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Home CAIR Board Member Supports Ron Paul and Stormfront

CAIR Board Member Supports Ron Paul and Stormfront

Alliances between Neo-Nazis and Islamofascist Muslims are nothing new but there is one thing that both seem to have in common lately and that's Ron Paul. Case in point, Anisa Abd El Fattah aka Carolyn F. Keeble, a founding board member of CAIR and a Hamas supporter.

Despite being black, Anisa Abd El Fattah appears to have both ties and sympathies with Neo-Nazi movements. Her petition and letter appears on the site of the Vanguard News Network while another congratulating Iran on the Holocaust cartoon contest appears on Stormfront, both Neo-Nazi sites. Anisa Abd El Fattah had previously included White Nationalists along with Muslims as groups "persecuted" by the Jewish lobby writing, "We also believe that the Jewish Lobby has acted to create an environment in the US that is hostile to Muslims, Arabs, and others, including White nationalists"

Her complaints and statements have repeatedly included defenses of neo-nazis. e.g. "1. Jewish organizations and activists have created an “enemies” list that includes Muslims, Arabs and white nationalists’ organizations here in the US."

ending with this ringing defense of Neo-Nazi groups

"That aspect of White nationalist behavior that includes fear mongering, name calling, and intimidation is wrong, yet they argue that their actions result from their frustration that they are stereotyped, and misrepresented by the media and made to appear as enemies of blacks and Jews, and others, when they simply want to preserve the white race, and its majority status. They feel that Jewish supremacism threatens their existence, and that Jewish activism is aimed at limiting their rights,"

Anisa Abd El Fattah has extensive ties to Hamas, she praised Hamas leader Yassin, co-wrote a book with Ahmed Yousef who serves as the political advisor to Ismail Haniyeh, the defacto leader of Hamas in Gaza. And was "the Director of Public Affairs for the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), which one convicted terrorist leader described as "the political command for HAMAS in the United States".

Now Anisa Abd El Fattah is also a Ron Paul supporter and a member of the Muslims for Ron Paul group where she writes in defense of Stormfront
We attempted to circulate a petition asking Muslims and Arabs to sign onto the request for an investigation, to demonstrate to the DOJ that this was a serious initiative, and an issue of importance to nearly 8 million American citizens. We got 98 signatures, and so the Lobby continues with these tactics because they feel emboldened by Muslim and Arab apprehension about speaking up and pushing back. I pray that the people of Stormfront and their followers will have better luck with their people than we did with ours.
With the Nazis and Muslim Nazis back together and good feelings all around, it's almost like 1939 all over again.


  1. Anonymous27/12/07

    Sultan, while American White Nationalists, in particular the KKK are often hostile to blacks this is more an american phenomenon then a Nazi one. While Hitler didnt consider blacks equal to Aryans, they were no worse then some "slave" races and better then Jews and Gypsies in Nazi eyes. It wasnt until an American Nazi movement started that blacks were relegated to status equal to Jews, and even then George Lincoln Rockwell was close to many Black Nationalists like Luis Farakann and regularly attended their conferences. I believe that the fact that Anisa Abd El Fattah aka Carolyn F. Keeble gets along with Nazis is simply continuing a long tradition of Islamic alignment with Nazis.

  2. Anonymous27/12/07

    That woman is a wild eyed freak of nature.

  3. Things are not good in the world in general and good people are sleeping through it.

  4. The KKK, Neo-Nazis and Muslims have one thing in common--hatred and persecution of Jews. That's why we're seeing this unification and seeing people like this founder of CAIR making contrived arguments about the "persecution" of Neo Nazis by Jews.

  5. That frickin' headwrap really is a KKK hood - but with one BIG eyehole instead of two little ones.

  6. If EVER a woman needed a burqa its this broad. Eww, that face is totally mental!

  7. forget the burqa, how about an iron mask? :]

  8. Anonymous28/12/07

    As a Ron Paul supporter myself, the very existence of a group called "Muslims for Ron Paul" sickens me as much as it must sicken you. But i can understand why Muslims are backing Ron Paul. It's the same reason why Jews are opposing Ron Paul. The reason i support RP is because he presents himself as a libertarian and his foreign policy is consistent with his libertaranism. It's time America started thinking about what is good for America. It's no longer in America's interests to make the Middle East safe for Israel. Let the Israelis do that for themselves. Fair enough ?

  9. what's good for America isn't a man who blames America for everything that the terrorists do

    Ron Paul choosing to blame America for the murder of Bhutto is yet another reminder of why Muslims for Ron Paul support him

    it's not about Israel, it's about terrorism and Islamic terrorists know that Ron Paul's hatred of America equals theirs

  10. Man!

    A Ron Paul rat even here!!!

    Blacks should do better to listen to
    Billie Holliday's "Strange Fruits"

    That's what happen to good people
    when the friends of Ron Paul
    run things...


  11. L. Ron Paul's photo-op with the proprietors of the premier neo-Nazi, er, "White Nationalist" website Stormfront:

    look here
    Said proprietor has an account on the Ron Paul Forums:
    look here

    And the
    leader of another neo-Nazi group says "[L.] Ron Paul is one of us"
    look here

  12. Posted this to www.libetarianrepublican.blogspot.com

    Great find! Keep 'em coming...


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