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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Dadon, Terrorism and More Terrorism

The above video is a partial translation of the interview with Yitzchak Dadon who shot the terrorist, who blames Olmert for arming the terrorists. It's a second hand partial transcript and in places inaccurate.

It's a week after the massacre and most things have returned to normal. The international press is free to bash Israel again, the Israeli press is free to bash religious Jews and Arab Muslim terrorists once again get a free pass.

We spend much too much time giving terrorists a pass. We've given them so many passes that they've long since been riding free and it seems like we know the term accountability when applied only to our own. These days it takes no courage to demand accountability from your own side. It takes courage to demand it from the enemy.

Meanwhile the media is slowly picking up the Jeremiah Wright story. But Jeremiah Wright's writings and sermons have yet to be examined in full detail and when they are I suspect the effect will be much like that of the Ron Paul Newsletters because the kind of sordid hateful filth that will spew out of them will be truly impressive.

Jeremiah Wright's theology was cobbled together in order to compete with the Nation of Islam, as he admits freely. So regardless of whether Obama is Muslim, Obama belongs to a church whose ideology comes from the black Islamic equivalent of the Aryan Nations.

Tie on Jeremiath Wright's insistence on a black Jesus and educating about "the other religions" involved in the slave trade, he's likely spewed the same anti-semitic rants as the Black Hebrews routinely do and may well hold beliefs about Jews not being actual Jews as well as blaming Jews for the slave trade. And it will only take some digging to find them. Certainly any of the 4 books written by Jeremiah Wright should be closely examined.

Meanwhile in the blogsphere the Infidel Bloggers Alliance is covering the important issue of John Duggard's attempt at the UN to legitimize terrorism against Israeli civilians. The petition is here.

A recent UN report to the Human Rights Council (A/HRC/7/17) by UN Special Rapporteur John Dugard disregards international legal standards against terrorism and excuses the killing of innocents. We, the undersigned, urge the United Nations to reject categorically this attack on the standards of human decency at the heart of the UN’s origins.
Terrorism is the targeted killing of innocents to intimidate a population or compel a government to act in a particular way. This definition reflects an international legal consensus, but UN Rapporteur Dugard disagrees.

UN Rapporteur Dugard claims “a distinction must be drawn between acts of
mindless terror…and acts committed in the course of a war of national
liberation.” He then categorizes the acts perpetrated upon Israeli civilians by
Palestinians acting “against occupation” as the second kind of terror.
Meanwhile Debbie Schlussel has an exclusive on a Hamas cigarette smuggling ring that just got busted. It's important to remember that the Hizbullah and Hamas terrorists killing Israelis have an extensive network here, currently they're using it primarily for fundraising and revenue, but in point of fact Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood already have de facto infrastructure on US soil.

Last week, I told you about members of the Al-Esawi and Wazwaz families who were convicted of cigarette smuggling and tax fraud of over $2.5 million in Minnesota. (One of them used the alias, "Anthony Stallone.") Like Hezbo convicts before them, they smuggled ciggies into the Minneapolis area that they bought in another state with little or no cigarette taxes. Then, they pocketed the difference--the exorbitant cigarette taxes that were supposed to go to the State of Minnesota.

As usual, the article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune did not mention that these men were Muslims or Arabs or tied to terrorism.

At IsraPundit, an article from WND's Aron Klein reporting that the terrorist planner behind the Mercaz HaRav massacre was not only from Fatah but actually ran for office as a Fatah legislator in Bethlehem.

While Shehadi temporarily worked for Islamic Jihad, Shehadi is a well-known Fatah activist who ran unsuccessfully in the 2006 Palestinian elections as a local Fatah legislator from Bethlehem.

According to senior security officials speaking to WND, Shehadi was killed today after the Israeli military received intelligence he was scheduled to attend a secret Fatah congress planning meeting in Bethlehem. Shehadi was killed along with Ahmed Dalbul, a Bethlehem-area leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah’s declared military wing. Dalbul, accused by the IDF of planning recent terror attacks, had been granted amnesty by Olmert last June.

Shehadi’s Bethlehem area home was bulldozed by Israel last week, and he had been in hiding since.

Hours after last week’s Jerusalem shooting, WND exclusively identified Shehadi as the planner of the attack.

According to Palestinian security officials familiar with Shehadi, after losing the 2006 election as a Fatah leader, Shehadi worked for about six months for the Islamic Jihad terror group but then switched back to Fatah.

Lemon Lime Moon meanwhile blogs on Friends of Obama

Finally an interview with some common sense truths from a Jewish-Croatian soccer player. This is the real Yes We Can.

And so ends another week at Sultan Knish


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    Great interview and post. Love the athlete's vision and honest appraisal. I agree, "It's enough."


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