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Monday, February 25, 2008

Socialism, the Greatest Obstacle to Resistance Against the Jihad

Those who are baffled by the failure of so many countries and governments to offer any meaningful resistance to the Jihad must begin looking at the root causes of the mindset that makes appeasement and concessions seem so much more appealing than resistance.

When the US first proposed action against Saddam, the unanimous condemnation was led by a single word, "Unilateral". That same word, "Unilateral" typically winds up in criticism of any Israeli action taken against terrorists. Reasonable people found themselves baffled as to how a relatively neutral word such as "Unilateral" had become a epithet. But for a bureaucracy there is no uglier word than "Unilateral". Bureaucracies pride themselves on achieving consensus through meetings and committees, nothing made Bush more hated than his willingness to take "Unilateral" action.

Let's examine another key epithet in the politically correct lexicon. "Extremist". Extremist literally means representing an extreme, not necessarily a good thing, yet seemingly undeserving of the kind of vitriol that has become attached to it. But in a bureaucratic culture, "Extremist" has the same meaning as "Unilateral", operating outside the consensus.

Why does this matter? Because as Orwell knew, words have meaning and words describe the mindset of a culture. Every political culture creates its own Newspeak and the Orwellian Newspeak of our bureaucratic culture values a comprehensive consensus and abhors individuality and individual thinking and action.

When 1984 came around, so many self-congratulatory articles were penned to point out that Orwell's future had not come to pass. They blindly were unable to see that not only had it come to pass, it had come around long before 1984 and by the year 1984 most of the nations representing industrialized human civilization were living under one form of a bureaucratic socialist state or another. The same journalists penning those same articles were paying out more of their taxes than ever to the state and subject to more regulations than ever. Like the proverbial lobster being slowly cooked in the pot, they were immersed in boiling water and didn't even know it, because like most change it had crept up slowly on them.

When bureaucracy became the new democracy, the first world substituted the rule of the bureaucrat for the rule of the people and democratic republics became bureaucratic republics and socialism was at the heart of it all. Where peoples had once rebelled against monarchs who had cast themselves as the protectors of the people only to exploit and oppress them, socialism invited the monarch back inside through a back door, gave him a desk and a rule book and then appointed 50,000 like him to serve as protectors of the people. The short name for this is socialism.

To idealists and activists, socialism was and is meant to be the ultimate political and social system, the monarch subdivided into a vast bureaucracy meant to protect the people as democratic elections cannot. When the Divine Right of Kings gave way to Form 180x-60C, the transition was made from one tyranny to another, but socialism is a tyranny based not around a single tyrant but around the tyranny of consensus. Democracy in its pure form preserves the right of the individual to dissent, to build and produce; while socialism treats the dissenting individual the way a hive treats a rogue bee. If the political debate is the anthem of democracy, the consensus hum of the hive is the hymn of socialism.

How does all this come around to the war on terror? True democracy encourages individual initiative, socialism discourages individual initiative. A single drone can't defend the hive and a drone who tries to do so is behaving "Unilaterally" and being an "Extremist."

After 9/11 the primary message broadcast by the government was not patriotic, it was "Go back to your normal lives. We know what we're doing." And people trained by an increasingly socialist system to do what they were told, went back to their lives and waited for the government to take care of things.

In Israel while rockets are falling on Sderot, the government reassures the public that it knows what it's doing and warns against any individuals taking unilateral action. No one believes the government, but no one can do anything either. Socialism breeds apathy in the public who feel helpless to do anything because they have been taught that only the government is potent and so emotionally disconnect from the situation and abandon hope to deal with the situation.

Across Europe the collision with growing Islamic populations is leaving behind a trail of the wounded, raped and the dead. Intimidation continues to creep through every sector of society, but the governments take some halfway measures and assure the public that they are in charge while the situation worsens and the bureaucratic socialist state reigns triumphant over its own dead.

Socialism breeds learned helplessness, its very fundamental premise is that people cannot care for themselves and their families. More so, socialism thrives on helplessness, on perpetuating the helplessness of the public and actually breeds through that helplessness. The worse a problem gets, the more the bureaucracy spreads like an infection spreading around a wound.

At the heart of socialism is the bureaucracy and at the heart of the bureaucracy is consensus. Bureaucracy treats the individual as a peg meant to fill a slot. One person means nothing. A hundred people mean nothing. But a million people mean everything. That is one major reason that bureaucracies continue to defer to Muslims, because Islam appears to represent a vast consensus and while bureaucracies ignore individuals, they integrate consensi.

When faced with a problem, bureaucracy either suppresses it or accommodates it. If the problem cannot be browbeaten out of existence with a handful of forms and quoted regulations, bureaucrats adapt to it. And so across the West, bureaucrats have adapted to Islam and are creating new regulations to accommodate it.

By their very nature bureaucracies are incapable of successfully resisting a sizable threat without strong leadership at the top. That is because bureaucracies cannot actually solve problems. A bureaucracy would rather have an unworkable consensus than a unilateral solution and so across Europe, the EU has created an unworkable consensus. It does not matter that it is unworkable, its very broadmindedness is what makes it more appealing than individual nations and individual solutions.

Meanwhile for the citizens living under a socialist bureaucracy, long before they have been turned into strangers in their own neighborhoods and a strange religion is imposing its arcane rules on them, they have already lives their lives as strangers in their own country, browbeaten into submission by the arcane rules of a vast soulcrushing bureaucracy. Even before Dhimmification turned them into second class citizens in their own country, socialism had already begun the job. The transition from socialism to sharia is merely a passage from one incomprehensible tyranny to another.

The bureaucracy recognizes no nation, pledges allegiance to no flag and holds no loyalty to any law but its own myriad rules and regulations. Bureaucracy represents its own god and its own kingdom, one that swallows the rights and lives of the citizens who live under it. Socialism is the ultimate expression of bureaucracy, one that absorbs individual initiative and breeds learned helplessness as a way of life. The queue, the form, the surrender of income and individuality, the constant inability to comprehend your obligations joined with the constant fear of having somehow stepped on the wrong side of one is our Sharia.

Serfs cannot defeat the barbarians at the gate, only citizens can. Socialism reduces citizens to serfs forever waiting on line with their paychecks held out in one hand for the bureaucracy and their own empty hands held out in hopes of receiving their benefits. Serfs pass quickly from one lord to another, even if the new lord's name is something foreign like Mohammed or Ahmed, it matters little in the end. After all lords come and go and why fight for what isn't yours anyway?

The greatest crime of socialism, of the myth of a global consensus filled out by international treaties and dreams of a single world government, is the dispossession of the individual, the deprivation of his natural feelings of patriotism for a land and a people drawn from a sense of ownership over it.

Socialism has exchanged that feeling of ownership for membership in commonwealths, alliances and treaty groups and the citizen becomes a smaller and smaller mote within a global consensus that has no room for owners, only for serfs. He learns helplessness, he learns to take orders, to give up what is his for the greater good, to feel endlessly guilty and unworthy and when his freedom vanishes, he no longer even realizes that he is no longer free.

Socialism is the death blow to nationalism and patriotism, something that had been intended all along by the progressive "idealists" who pioneered it, envisioning the erasure of borders and nationalities blurring into one single colorless globe. Yet this is not human destiny and socialism has left civilization broken into nations filled with bureaucrats who are as courageous as lions when confronting taxpayers and as cowardly as mice when confronting terrorists and prosperous serfs equipped with all the latest gadgets yet devoid of the will to break the consensus, to take that most unilateral and extremist of steps and rise up to speak in defense of their countries as free men and women.

There can be no victory against the Jihad except by individuals, by free men and women speaking and fighting for the defense of the nations, their national identities and their cultures. Socialism and the Jihad represent a common enemy, the first an enemy of the spirit and the second an enemy of the flesh. To defend the flesh, the spirit must first be free.


  1. Brilliant article, once again.

    Socialism does indeed breed apathy. The situation is Israel as in the US reminds me of those elephants shackled at just once ankle. They could easily break free. They have the strength but just a few jabs of a cruel stun gun convinces them to stay put.

    I'm fairly unassertive but people that know me, really know me, know that I choose my battles. I don't complain about a lot. I let things slide but when I feel threatened or sense an blatant injustice or wrong---

    The shackle comes off and I roar.

  2. Social change came to America with the immigrants of the late 1800s-thru the present,people who did not think like the founding peoples at all and had different reasons for coming and staying.

  3. Anonymous25/2/08

    A GREAT article, and something we should all sit up and take notice of.

    To see the worst of how socialism has allowed the jihad to be legitimised, is to take a look at Britain, and how the current socialist government have welcomed Islamists, stifled free speech, and turned parts of the country into no-go zones for non Muslims.

    America is slowly veering towards letting this sort of rot set in and Israel has a rag-tag, corrupt government who need to be pushed out ASAP to allow some common sense to prevail in the current state of global madness which is pandering to those who want to kill us.

    Some of us see the truth and the light and want to fight for our freedom. To do this we need to be organised and have some influence on politics. Otherwise we'll just end up fighting for our own survival, even when we know there's strength in unity and in numbers.

    We all need to stand up and be counted - unite and fight!

  4. Things will probably go even further downhill given the current crop of immigrants legal and illegal from Muslim countries.

  5. I was thinking Catholic immigrants who are a far greater danger to America than Moslems

  6. Excellent article. It stands on its merit.
    lemonlimemoon: what are you on about "Catholic immigrants who are a far greater danger", dont get me wrong, I must have missed your point but I am curious as to what you meant

  7. Anonymous26/2/08

    Taqiyya charm offensive to keep the moonbats effusing ...http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7264903.stm

  8. My maternal grandparents and greatgrandparents were Catholic immigrants and never hurt a fly--never did, never would.

    I'm a product of those immigrants and they weren't dangerous in the least either. My aunts and uncles and cousins are honest, law-abiding hardworking people.

    Why do you say Catholic immigrants like them are more dangerous than Muslims? Yes, I left the church but my family, Italian Catholic immigrants are wonderful people.

  9. Because Defender, the influx of Mexican illegal nationals is being promoted by the Catholic church, which through the centuries did far more damage than Muslims have done. The agenda is not a good one.
    America was founded on one hand to escape that church's influence on European tyrants who killed Protestants by the thousands and were a strong influence on the kings to do so.
    At one time in America Catholics could not vote because of this, but this has long been forgotten over time . for the founders, however it was fresh in their memory and America was a haven and refuge from not only political Europe but the presiding Church of Europe.They were not about to let it start here.
    During the Civil War the catholic church and many immigrants freshly arrived being under their sway rampaged through New York to undermine Lincoln and divide the nation. It was not an accident.
    They burnt alive and hung hundreds of Blacks whom they hated. They burnt a black orphanage and dragged out one small girl to beat her to death.
    The rioters numbered into the multiple thousands and had guns and ammunition. They had been stirred on by firey sermons.. sound familiar to today?
    The riots ended when President Lincoln bombed NY .
    When the rioters were through over 3,000 innocent New Yorkers had been murdered.. millions of dollars in damage had been done to burnt out buildings, over 16,000 were maimed and wounded and many more injured.

    Today, the jails are filled with illegal immigrants from 3rd world nations, mainly catholic nations / The church in America and Mexico encourages them to come and provides sanctuary for them.
    It feeds into supplying voters for the Democrats certainly.
    Violent crime surges at the same time. Once these immigrants become the main profile in America , the face of the nation will change. What the founding peoples tried to escape will become a reality.
    The Vatican is not done yet, it is simply dormant and it relies on silence and politically correct speech. But the sins of that church are legion. They are just ignored largely so feelings of individuals won't be hurt.
    I am sure many Muslim commenters can say the same thing.. why do you say Muslims are bad.. my family isn't bad and this is a good way to stop talk... just make everything personal, take it all personally and shut down your perceived enemy.
    I did a post on effectively silencing people with this tactic.

    If this comment forum is to be made personal by each commenter taking things so personally it will be an effective way to shut down dialog won't it and stop freedom of speech. Political correctness helps no one.

  10. Keli ata: you said "Things will probably go even further downhill given the current crop of immigrants legal and illegal from Muslim countries"

    I am sure muslims from nice families will find exception to this also. I am also sure you take each person on their own merit no?
    I know that you do.

  11. Yes, you're right on that.

    And I am sorry if I've been taking things too personally lately.

  12. Anonymous1/9/09

    Dear LemonLimeMoon:

    I think to the extent that Catholic immigrants have internalized what seems to be the Pope's approval of a "holy" collectivism, the Catholic immigration is a danger. It is only a greater danger to the extent there are more of those immigrants.

    Many of us who descend from late-19th and early 20th century Catholic European immigrants were raised by families who knew first hand the dangers of collectivism and who were fierce in their defense of a free market, individual-rights-driven political system.

    That's why it was startling to read your comment. But I agree with you. This latest Pope should be made to answer for his assertion that governments should redistribute. It always ends in bloodshed and he is responsible for knowing that.

    I am no longer Catholic either, by the way.

    If you have not already done so, check out Dr. Zero's brilliant analysis of the "needs of the many outweight the rights of a few" on Hot Air. If only we could get the Sultan and Doc Zero on the WSJ opinion pages. . .


  13. Ditto Keli Ata and Nanette! Brilliant article!

    Horrified by the inaccurate anti-Catholic history lesson from another commenter though. So disappointing. The English settlers were leaving an opressive Protestant monarch - A monarchy that slaughtered Catholics. The crusades were faught against the Muslims -- those same people this site condemns and for the same Holy Land that Israel means to protect today. Catholic immigrants came to this country and were treated worse than most of the slaves had been. And not allowing Catholics to hold office is a fact in history that proves more against those who would enforce such a thing than the victim of such an unfair policy. Read some history about the socialist states and tyrannies inflicted on all of the people in history who have been "saved" from a Catholic or Orthodox monarch. France, Russia, Austria & Hungary.... need I go on? The peasants are pumped up to rebel and then left to fend for themselves and in dire need of a "savior" to rule them - a Napoleon or a Stalin or a Hitler!

    I am not taking what you said personally - I am saying you have been given a slanted view of history, LemonLimeMoon. There is no such thing as a historical text without a bit of propaganda -- always read both sides.



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