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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Lessons of Tibet

Even as Chinese troops are shooting monks in Tibet, neither the Human Rights Council nor the UN Security Council have anything to say about it. That isn't surprising because China is after all on the UN Security Council and a 2009 member of the Human Rights Council.

Instead the UN Human Rights Council for the last two years has dedicated itself to one thing to the virtual exclusion of everything else, promoting the Islamic war on Israel with its endless parade of lies and smears. This is the attitude that not only discredited the original commission, but it has resulted in harsh criticism from two successive UN Secretary Generals as it became increasingly clear that the Council was interested in only one country, Israel. It has even alienated and angered left leaning human rights groups and NGO's who are Anti-Israel but nevertheless disgusted by the way that the Muslim Anti-Israel agenda has hijacked the council's mission with endless tirades about the Palestinian Arabs while ignoring actual human rights abuses by the council member nations.

The Beijing Olympics were meant to be to China what the Berlin Olympics in 1936 were to Hitler and the Munich in 1972 to the German Republic. A chance to show off the new China as a world power in a favorable light. Instead much like the Berlin and Munich Olympics, 2008 turns back to 1936 and 1972 as bloodshed once again reveals the ugly truths behind the power. And in doing so it reveals the unity of the Olympics and the United Nations for the sham that it is.

The 1936 Olympics proved to be a parade ground for the Nazis and the 1972 Olympics a chance for Arab terrorists to preen their bloody feathers before the world. The Bejing Olympics have become not about a frothy display of fireworks, athletics and some Bejing skyscrapers, but about the brutal reality behind the facade. And the world has nothing to say about it.

An Israeli air strike on a wanted terrorist responsible for a dozen murders produces worldwide condemnation. Chinese troops shooting Tibetan monks produces a pained uneasy grimace and perhaps a call for restraint that everyone knows will go unheeded. With Tibet in the spotlight and Tibetans resisting the Chinese and Muslim occupation of their country, the UN remains silent as the grave. Europe mumbles. The State Department issues a statement and shuffles its feet.

What the Tibet model truly demonstrates is that real occupiers and human rights abusers can and do get away with it. Just as Turkey is set to enter the EU despite the fact that it seized and occupied territory belonging to Greece. It's only countries that resist occupation by powerful nations, as Israel has, that in turn are besieged and condemned.

The idea of human rights on the world stage is nothing more than a facade for power plays, a propaganda tool in the hands of the powerful. As China stages its own version of the 1936 Berlin Olympics and the world troops to participate, the hypocrisy of discredited organizations like the UN is on display as well as a reminder that they have long since outlived their usefulness as anything but social networking for corrupt diplomats. It's time to let them go.


  1. No one should attend or watch the Olympics. President Bush says it is just sports, this is how far out of humanity the man has gone.
    An athlete who competes in the Olympics has no conscience at all.
    That being said, I guarantee you that these sentiments would not be said by Tibetans about us if the situation was reversed..
    In other words, if Americans were being shot, Tibetans would not worry about the games, nor would the Chinese. Sad but thats how it would go.

  2. That's true. If the situation were reversed the Tibetans would be talking about peace and clamoring on about how the Olympics don't involve politics.

    The US should pull out of the Olympics this year. But sadly, the modern day version of morality has elevated silence and global unity above true morality and conscience.

  3. Anonymous28/3/08

    I doubt if compairing modern day China with Germany '36 is fair and makes any sense. Also a debate about the amount of media coverage and UN-attention an issue gets compaired to another is endless.
    Tibet gets less attention than the Israeli-Arab conflict gets but more than Arab-Arab violence and a whole deal off other issues get, so what ?
    I am no commie or anything like that but if people wanna buy Chinese goods and if the Chinese are good enough to back up the Dollar than I say that they may have the fun and honour of holding the Olympics. Who cares about sport anyway? Do you?
    Did you know that Tibet was a feodal country ? The God-man was boss, people had to know their place?
    Don't you think that the very concept of a spiritual leader is a fascist one?
    Do you know anything about the occult roots of nazism?
    I think that a few monks crying on CNN and BBC is a whole lot of attention quite frankly.

  4. communism has nearly as high a death toll as nazism does



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