are bloodthirsty evil terrorists.

    These were innocent teenagers and young adults studying Torah. Under no circumstances are they responsible for what happened. This was the action of a mass murderer, who I understand tried to disguise himself as a religious Jew (at least that's what I've read about the gunman).

  6. Anonymous12/3/08

    "I blame humans all over the world and most especially Adam and Chava the world's worst parents EVER!"

    Placing head in hands and pulling hair....

  7. I'm with Lemon, I blame everybody, especially Adam and Chava, and the Viennese Waltz.

  8. Offers Udiyah a scarf for bald head.

  9. Anonymous12/3/08

    The men, women and children who live in the 7th century and want to take all of us back there-the evil terrorists.

  10. Anonymous12/3/08

    "Offers Udiyah a scarf for bald head."

    Thank you kindly but I have my high frequency metal colander on my head right now ;-)

  11. Anonymous13/3/08

    SK Quote "Someone who fails to blame terrorists is engaging in propaganda on their behalf and aiding in their crimes".

    AIDS : Arab Ideological Doctrine Syndrom is based on Mohamed Paganism , is a political skullduggery promoted thru dhimmedias in the west by westerners mainly the "radical" dhimmis so called "chic moderate " soit disant Liberals , Lefties , progressive ect... .

    A show of proof of dhimmitude mentality is "propaganda" , a appeasement in return for arabs petro dollars deals , while in fact AIDS is a criminal extortion ,

    The AIDS interest behind such skullduggery deals is the corruption of the western values such as in this case to blame the victim rather than the guilty , the criminal , the culpable ,
    "The blame had once again been effectively shifted." as SK said .

    Any deviation from AIDS is on the spot punished in the West by muslims riots , muslims terror ect... AIDS` Tyrants assert dhimmitude as a maintenance
    'necessity' control ,AIDS ask not to be agreed with but obeyed .

    A must show of proof of submission to dhimmitude is the Anti-Israel position as daily shown worldwide and UN condemnations .
    Even the UNSC refused to condemn the terror attack behind the tragedy of the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva .

    The Israel staunch defense of Israel liberties , freedom , rights ect...is intentionally dhimmedias portrayed with all sort of distortion of facts and unsubjective epithets .

    The Israeli "stubbornness" is good , must be supported , is a roadblock against terrorism , against AIDS .

    From Joseph . E @ Givatayim-Israel

  12. Arab Ideological Doctrine Syndrome

    I like that...

  13. Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz is planning a 2 week visit to Israel. http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1205420683045&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

    "During the visit, he will meet with Israel's political leadership, including Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and opposition head Binyamin Netanyahu, and some of the country's most renowned jurists, including former Supreme Court president Aharon Barak, Israel Prize laureate Amnon Rubinstein and another visiting scholar, Canadian MP and law professor Irwin Cotler."

    Dershowitz is seeking to re-define international rules of war where it comes to civilians. Seems to me, the Allies were not all that concerned with German civilians during the second world war. In fact German civilian cities were deliberately targeted for destruction. USAF and RAF firebombed (terror-bombed) German cities into ruin, killing hundreds of thousands of Germans. Then there were the U.S. terror-bombings of Tokyo and the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But this is the nature of total war.

    I have a copy of Professor Dershowitz's "The Case For Peace." Dershowitz devotes an entire chapter to mocking and ridiculing those Jews that believe G-d gave the land of Israel to the Jews. (Chapter 15 - "More Israeli than the Israelis") Dershowitz supports a two state solution. He supports the establishment of a Palestinian state and the division of Jerusalem.


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