Home The Teddy Bears of Annapolis - The Long Road of Giving in to Muslim Grievances
Home The Teddy Bears of Annapolis - The Long Road of Giving in to Muslim Grievances

The Teddy Bears of Annapolis - The Long Road of Giving in to Muslim Grievances

The long road of giving in to Muslim grievances may begin with a teddy bear but it ends at Annapolis, it may begin with petty things but these surrenders gather force until they culminate in the surrender of a culture and a nation.

The road to surrender begins with the legitimization of Muslim grievances. When Muslims became outraged at cartoons of their prophets the world's media responds by suppressing their publication. When Muslims find the very sight of a pig or alcohol offensive, those two are hid away. Tolerance has been perverted into intolerance, into the suppression of other people's rights in order to accommodate Muslim grievances. But Muslim grievances never end.

The harder the West works to accommodate Muslim grievances, the worse those grievances become. This is a phenomenon that most parents understand when it comes to children, but seem unable or unwilling to understand when it comes to the childishly backward Muslim sense of entitlement.

Western accommodation of Muslim demands has not made them friendlier, but angrier and more prone to violent tantrums. That is why there are Muslim riots in Paris but none in Detroit or Jersey City. The more a nation spoils Muslim extremists, the worse they act and the more extreme their demands become.

Consider the cycle; I yell at you and demand a dollar. You give me a dollar and I berate you even louder and demand five dollars. You give me five dollars and I punch you and demand ten dollars. You give me ten dollars and I get out my baseball bet and demand a hundred.

That's the boat Europe and America are in when confronting Muslim demands. The difference is that most European countries just have their wallets open while America intersperses handing out money with occasional defensive kicks and shoves.

The flaw comes in two areas

1. Accepting Muslim grievances as legitimate

2. Believing that appeasing those grievances can and will bring peace

Muslim grievances are rooted in power, greed and the need to have excuses for their own failures.

Arab Muslim countries are generally failed countries that are blessed with a lot of oil, oil that America and British oil companies found for them, developed for them and that often continues to be run for them by American and British workers.

The average Muslim country is a dictatorship with little to offer its citizens. Muslims at home and abroad live in the shadow of superior cultures that they are unable to challenge in any useful way. Western technology, clothing, products, movies and music surround them. Those are reasons for resentment but there is one core reason for their resentment and the failure of their cultures; an inability to take responsibility.

The inability to take responsibility is a childish trait and those individuals and cultures who suffer from it are constantly forced to redirect that responsibility in the form of resentment at the injustice done to them. Responsibility frustrated becomes outrage channeled at a safe target and anyone who is willing to accept that responsibility becomes a safe target.

The Islamic relationship with the West is an abusive relationship, one in which Westerners accept responsibility and abuse for the failures of Muslims at home and abroad, for their inability to win wars, build industrial literate economies and democracies.

The Muslim gains a useful punching bag and the knowledge that everything that goes wrong is not his fault.

-- Israel's Arab neighbors began war after war which they lost. Rather than accepting responsibility for any of it, they continue to blame Israel and cry out for the injustice of it all.

-- Saddam's Arab neighbors had the ability to restrain his ambitions but chose not to. When he menaced them, they went to America for help. The problems that created are their responsibility, yet America is to blame for Iraq... never them.

-- Arabs in the West live among cultures that are enthusiastic about taking them in and giving them equal citizenship, something no Westerner receives in most Arab countries, and yet continue to manufacture claims of discrimination where there is none. It remains far safer to be a Muslim in the West than a Westerner in an Arab country.

The path of accommodating each Muslim grievance leads us from teddy bears to Annapolis. Westerners insist on subdividing legitimate Muslim grievances from illegitimate ones, yet the fact is that they are all illegitimate. Muslim culture exists in a twilight zone of grievances in which the Crusades and soccer balls with the Saudi flag on it, immoral Western culture, bombs and wars are all tied together in a giant mass spanning centuries and bridging the ridiculous with the catastrophic.

When Bin Laden's videotapes randomly change their message from using the Gulf War to the Palestinians to Globalism as excuses for his terrorism and incorporate every sort of rhetoric from traditional Islamic to modern leftist, he is simply reflecting the Muslim Culture of Grievance which does not tie itself to logic or consistency, only to the volume of outrage.

Every time we turn over ten dollars in response to a Muslim grievance, all we're doing is setting ourselves up for the baseball bat.


  1. The other day, I was having a conversation with someone who asked me, "would you be ready to give up on territories of Israel in exchange for *true peace*?" - to which I replied... come on... let's be realistic. How can we say, after Gush Katif, that giving up more and more would bring us TRUE PEACE? It's just like you describe in your post. Giving more only results in them demanding more.

  2. Giving up land for any reason, peace included is a sin.
    The land was given by G-d to Avraham and then to his son Yitzchak and passed along to Yaacov and his sons and his 2 grandsons through Yosef, Menashe and Ephraim who are counted as tribes in Israel.
    The land is, in totality an inheritance from G-d. You cannot give it to whomever you wish and law demands that there be a Jubilee at each 50 year time period to make sure the land returns to its original tribes and owners within those tribes.
    So the giving away of land permanently to non-Isralites is a sin and results in punishment.
    Therefore land for peace is a joke since Israel will be be in trouble for doing it .
    All in all it shows a total lack of belief in what G-d says and a lack of faith that what G-d says he is able to fully bring about for his people.
    Gemara says that in the way you wish to go you will be lead. If Israel wishes to go it's own way rather than the way Hashem has proscribed then it reaps what it sows doesnt it?
    I don't think this is a political problem so much as a spiritual one and the politics just reflect how far from Hashem things have gotten.

  3. It's never been about the land at all. Not in the least.

    Muslims demand every accomodation in the US and yet don't make any concessions to accomodate Americans and our lifestyles and religions. It's total hypocrisy.

    Excellent analogy with the dollar and baseball bat btw. Yep, if we give the a dollar after they plead a little, they learn that they must cry and whine to get a dollar.

    If they start firing kassams at Israel while demanding more land, and get the land, they learn that they must use weapons to get land.

    Soon it creates a cicle where "no" means "maybe" to them. Eventually, as with two year olds, "no" is "yes" to them.

  4. FANTASTIC post! Normally I am all for peace but with Islamofascists IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. When are we going to 'listen' to their actions not their words?

    Their behavior is more the childish - is sociopathic CLICK HERE FOR SOCIOPATH TRAITS.

    And giving away Jerusalem let alone pieces of Israel is DISGUSTING!!!! They will not stop until Israel and the Jews are annihilated.

  5. Society still seems to blame the victim(s). If someone gets beaten up, well they must have provoked it.
    That is, until it happens to them personally. Then they realise what it is to be a victim, and to be blamed for being the victim.
    Your article is absolutely right. We continue to appease the bullies, and we live like victims.

  6. The world expects Israel to be perpetual victims and to just take everything that happens no matter how horrible with a grain of salt. I've never understood this this. Why should people or any nation remain passive in the face of attack?

  7. I feel that for Jews it most definitely now is about land.
    Again, that land is our inheritance and will be Avrahams inheritance, it has to be for Bnai Israel and Bnai Israel alone.
    It is crucial. Letting that land go is a demonstration of not believing Hashem and of not taking his promise to us seriously.
    I agree that for Mohammedans it is not about land at all, that is a ruse.They simply hate people and they are jealous of our position as the people of G-d.

    But Jews must not give up their inheritance over this bowl of soup.
    This *peace* is non existent and as worthless as a bowl of lentils.
    We need to show Hashem how important the things he gives us are to us. We have to begin with a definite stand. How can we go to Machpelah and pray there and yet not value the land around it?
    Letting those mohammedans destroy Yosef's kever was a horrible sin, a crime!
    Where will it stop, where will we draw a line in the sand.
    Never again rings hollow now.
    The land was worth dying for.
    How many Jews died there for all that land? Are they worthless now?
    All those who died as in the Alta Lena , they deserve more than giving up what they would have died to live in.
    Olmert can do or say as he pleases but if no one backs him up, what will he do?
    I know this is easier said than done but we need passion right now.

  8. For Israel it's definitely about the land. For the Palestinians I don't think it is. I think all this complaining about not having a homeland is bogus.

    Clearly, if they wanted to be Israeli citizens they could be. They'd have a homeland--they'd be Arab Israelis. But they're not happy with that.

    Clamoring for a homeland is a means to an end--ethnic cleansing of the Middle East of all Jews.

    Take the Oslo Accords. Someone on either side could have put in a stipulation that the residents in the settlements be allowed to remain in their homes and communities if they chose to.

    But instead they were forced out and 19 synagogues burned.


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