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Another eight dead or is it seven this time or ten or three or two. One by one the bodies add up, the tombstones rise higher and higher, another grieving family with a hole in their heart, another orphan, another widow, another statistic. And we go on. Day by day and attack by attack, we look upon the horror, our hearts break and then they stop breaking because nothing is left anymore.

The very thing that Israelis are praised for in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, the ability to get back to business as usual-- the same model Americans were urged to copy after 9/11, prevails. They say it is a form of courage, but it is not courage, it is learned helplessness and despair.

Let it all out, we're told. Treat the PTSD, counsel your children that sometimes people die, watch a TV show instead of the bodies, grieve, go shopping, forget. No, I say, don't grieve and don't forget.

Grief is for accepting the inevitable. And we have learned to grieve so well and move on so well, that we are cut off from our own history and from our own present. People die and we move on. Evil triumphs and we move on. But where are we moving to except where the enemy wants us to go-- into forgetfulness, into helplessness, into despair.

Don't grieve. Hate.

Grief is the first step before acceptance, before defeat. I want you to hate instead. I want you to hate evil, the men, the mindset, the ideology that did this. I want you to turn your heart into a weapon. I want you to hate.

I don't just want you to hate. I want you to hate the right people for the right reason. Because not hating them leads to self-hatred. The ongoing implosion of Western civilization is a study in self-hatred, is a burning reminder that those who fail to hate their enemies, come to hate themselves.

On 9/11 hundreds of millions of Americans hated the terrorists. Today a hundred and fifty million of them hate America. They were told that hatred is wrong and they listened. They learned to love their enemies, to love evil and to hate their country and themselves.

Israelis and Europeans though had been there first, learning self-hatred from their own media, their own intellectuals and philosophers, pundits and moralists and activists. They learned to love the enemy and hate themselves.

We are not given a choice whether to hate or not to hate. We are only given a choice, to hate evil or to hate ourselves. There is no good without the hatred of evil, only armless legless impotent philanthropy. Good means resisting evil. Good means fighting evil. Good means hating evil.

Wishful thinking tells us that the world and most people are basically good. Reality tells us that the world and most people can be made good, but it can only happen when we hate evil and fight it relentlessly whenever it appears. But first we must hate the sight of it and the nature of it. Atrocities must not only stir grief in us but anger and hate. And we must learn to suppress the idiot voice of modern political correctness that says hate is wrong. Hate is right. Hate is right when it is directed at the hateful.

Liberals say that hate is taught but they're only half right. No one needs to be taught the right things to hate, those are instinctively in us because we have an inborn response to evil, to murder, to rape, to atrocity and terrorism. You only need to be taught to hate the wrong things, to acquire the petty prejudices and baseless resentments. In time those suppress and taint that inborn instinct to hate evil. They have given it a bad name and contaminated it but it is time to resurrect it again-- for to give up hating evil is to submit to evil.

Those who cannot hate evil have no choice left but to appease it, to subdivide it into moderates and extremists, to wheedle and plead and try to understand evil's point of view. And from there to accept that point of view and in a triumph of Stockholm Syndrome, to become the enablers of evil.

Hating evil does not make us just like them, or any of the other mental pablum spoonfed to us by the blowdried moralists of the evening news. Not hating evil is what makes us just like them. It is not hatred of evil that breeds evil but the failure to hate evil that does.

And that is why, above all else, on this day and on every day that Islamic terrorism strikes anywhere in the world, that it slays and kills wantonly and gloats in the streets, brays shrilly through the loudspeakers of its mosques and proclaims its evil for all the world to see-- I want you to hate.


  1. Anonymous6/3/08

    Awesome commentary and true. Some have lost the ability and necessity to judge good vs evil.

  2. as the young man who shot the terorist said,these young innocent children murdered,with guns given to the murderrers by ehud olmert yemach shemo,
    this criminally insane,traitorous
    gangster,has turned all of israel into another auschwitz and another warsaw gheto,where jewish men women and children are bombarded day and night,and children slaughtered in their schools.
    just pray to god that his cancer spreads real fast,and this traitorous swine, this jewish kapo dies a most paifull death,before he has a chance to completely destroy our g-d given israel

  3. All that sweet, precious blood that these monsters crave so much.
    As a people they are covered with innocent blood forever.

  4. Excellent, heartrending post.

    The evil of the world becomes even more exposed when they can look at these scenes and not be moved to attack and exterminate muzlims everywhere.

  5. B"H Interesting that Rav Kook himself talked about hating evil, even the evil within Jews,...before you can meqarev them (bring them closer to Torah). An example of this was found "mysteriously" placed in the Merkaz HaRav geniza.

    Apparently, this went counter to some "rabbis" [mis]understanding of ahavath hinam (unconditional love).

    Such "harif" materials stopped finding their way into the geniza, and Rav Moshe Tzuriel's mafte'ah to Torato shel HaRav Kook was "unbanned," when certain mamlakhtim "rabbis" left Merkaz and Rav A. Shapira ztz"l became Rosh Yeshiva.

    BE"H, his son Rav Ya'aqov Shapira will follow in his path.

  6. Extremely powerful post! Something things we cannot and MUST not grieve and come to terms with. The hatred of this evil and slaughter must never be mourned and must remain something to hate.

    There is a limit to forgiveness and this is something that cannot and should not be forgiven--ever!

    It's time for Israel to get back into the frame of mind they were in immediately after WW II/the Holocaust; when settling the land was a matter of life or death.

    Israel must now fight with all of her might and recapture Gaza and put this insanity behind them before even more innocent children are slaughtered.

  7. They killed eight of our children yesterday and are happy. Our leaders do not identify or react to the enemy or its danger but rather insist the peace process must go on. How many of our children must die before we realize that no negotiation can resolve this problem or pacify this threat? How close to national death must we come before we stop our suicidal cooperation with our killers and their enablers? We must unite to rise against this mortal danger, against the threat to our existence. We must wage war against this grave peril that comes from the arab killers and our government that betrays us to them. There can be no compromise and no rest until we destroy the external and internal enemy. Israel, rise up! Sons of David, children of Samson, gird for holy war! We must wage war on the mindset of peace, alliance and compromise with those that kill our children. We must call on the G-d of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to intervene. Woe is on us that we are so intoxicated and ensnared by our daily involvements that we cannot defend our life.


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