Home Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - Two Presidential Candidates Who Have Never Won an Election
Home Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - Two Presidential Candidates Who Have Never Won an Election

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - Two Presidential Candidates Who Have Never Won an Election

It's hard to tell whether it's ironic or sad that the two Democratic party Presidential candidates running neck and neck, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, have never really won a straight election in their lives.

Oh they have gotten elected but they've never really faced down a real credible political opponent in a race and beaten him or her. Instead their lawyers, other parties or various misfortunes have contrived to move their opponents out of the race.

Let's look at Hillary Clinton. When Hillary Clinton ran for the Senate seat in New York against Rudy Giuliani, New York City's mayor, she had little hope of beating him. Then cancer forced Giuliani to bow out of the race. The always incompetent New York State GOP pushed in Rick Lazio who was completely out of his depth. The outcome was inevitable 5 minutes in. During Hillary Clinton's reelection, if the useless New York State GOP even bothered to field an opposing candidate, no one heard of him.

Obama meanwhile walked into a state legislature seat for a position handed over to him by his mentor. When she decided she wanted to run anyway, Obama's lawyers disqualified her and the other candidates by invalidating their ballot signatures. Not exactly democracy in action, but it was the way Obama preferred to win.

In the Senate race, Obama was a long shot with no real chance of winning. Then suddenly his Democratic primary opponent and the front runner Dan Hynes's campaign imploded when allegations emerged by his ex-wife that he had abused her.

Obama won the Democratic party nomination but looked unlikely to defeat the Republican candidate Jack Ryan. Then Jack Ryan's ex-wife suddenly alleged that he led a perverted lifestyle. (are you seeing the pattern here?) Jack Ryan pulled out, the GOP insanely threw in Allan Keyes at the last minute. Obama won. Allan Keyes lost.

Now you might put down Obama's victories to his opponents and the nominal winners conveniently developing problems with their wives or you might put it down to an effective behind the scenes dirty tricks campaign, the sort of successful covert campaign Obama's people have been running against Hillary Clinton.

Either way though Obama never won a fair election, he won two dirty primaries and one dirty election. Hillary Clinton won one election where her opponent dropped out and one election where the opposition didn't even try to beat her. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton excel at the politics of personal destruction but neither of them have ever won a democratic election. Hillary Clinton is as warm as a frozen mackerel in a pantsuit and Obama is a glib smiling mannequin who continually makes astonishingly ignorant statements that his media friends try to avoid reporting on.

Can either of them win a Presidential race? Not honestly. Obama or whoever's running him prefers to manage his victories with a sniper rifle from behind the bushes. Obama doesn't so much win races as his opponents wind up disqualified or destroyed. Hillary Clinton can only win races when her opponent doesn't show up.

Obama is a first term Senator. Hillary Clinton is on her second term and only got the job because her husband was a former president. Neither of them is qualified to be President but both are the Democratic party's front runners to be President.


  1. Anonymous10/2/08

    hillary is brilliant in her own right and was destined for greatness despite whom she chose to marry. look back her milestone achivements in college all the way through and youll see how brilliant she is, even smarter than her husband.

    FYI, the new york GOP had shuffeled a few people to challenge her, including nixon's son in law Ed Cox, former regan speechwriter KT mcfarland, and of course john spencer.

  2. what makes her brilliant exactly? Sorry, but being good in college does not qualify you to be president

    the GOP in New York has spent the last decade sabotaging itself, thanks to Pataki and Brruo

  3. Anonymous10/2/08

    I have a problem with the lack of priority and insightiveness in politicians regarding the real crisis which face America. One example is my post which asks Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton, What About Abortion?.

    How can politicians ignore such a horrific reality and focus on a position backed by psuedo-statistics in arguing against a just war?

  4. Anonymous10/2/08

    Maybe they think its a just war on infants.

  5. Hillary has used her legal education and 'brilliance' to dodge the media when they ask any probabtive questions. Early on when she was running against Rick Lazio I covered a press conference at a grammar school in Buffalo. Trust me, Hillary is very adept at dodging the tough questions with a mix of smiles and an attitude of "don't bash me, I'm just a women."

    I half expected her to bat her eyelashes at the male reporters and videographers.

    Obama and Clinton--two Democratic Jack Asses er mules.

  6. John McCain will "micromanage" the Arab war against the Jews. He will bring in one or another of the two smartest men on the planet; Brent Scowcoft or James (f&%* the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway) Baker.

    Actually McCain, like Bush, is quite the anti-Semite Christian believer and pseudo-Republican. McCain knows how to handle the "jews."

  7. perhaps he will

    but hillary clinton and obama are both dedicated to the destruction of israel

  8. Politics is dirty. If you win through dirty tricks, you never escape it. It becomes part of who you are.


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