Home Baath Party Iraqi Terrorists Murdering US Troops Support Ron Paul for President
Home Baath Party Iraqi Terrorists Murdering US Troops Support Ron Paul for President

Baath Party Iraqi Terrorists Murdering US Troops Support Ron Paul for President

Though the Iraqi Baath Party has seen better days and the Iraqi Information Minister, Baghdad Bob is nowhere to be found, the Baath party terrorists currently murdering U.S. troops have an outlet, Uruknet. Uruknet is the self-described voice of the Iraqi "resistance", in this case the Sunni terrorists affiliated with the Baath party. And Uruknet loves Ron Paul.

Uruknet routinely celebrates its murders of U.S. Troops with headlines like "Resistance group announces shooting of US soldier in al-Mahmudiyah", "US admits one more soldier dies of wounds received in combat with Iraqi Resistance" or "Armed assault on government administrative building in al-Mada’in leaves at least eight puppet Shock Troops dead"

But lately Uruknet and the Iraqi Sunni terrorists they represent really seem to love Ron Paul running endless sympathetic articles on him like "The Media’s Plan to Ambush Ron Paul", "Diamonds and Pearls and... Ron Paul" and "How Will They Destroy Ron Paul?" While Uruknet is primarily publishing articles from their fellow travelers on the far left and far right, it's pretty obvious which candidate they seem to like; Ron Paul.

And it's obvious why terrorists like Ron Paul. Ron Paul is openly willing to give in to the terrorist shakedowns, to blame America for 9/11 and to run away with his pants around his ankles. That's the kind of American President that terrorists love and the kind they haven't been treated to since the days of Jimmy Carter.

But it should also be increasingly obvious that despite the pathetic attempts by Ron Paul supporters to pose as mainstream Americans or even Conservatives, he gets his support from extremists and people who hate this country. On my own previous post, it took only a few posts for a Ron Paul supporter to devolve from pretending to be a "moderate" to claiming that American troops had descended to the level of animals and then to using Anti-semitic epithets. Meanwhile the same kind of anti-war rallies full of anti-American messages, are now filled with Ron Paul signs.

Ron Paul supporters who are busy trying to wave away the enthusiastic support Ron Paul has among White Supremacists, with David Duke endorsing Ron Paul and Stormfront campaigning for him, will no doubt wave this away as well. They'll drag out their phony Jewish and Vets organizations. They will claim that anyone can support Ron Paul. But "just anyone" doesn't support Ron Paul. Over and over again, the people who hate America and want to destroy it, who support and promote murder and genocide and even those who are behind the killings of American troops promote and support Ron Paul.

And that's telling. Maybe it's time Baghdad Bob went to work for the Ron Paul campaign, if he doesn't already.


  1. Anonymous4/12/07

    "Information Minister, Baghdad Bob is nowhere to be found,"

    No doubt Bagdad Bob has found shelter in the loving arms of Syria just as Nazi's did when fleeing Germany. It has been a haven and shelter for all stripe of Jew haters.

  2. Anonymous4/12/07

    Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 or terrorism. There are, in fact, more terrorists from our war than there ever were in Iraq.

    In case you forgot, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 or any terrorist attack in recent memory.

  3. yeah nothing to do with terrorism aside from saddam hussein backing terrorist groups, threatening and plotting terrorist attacks on new york and serving as a base for notorious terrorists like abu abbas, who was behind the hijacking of the achille lauro and had been wanted by the u.s. for years

  4. It figures total reprobates like this would support Ron Paul, who wants us out of Iraq and to take an non-interventionist (in my opinion an amoral isolationist) approach to everything.

    And I don't doubt had he been president during WW II wouldn't have wanted us to go to war--until Hitler's tanks were parked outside his door.

  5. Bath parties sound immodest to me, but then I suppose it's a personal choice.

  6. Ron Paul lives with his head in the sand and would not make a good president.
    Neither would any other candidate the parties are running, but he is especially loathsome as is Huckabee.
    And national borders mean little in the middle east, Iraq, Iran, Saudi arabia, same same.
    Still whoever ends up ruling Iraq will be the same as Saddam in the end and taking out Iraq simply left Iran freer to move. Middle easterners are opportunists.

  7. And let's not even mention Iraq's love of torturing their own athletes, murdering their own people for the fun of it, and yes, financially supporting terrorist groups, and previously having the full support of the nazi government with the idea that they kill what Jews hitler couldn't reach.

    Iraq, a fun loving bunch of nice, misunderstood bums.

    One final thought. Liberals would all make good muzlims. Disagree with them and they attack. :] Anyone for naming a plushie pig Ron Paul? (evil grin)


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