Home Jews for Ron Paul Exposed as a Fraud! [The Jim C. Perry / Yaakov Perry Report]
Home Jews for Ron Paul Exposed as a Fraud! [The Jim C. Perry / Yaakov Perry Report]

Jews for Ron Paul Exposed as a Fraud! [The Jim C. Perry / Yaakov Perry Report]

Ron Paul, the Anti-Republican candidate for President and a favorite of White Supremacists like David Duke, has unveiled a new defense strategy to counter charges of Anti-semitism. The campaign of the candidate who claims to disdain ethnic collectivism now boasts an organization called "Jews for Ron Paul."

If Jews for Ron Paul puts you in mind of Jews for Jesus, you're not far wrong. Because Jews for Ron Paul is a scam.

Jim C. Perry (James Christian Perry, the C is short for Christian), the Executive Director of Jews for Ron Paul and heavily featured as the spokesman for the front group. Like many Jews for Jesus figures, Jim C. Perry claims to be an Orthodox Jew. The JTA article featured many of Perry's grandiose claims.

For Perry, an Orthodox Jew, there is a connection between his own religious beliefs about personal responsibility and the Libertarian philosophy underpinning Paul's candidacy.

"It's the idea that people are meant to be equal and free in a just society. Those are the same things that draw me to be an observant Orthodox Jew," said Perry. "I believe Judaism puts strong emphasis on individual meaning, personal responsibility," he said, adding that God "calls us to take responsibility for our own actions.".

Here I am a kipah-wearing, fringes-hanging Orthodox Jew...
The real Jim C. Perry though is not an Orthodox Jew, though he makes a point of dressing up like one until he's virtually a cartoon. He's gay and is currently married to a gay man and a self-identified Churchgoing Unitarian Universalist. Here he identifies himself as a Seminarian. He has another account where he calls himself Reverend Jim C. Perry H.P., M.D.A. (he also claimed to have a doctorate in English which he apparently modestly left off here all at the tender age of 22) and a Pagan Minister. Briefly he appears to have gone Ward Churchill and began calling himself Jim FlyingEagle. (He may have also used James L. Rush and posted at Cherokee Pride as James L. Rushing River pretending to be Cherokee)

Now Jim C. Perry, Gay Pagan Unitarian Minister (possibly also Cherokee and Mormon), thanks to a few photos in costume, is being passed off as an Orthodox Jew. A clear and unambiguous lie. Like everything else in the Ron Paul campaign, Jim C. Perry and Jews for Ron Paul is a lie.

Under the user name XSOIDEI, Jim C. Perry has posted at pagan sites as "Pagan GOP"


by Pagan GOP (Concord, NH)

I am quite offended by the person who the comment that the KKK and GOP are one and the same. I am a PROUD Republican and Pagan. I was hurt by your comments.

No, I do not support the War in Iraq, no Republican in his right mind would! Bob Barr, Ron Paul and Orrin Hatch, all GOPer in Congress were OPPOSED to the War!

I am very Liberty Minded.


Since universal unitarians are actually compatible with paganism this may not be a contradiction or it may be another case of Ron Paul supporters pretending to be members of various groups to rally support for him. There are signs of this with Jim C. Perry because he also appears to have been joining Mormon groups. Jim C. Perry or "Yaakov Perry" as he calls himself on the phony Yahoo Jews for Ron Paul group has penned announcements on behalf of "Jews for Paul" shilling for Ron Paul on Digg under YaakovPerry. There he has claimed to be Chabad, but here he claimed to be gay and a quaker.
Perry, who is gay, said he wants to help Democratic lawmakers protect and extend civil liberties in New Hampshire. Perry's marriage is recognized by his Quaker faith but not New Hampshire law.

He appears to run New England Flags and to be married to a man named Armen. If you're getting bored of this the sum total is that Jim C. Perry is a lot of things, including compulsive liar. He is not an Orthodox Jew. Jews for Ron Paul which he runs is a scam.

When I first wrote about Ron Paul, I noticed a burst of comments from people claiming to be Jewish and Ron Paul supporters. I suspected that most of them were fake, probably at least one of them was really Jim C. Perry who moonlights as a Jewish Ron Paul supporter, when he's not being a Pagan Ron Paul supporter, a Cherokee or a Unitarian Universalist. The JTA story on the Ron Paul campaign and Jim C. Perry or Yakov Perry needs to be changed to reflect the fact that he is not an Orthodox Jew.

The Jews for Ron Paul advisory board also features Burt or Burton Blumert, better known as the publisher of LewRockwell.com, a site named after Ron Paul's former Congressional Chief of Staff, that might be considered slightly to the left of Stormfront. Burton Blumert is not exactly the poster boy for those who would argue that Israel would be better off with Ron Paul.

Consider tidbits like this from his "essays" such as "My Palestinians."
It is obvious that Palestine under the British Mandate – an island of freedom and free enterprise as compared to rule by Istambul or Tel Aviv – led its citizens to a love affair with the gold sovereign that becomes more entrenched with time... My Palestinians haven't been calling much lately asking the price of the COIN. Their future doesn't look too bright, but they have survived horrible oppression in and around Israel, and, maybe, just maybe they will persevere."
The bulk of the "Jews for Ron Paul" board are associated with LewRockwell.com and with Mises and the Austrian School of Economics. Then there's Ilana Mercer, a WND columnist (a site which hosts pro-israel commentary but also the anti-semitic and anti-israel ravings of Pat Buchanan and Vox Day among others) who penned such articles as "Al Jazeera: Fair, Balanced & Banned"
"The only fair shake Israel ever gets in this country’s media is from Al-Jazeera. The women anchors are also beautiful and refined,”

The simple reality is that the Ron Paul campaign is Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel but it is also extremely manipulative and deceptive. On the Jews for Ron Paul group, mainly non-Jewish figures hash out ways to sell Ron Paul to Jews utilizing political and religious arguments. The key one that has hit home with some is to claim that Ron Paul will "leave Israel alone."

I have no doubt that Ron Paul would eliminate foreign aid to Israel, but anyone who thinks that a bigot whom the David Duke website proclaims as their King and whose promoters include White Supremacist figures is just going to "leave Israel alone" really has not done a good job of learning from history. People like that don't leave Israel or Jews alone, whether they're libertarians, anarchists, conservatives or liberals.

The Ron Paul campaign is fantastically deceptive and the latest twists involve botnets and stolen credit cards. I have no doubt that Jim C. Perry, who's played a mormon, a pagan, a unitarian universalist and now an orthodox jew on the internet will quickly come back with excuses. No matter how red handed you catch them, Ron Paul supporters always have their excuses. What they completely lack is any honesty or integrity or trace of decency. As far as they're concerned any lie you tell to promote Ron Paul is justified and operating on its usual principle of plausible deniability in regard to the Neo-Nazis, Racists, 911 Deniers and other extremists and haters promoting Ron Paul, the Ron Paul campaign will shrug and claim this has nothing to do with them. Yeah, right.

And while Ron Paul supporters are targeting Jews one way, they're targeting Muslims in a whole other way that reveals the real slant. See here.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Ron Paul may be crazy but he's also dangerous. His supporters are pathologically deceptive and manipulative and behave in ways that are downright psychotic. Jews for Ron Paul has been exposed as a fraud, but don't expect it to go away. The Ron Paul campaign responded to revelations that Ron Paul has received a donation from a leading Neo-Nazi figures, not by returning the money, but by unveiling a Jews for Ron Paul group. Even if Jim C. Perry is dumped after this (which I suspect he won't be) the lies from Ron Paul supporters and the Ron Paul campaign will go on.

That's why it's important to go on exposing them.

Update 1: Jim C. Perry as a Democrat, the fallout and his failure to return campaign contributions despite promising to do so.

Update 2: Jim C. Perry's disastrous Libertarian party time Via Andrew Walden

Update 3: Linked to by Little Green Footballs, HotAir, Anti-Racist blog, American Thinker, Israel Matzav and Free Republic, Bookworm Room , Space Ramblings , Pillage Idiot, Ioterran, Maverick News Network ,Alan Henderson , Adam Holland, Discarded Lies , among others.

Update 4: "Birth Name: James Christian Perry. I was named after my uncle James Perry, one of my father’s five brothers. My middle name was given to me in honor of a late friend of my parents." - In other words, Jews for Paul is run by James Christian Perry. Sigh.

Update 5: Ron Paul's Lone Jewish Staffer Speaks Out

Update 6: Jim C. Perry signed a thank you petition for army deserter Ehren Watada for his desertion.

Update 7: Jim C. Perry was originally the outreach liason for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community for the Free State Project. The wording of his messages is instructive.

Hey Skip, welcome! No, I am have been racking my brains trying to come
up with ideas for how to pitch the FSP to the BGLT Community.

My boyfriend Micah (also on this list) already lives in NH and I am in
the process of moving to NH.

I am trying to figure out a way to turn the whole gay marriage issue
into a reason to join the ranks of the FSP. If it isn't hard for us to
get the gay/les/bi wing of the poly crowd interested (as seen from the
size of the poly yahoo group, if you have ever seen their numbers)
then I don't see why we cant attract bglt people who arent poly into
joining as well.

On that note thought, most polyamorus people learn of this group
marriage option through books like Stranger in a Strange Land by
Robert Heinlein... a LIBERTARIAN author, so I must say they are
usually already Libertarian leaning as it is.

And then a few years later Jim traded in Micah for Armen, began calling himself Yaakov and got assigned as the liason to the Jewish community and began racking his brains on how to pitch Ron Paul to the Jewish community. Lest anyone doubts that this is the same person, he lists the original website he used before he had to take it down after he got exposed at Free Republic.

Jim C. Perry was originally also the GLBT Outreach Director for the George Phillies campaign.

Update 8: Implosion at Jews for Ron Paul. Jim C. Perry's name vanishes from the roll along with several other advisors.

Update 9: Stormfront calls for promoting Jews for Ron Paul
Re: AdL Whines To And Threatens Ron Paul...
We need to promote Jews for Ron paul. It proves Ron Paul is a candidate for all people.

Us WNs are not about hate anyways, we like other races but want to keep our own genes.

The ADL are scumbags, but Ron Paul should probably have to return the money like Giuliani was forced to years ago. If not then they could do disasterous damage.


  1. At least Mr. Perry is a American firster, not an Isreali Firster.
    Decide which country to support, we cannot afford for the federal government to support multiple countries anymore. Personally support anyone you want, but the U.S. government is going bankrupt.

  2. Weren't America Firsters like Lindbergh really Nazi sympathizers?

    but I'm glad it only took 5 minutes for the Paulheads to begin the Jew Bashing

  3. BTW to the SA'ers, can you tell me what's going on, since I don't have access to your forum

  4. Anonymous15/11/07

    The only relevant questions here are: Is Burt Blumert a Jew, or not? Is Ilana Mercer a Jew, or not? Their political writings are irrelevant to the question of whether or not they are Jews. The inclusion of the reference to Austrian economics actually undermines your case, since Murray Rothbard was Jewish. Whether this Perry person is a flake or not, the fact that you cavalierly "dispose of" Jews that have political opinions you don't like speak volumes about you and about the quality of your argument here.

  5. Anonymous15/11/07

    SA has been heavily mocking Ron Paul and his supporters lately, and one of the admins posted the contents of your article and a link.

    Sorry for the traffic.

  6. thanks anonymous, good to know

    it's a subdomain, so the traffic can't take me down

  7. fluffy, blumert and mercer are advisors

    perry runs jews for paul, speaks to reporters and issues releases and he is a fraud

    as for blumert and the rest of the lewrockwell jews, there are jews who support david duke too, so what?

  8. Excellent post. You deserve a bunch of credit.

    I sent the article to LittleGreenFootballs, and hopefully Charles will post on it.

    I also added your link to my sidebar.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  9. yes it's up now there, I definitely didn't expect to see that when I did my daily check of news on LGF

  10. Anonymous15/11/07

    AIPAC and the ashkenazi do more harm to Israel then good. Jews in the middle east lived peacefully until the war mongering racist elitist American Ashkenazi jews started screwing things up.

  11. You lost me with the WND smear. Mercer's quote does not prove anti-semitism, and I've not read anything from Vox Day that suggests that he loathes Jews. Who are these "others" that you talk about? Provide sources.

    Attempting to push WND and LewRockwell into the same corner was the beginning of the end for this article.

  12. I never said WND was like LewRockwell

    This is what I wrote,

    "Then there's Ilana Mercer, a WND columnist (a site which hosts pro-israel commentary but also the anti-semitic and anti-israel ravings of Pat Buchanan and Vox Day among others)"

    Vox Day writing that Jews wore out their welcome in dozens of countries including Germany easily qualifies

  13. Thank you Anti-Racist and thank you for the Assist

  14. Anonymous, Jews lived as second class citizens as best under Muslim rule, as slaves at worst

    incidentally Ashkenazi Jews lived in the middle east too, Sefardi Jews are from Spain and France and England among other places

  15. Anonymous15/11/07

    As a Ron Paul supporter, all I know is that for your hatefilled message and lies..You will be held accountable for in either this life or in the next and eternal life. I am a conservative christian and most assuredly am not and donot belong to any white supremist organizations as you claim Ron Paul supporters do, as I am a black female whom has been called many names during my 48 yrs on this earth, and a kkk member or a jew hater has not been one of them. Stop the hatred as most Ron Paul supporters are conservatives whom donot like the fake and false neocon movement that is and has been in power for the last 7 yrs and that is it in a nutshell americans. Sultan knish indeed! Divisiveness is only propetuated by those that truly have something to fear. One thing is for sure and that is that it involves one or both of two things. MONEY and POWER.

  16. Anonymous15/11/07

    "Jim C. Perry because he also appears to have been joining Mormon groups."

    What groups? You point to him joining with Mormons, but no linkage. I am asking because all the other religions he has joined up with you have some type of linkage...

  17. I have no idea if you're a black female or Perry, Anonymous and honestly I don't care.

    Sorry I have no money or power, just a small cozy little blog.

  18. I didn't link to it because the only basis appears to be his listing on Mormon meetup groups

  19. Anonymous15/11/07

    "I didn't link to it because the only basis appears to be his listing on Mormon meetup group"

    Ok. Well enough. Thanks! I just wanted be able to back it up, if it comes up in discussion with others...

  20. yes and since a mormon meetup listing isn't proof that he's trying to pass as one per se, I listed it in the iffy group

  21. sorry Amir, but I'm not putting up an entire article in my comments

    Jim C. Perry grew up in Billerica, MA and moved up to NH


    and your elaborate bio means nothing to me, there were times when I needed to play a Muslim to research a story, and I could easily equal what you just did

    I'm sure you're probably Jewish though, but that's not the point. I'm sure some Jews support Ron Paul. Some support David Duke too.

    But Jews for Ron Paul is a fraud.

  22. Anonymous15/11/07

    Excellent account of a political fraud. I linked to it as part of a larger post I did about Ron Paul's refusal to separate himself from the worst elements of American politics.

  23. Anonymous15/11/07

    hahahahahahahahahahah this is funny stuff. You people are pathetic. Whats that I hear?...oh thats just more newly birthed Ron Paul supporters thanks to this shit...lol. We are not idiots, is that why you fear us so much? Because we can see through your tricks and you do not know what to do when the status quo mind games fail? Classic!

    Wake up to the Revolution, it is coming whether you like it or not!

    Liberty is one hell of a drug.

  24. SK, thanks a million for this post!
    After I heard Michael Medved interview Willis Carto, editor of the American Free Press, to which Ron Paul has been contributing a column for at least the last 4 years, I became convinced that Paul is an anti-Semite and possibly a Nazi,a white supremacist and a pro-IslamoFascist.
    Given his associations with the American Nazi Party, Alex Jones, Stormfront and the KKK, he keeps some bad company.
    (American Free Press is affiliated with Lew Rockwell and other Holocaust deniers, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacist groups.)
    I got into an argument with a Paul supporter on PowerLine's Forum about him being an anti-Semite and he pointed me to "Jews for Paul" complete with a list of the entire board.
    I knew right away that something had to be very wrong with JfP, as no Jewish person with half a brain would support such a bigot!
    Thanks for validating my instincts and proving it!

  25. Sounds like Jim Christian Perry and Barry Chaimish need one-way tickets to the Twilight Zone via the Jupiter II.

    Jews for Ron Paul sounds about as kosher as Jews for Allah.

  26. thank you bookworm, I've noted your link

  27. anonymous, whatever drug you're on, it's not liberty

  28. I don't appreciate what you do. You spread smears. ma baya shelcha?

    I'm a very real person. send me an e-mail so we can chat: amirh at mit.edu

  29. yes jen, they're trying to avoid the issue of paul's bigoted ties by dressing up some token figures

    see the post above on ron paul sending out his jewish staffer in 'jewish' clothing to counter allegations of bigotry

    it's tokenism and it's as dishonest as when any politician pushes a black, latino or jewish member to distract from their own bigotry

    It's Al Sharptonism in the end

  30. ma baya sheli? everyone on line has an email address. Are you associated with Weisbrod by any chance or the ZFA?

  31. K.A. Considering that Ron Paul blames America for 9.11, Jews for Ron Paul is pretty much Jews for Allah

  32. Like everything else in the Ron Paul campaign, Jim C. Perry and Jews for Ron Paul is a lie.

    Somehow you think one lie justifies another...

  33. one lie tends to follow another

    and the RP campaign has a history of lies

  34. by the way I find it interesting that I'm suddenly getting comments from people with Jewish blogger names and no access to their profiles

    a suspicious person might think they were newly created id's

  35. SK, I have a question...
    Why is this legal for Paul to engage in such false "advertising" for himself?
    And why does nobody care?!
    This man is scary.
    He's nothing but a Neo-Nazi skinhead in a suit yapping about our precious Constitution while underneath it is a copy of Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion!

  36. shalom achi,

    please do email me at amirh at mit.edu.

    you don't see the deception you create, but I see the self-reassurance and stroking you get from all of these comments which perpetuates it further.

    "Jews for Jihad" sounds hilarious. Is that what you would call Rabin since he wasn't a hawk like Bibi?

    Ron Paul has an extremely erudite platform and there is a deep and subtle truth in it. Much like the righteous discovery we receive from God and Torah, the simplicity of Liberty and Constitution is often an epiphany for supporters when they get it. Before Moses could liberate the Jews from Egypt, he had to become their leader if only to convince them that they were slaves.

    You bear false witness to a righteous man, his message should not be ignored for your petty bias.

  37. jen, thanks to plausible deniability, the ron paul campaign will claim it's just independent supporters, which is just how they disclaim all the other misbehavior by their supporters

  38. amir, if you want to see what i call rabin, go to the search box on the blog and type his name in

    ron paul's platform is a mix of rght wing isolationism with left wing anti-american and he panders to extremists on both sides

    Moshe was appointed by G-d. Who appointed Ron Paul again?

    BTW you've avoided answering my question, are you affiliated with the ZFA and what is the ZFA getting in exchange for promoting paul?

  39. Sorry, I don't know what ZFA is--I found Zionist Freedom Alliance on the web though yet?

    Obviously I find your article on Rabin somewhat distasteful.

    When we were freed from captivity to return to the land of Abraham, we were instructed to make peace with our brothers Edom. They refused then. Must we refuse now?

    your arguments are philosophically vapid and you still have a one-dimensional, right-left view of politics. Get out of Nineveh my friend.

  40. Anonymous15/11/07

    Got here from LGF. Nice blog and keep up the good work.

  41. thank you aussie dave, I'm a fan of IsreallyCool of course

  42. Amir, I'm glad you find it distasteful. If you didn't, I might worry that we were on the same side.

    If you want to compare Ron Paul to Edom, that's rather apt as Edom and Esav were considered the pig's feet, a righteous exterior hiding a cruel and deceptive interior

    you're shilling for a bigot and someone who at best despises Jews, I hope you enjoy playing Beilin to Paul's Arafat

  43. Ron Paul is not your Neo-Conned Republican.
    First off, Ron Paul is the only true conservative candidiate running in the Presidential field this election.
    Second, Ron Paul has stated he would let Israel protect itself which the Neo-Libs and Cons won't do.
    Third, Paul voted to go after Bin Laden which the current administration and Neo-LibCons still haven't been able to find him.

  44. ron paul isn't a conservative, he's a more credible jeffersonian democrat with a blend of father coughlin minus the socialism

    ron paul's magic plan to go after bin laden basically involves a bounty on his head, something the administration did a long time ago

  45. "screaming freedom,"
    Paul wants to leave Israel to protect herself alone?
    Well, I don't.
    We are Israel's sole friend in the world and they are fighting the same IslamoNazi enemy that we are.
    The Bible says "He blesses Israel, I will bless and he who curses Israel, I will curse."
    I believe the Lord, thank you very much!
    And Paul is no Conservative, at least not of the American ilk.
    Now, if you were to call him a German Nazi conservative, you might be closer to the truth.
    The man is a crank, an anti-Semite and white supremacist and as I said before, probably an ally of our IslamoFascist enemies as well as being the candidate of choice for Storm Front, the KKK and the American Nazi Party.

  46. I reference Edom as the people who resided in the land when we were freed from captivity. They fill the self-same role as those we call Palestinians today.

    I went to the same school as Bibi, I understand the logic of his views. I know that it is a toxic path for humanity.

    I'm not trying to get you to support Ron Paul, I'm trying to get you to stop polluting human thought. A hundred half-truths bend into a lie and yet your echo chamber continues to resonate an offensive, defensive position.

    Stubborn and misguided righteousness caused Zealots to provoke the demise of their Temple and led them to their lonely self-inflicted deaths. Those whom we despise the most make martyrs of misguided righteous.

  47. amir, your contention that palestinian arabs are edom is itself rather bizarre, but I'm happy to go along with your historical inaccuracy for the sake of the metaphor

    you do realize that the blessing of yaakov and esav, was that the latter could only gain power by subjugating the former and vice versa?

    but yes I'm eager to hear of your grand plans to make peace with edom. Which one though, Edom D'Fatah or Edom D'Hamas? For the last decade and a half that's been working out great.

    If you're concerned about the pollution of human thought, why don't you take your discredited candidate and stick it right next to your discredited peace plans


  48. I'm glad you understood my metaphor wasn't a historical basis. I read Toldot on my Bar Mitzvah, I get the story.

    Just consider this: have you ever used the word "Shilling" in the context of "shilling for a candidate" before you saw that term in RedState's highly publicized diatribe?

    People are all subjects to infectious thought. I do not renounce myself from it. Consider it. Email me though.

  49. Amir,

    You might want to revisit Toldot, it holds new lessons each time

    I have a long proud history of using the word shilling in regard to political candidates, celebrity spokesmen and the UN, and I don't believe I even read the Red State ban

    I don't see what can be said in email that can't be said here

  50. sup. i have this same debate over and over with different people, and it's quite obviously been talked to death in a number of settings. the shilling thing was a blind guess on my part--i study these sorts of linguistic trends with a big bad supercomputer. i do not shill; it would undermine my repute as a mathematician, engineer and leader. besides, i learned long ago not to worship idols.

    the trend before war is to marginalize ideological opposition to it and brew a xenophobic, self-consistent narrative to justify action. fear-mongering is often accepted without a skeptical eye and leads to well-intentioned though misguided action. For example, to think that US foreign policy had nothing to do with the reasons they attack us, is to be totally ignorant of the "fatwa" issued by bin Laden. I strongly doubt that many of the fearful people in this country have read his fatwa. this is not to be apologetic, this is to demonstrate the susceptibility for ill-derived logic. we allow, indeed we cheer for fool-hearty, though popular statements, as Rudy Giuliani made when he attacked Ron Paul on the concept of blowback.

    this mental isolation persists and spreads as it is continually reinforced. instead of directly addressing our grievances, these grievances brew in minds until the will of the mob dictates beyond reason. this doesn't mean we should be weak in our opposition of violent ideologues, but justice is not served by inflaming the situation. you can only overpower violent ideology with a peaceful ideology.

    i have settled to a belief that universal internet connectivity will fundamentally change human social consciousness so as to free oppressed peoples and totally marginalize violence to only sociopath incidences instead of ideological ones. generations will reveal if it is to be so, but for that i have hope.

    your smearing propaganda is offensive to the intellect, though I fully recognize your right to proceed. just remember that there is a critical difference between suppression and refutation.

  51. Amir,

    are you really under the impression that proclaiming your own genius and making general assertions without dealing with the actual issue represents a "debate"

    We've read Bin Laden's fatwa, as well as his other statements, in which he ricochets from one cause to another, mentioning the Palestinians before dropping them and mirroring the rhetoric of Bush's political opponents. Those are the actions of an opportunist whose real agenda cannot be read in the propagandist statements he recites.

    Bin Laden's real goal is power, not some sort of protest against American foreign policy. America is simply a good target for mobilizing his troops, just as Russia once was, just as Israel is.

    The fact that six years later with Al Queda reviled by most of the Middle east after their bombings terrorized Shia and Sunni alike, you can still recite these idiotic lefitst formulas like your apostle Ron Paul, suggests you have no clue or you're simply a dimwitted ideologue.

    "you can only overpower violent ideology with a peaceful ideology."

    The year is 1941. Go out and overpower Nazi Germany with your peaceful ideology. We'll wait.

    "i have settled to a belief that universal internet connectivity will fundamentally change human social consciousness so as to free oppressed peoples and totally marginalize violence to only sociopath incidences instead of ideological ones."

    You really don't spend much time on the internet, do you? universal connectivity is only an extension of the mailbox and the telephone, it doesn't change human consciousness, just increases human potential for both good and bad.

    In your case it allows you to bray your stupidity in the arrogant certainty that the childish cliches you recite represent some sort of enlightenment, but the internet hasn't changed your consciousness, only enabled you to be a bigger idiot to more people than ever

  52. Anonymous16/11/07

    Actually, the internet will destroy relationships and people.
    Been coming here a long while folks, and Knish isn't one to bash when he doesn't have a real good reason to.
    Knish is one of the most even handed folks I have seen in my 62 years of life.
    As many have been telling the Valaams belang , they need to clean out their baggage, well same could be said for old Ron.
    He needs to clean up the baggage trailing on his coat tail if he wants to come out clean and neat in this race.Right now he ain't doing so good.
    Don't let a passel of red neck yayhoos get to you Knish.

  53. Anonymous16/11/07

    As a Ron Paul advocate I want to go on record as saying that Ron is not for free love and birth control like you say he is. Who do you think you are? anyhow?

    Our US boys are dying right now fighting in Israel .Why should our boys be in a wars in Israel.
    Why are American boys having those Hamus missles on them daily from Gaza .
    Over 100,000 dead American marines in Israel right now and Paul will bring them home to us. I could just weep over the carnige of it all .
    Why should my tax go to pay for my boys to die in the Gaza desert?
    It is a wildnernes and american boys are falling ike flies there.
    Isreal needs to rebuild it self a temple to worhip on in the wailing wall then they will not go to war so much.
    Mr Olmert send our boys home now.
    How long must American occupy Israel to save Gaza desert from the kawaites?
    Come on people wake up ron is your only hope. Ron will cloe down the UN and make Europe a wasteland.

  54. Anonymous,

    I don't even know where to begin. You should definitely vote for Ron Paul because I suspect you're too drunk to find the voting booth anyway.

  55. Anonymous16/11/07

    James "Christian" Perry? There isn't an Orthodox Jew alive who would give their child THAT middle name to honor a friend. And any righteous convert would have changed it .. PERIOD. These people are nuts in such a serious way, it's scary!

  56. "The year is 1941. Go out and overpower Nazi Germany with your peaceful ideology."

    Our peaceful ideology persists while the Nazis are long gone.

    The issue, at least for me, is that there are some assholes shooting rockets at my family's Kibbutz every day and it seems like all you people want to do is piss them off some more instead of engaging them with words, like I am engaging you to say "maspik" with your self-righteous smearing.

    Meanwhile I send my money to setup surveillance systems for their perimeter and concrete bunkers for their schools. I'd like to relieve my tax burden so I can help out some more, but you seem to want to derail the only candidate who's talking any sense to the way the American constitutional federal system is supposed to work.

    There is too much hatred in your words, I reread your Rabin article and I want to vomit. You think someone who says "Had Rabin's death buried his policies along with his whiskey ridden carcass, his death would have been another Purim."
    has any credibility to anyone but the most vile of minds?

    You think you can somehow try to make me feel like I'm on some radical fringe, when it's quite obviously the pot calling the kettle black.

    I proclaim my genius to warn you: You are to me as Yigal Amir is to John von Neumann. One would shoot peace-niks out of Zealotry while the other designs computers and atomic bombs out of cold, pragmatic, necessity.

  57. "Our peaceful ideology persists while the Nazis are long gone."

    The Nazis are gone only because armed force at the cost of millions dead broke their back, bombed their cities to rubble, smashed their armies and forced them to surrender.

    The peaceful ideology of Chamberlain opened Europe's throat for the slaughter. The wartime xenophobia of Churchill saved it.

    When you say things like this I have no idea if you're a pacifist or an idiot or if there is a difference.

    You want to engage the people shooting rockets at you with words, go ahead. Rockets beat words any day of the week. 15 years of engaging them with words have put them into the position of being able to shoot rockets at you. Give it another few years and they won't be shooting rockets at your kibbutz, but from your kibbutz.

    See Gaza. History is rarely wrong.

    I wouldn't count on the end of Federal taxes freeing up any money for you, once you consider what state taxes are going to look like to compensate for the shortfall of no more federal money coming in and with a ton of infrastructure and programs to be maintained. One of those funny things that make Ron Paul's economic policies into a joke.

    Furthermore supporting Ron Paul so you can send money to Israel really is dual loyalty. I don't support candidates based on sending money to Israel. I support them based on their opposition to the common threat of terrorism.

    "There is too much hatred in your words, I reread your Rabin article and I want to vomit. You think someone who says... has any credibility to anyone but the most vile of minds?"

    It has credibility to an increasing number of Israelis and Jews sick of the false cult of Rabin and Oslo. You're still a devoted cult member, with Oslo and Paul, that's two cults. You really should pick one and stick with it.

    "I proclaim my genius to warn you: You are to me as Yigal Amir is to John von Neumann."

    No I'm to you as Wimpy is to Descartes. I reason logically while you keep trying to buy a burger today for a dollar tomorrow, building a house of cards that has no connection with pragmatism or common sense.

    John von Neumann waged war. You dump out empty rhetoric, devoid of practical solutions or intelligently considered approaches to the problems at hand.

  58. Sigh. 58 comments already, most over my head. Sigh.

    I guess it's become chic to have a Jew-on-Board. Do all of Ron Paul's supporters have little Jew-on-Board bumber stickers not unlike those Baby on Board things in the 1980s?

    Sigh. Pathetic that in the eyes of most Americans Orthodox Judaism can be reduced to a costume--kippah, start of david and tzitzis (sp).

    I'm not being narrow minded as to believe Jews have a right and do align themselves with different political parties and affiliations. Not in the least but the touting of Jews to say "See? Even the Jews support us" just really reminds me of something in Mony Python "Show us your dead."

    "Bring out the Jews."

    Show us your Jews, any Jews, and well take you seriously. There's something horrible about that approach.

  59. I'm hardly a pacifist, but it's a label I'll accept from you if you don't realize that i'm on your side when the time to fight arises. remember that our "ENEMY" is the insanity espoused by and not the body of insane people. The historic inability of people like me to undermine hateful messages before they become powerful leads to war. The internet *has* fundamentally shifted social conciousness making Ron Paul's campaign for a peaceful strategy possible.

    I send money to my saba and safta to build schools safe from rocket fire, not so Israel can build wars to stop it. I know that it takes generations of peace for the rockets to stop. you miss the whole concept of libertarianism if you think that is a dual-loyalty. I shouldn't expect a collectivist extremist to understand individualism--you believe in commanders before your commandments. and you haven't got a clue about economics. I study under Nobel-laureates while you reinforce yourself in a deranged echo-chamber. I might be in a cult, but at least I'm in good company.

    I don't do this back and forth in an attempt to win anything. I know I'm not the first to tell you that you are an angry, hateful radical. it's not because your ideas are wrong or even illogical, but because your ideas are dangerous in their premise. consider that i'm not a stupid, crazy radical, and have more credibility in 'logic' than you. I don't need to continue this argument for my health or reputation (i'm sure no one besides you and I are actually reading this anyway), but only because I am exploring your ways in order vaccinate your "screw peace, we gotta kill em all" bent from infecting the rest of humanity. I am sure the psychology has the same elements as the derangement of the radical Muslims.

    With each back and forth, and reading more of your blog I become more convinced that your philosophy is the modern version of Zealotry of old. The Zealots worshiped nationalism as an Idol before God, and cost us Jerusalem and the Temple. Go ahead and cheer the assassination of virtuous leaders, just don't burn our food supply.

  60. I must have missed the WND smear somewhere there.
    Must have been put up in greek or something?

  61. Anonymous16/11/07

    Comparing Ron Paul to Torah is obscene.

  62. Amir,

    nice of you to grace us again with your presence, in between your busy schedule of learning from Nobel Laureates and designing bombs and computers. You still haven't actually addressed my point about Ron Paul's economics, but that's obviously too demanding for a busy fella like you.

    Our enemy is not "insane ideas" but the people who practice and believe them. Your statement is as silly as the claim that guns kill people, people don't kill people. Insane ideas and guns don't kill anyone, people do.

    Those people are the enemy who need to be fought. By turning this into more and more of an abstract, your reasoning becomes increasingly divorced from reality and you come to fight "insane ideas" finally equating attacker and attacked for the sins of nationalism and an active military. This is the worm of leftist reasoning devouring itself.

    "I send money to my saba and safta to build schools safe from rocket fire, not so Israel can build wars to stop it. I know that it takes generations of peace for the rockets to stop"

    No, it takes one war. Without the war, it takes generations of hostility until the rockets stop when the enemy has defeated you.

    A country whose populace learns to cower from rockets and invests in shelters instead of bombs, learns to surrender and is already defeated.

    "I might be in a cult, but at least I'm in good company."

    And hopefully good Kool Aid. But at least you admit it.

    "but only because I am exploring your ways in order vaccinate your "screw peace, we gotta kill em all" bent from infecting the rest of humanity."

    So I've asked you before, what's your peace plan? Keep surrendering territory until saba and savta have to live a mile underground in their bomb shelter?

    And when Ron Paul comes to power in the United States of Imaginationland, you can move to Alaska so you can send them an extra 50 dollars a year to buy a celling fan for their shelter.

  63. Anonymous16/11/07

    Murray Sabrin is real and not a fraud. He's Jewish, teaches at Ramapo College in NJ and is on the Board of Advisors of Jews4RonPaul.

    I just can't understand why people insist on calling RP and anti-semitic because he does not support foreign aid. He doesn't single Israel out as the only country, that's his belief FOR EVERY COUNTRY.

    In an interview last week (Face the Nation or Nashua?), when asked about Pakistan, he flat out said, we gave Pakistan $11 billion and we should not give them anything.

    People see and recognize what RP stands for and no smear campaign will change that.

  64. I haven't seen one post here of Paul supporters bashing Jews.
    In fact some Jews support Paul, which is refreshing since a lot of statstics show Jews in America to vote Democrat.
    Ron has stated he would let Israel protect itself so I don't understand why Kinsh wants to demonize him.
    Hey Knish why didn't you post my last post?
    It would have been a very balanced view for your thread.

  65. anonymous, Sabrin didn't create and isn't running Jews for Ron Paul, Jim C. Perry is who has a history of fraud and has lied about being an orthodox jew

    screaming, I've had a lot of comments to deal with, I don't recall another one of yours, if you want to see bashing look at the first comment here

  66. Here is what Ron Paul has to say about racism...


  67. so? what ron paul's statement adds up to is that group identities are wrong and then he relies on an org like jews for ron paul to try and cover him against allegations of bigotry

    can you smell the hypocrisy?

  68. Yes for governments to look at people in groups rather than individuals is wrong in my opinion and only perpetuates racism.

    Knish, I look at you as a person/individual rather than someone who practices the Jewish faith. Your an individual in my mind before you are a Jew. It's that simple.
    Now if you want special attention because your are Jewish then I have a problem with that.

  69. and yet there are numerous 'identity' groups created to promote Ron Paul from jews for ron paul to catholics for ron paul to muslims for ron paul and so

    so it seems ethnic collectivist identity is fine if it gets ron paul ahead

    like i said, hypocrisy

  70. Evidently you have your mind made up about Ron Paul and his supporters being anti-Jew, which is not the case. I've given you plenty of truth it's up to you to believe it or not.
    Keep spreading the BS all you want, however I predict it will back fire on your intent to smear Paul.

  71. truth is not an absolute, it's an argument

    stating what you did is merely a statement of defeat

  72. Anonymous19/11/07

    You misrepresented Ilana Mercer, who was quoting her father about al-Jazeera in South Africa.

    She is a supporter of Israel. See her columns here:


  73. Sultan Knish, thank you for unmasking this Jim Perry phony!

    What is really scary about Ron Paul is not only the fact that every virulent anti-semite supports him, but that he's so closely associated with the Edward Griffin cult.
    Ron Paul is part of the great deception of politics, and like Griffin, he asks us to mistrust every one BUT him. So I mistrust him above all the others.
    At the end of the day, they're all sheker, part of Alma deShikra.
    The only good thing about a hypothetical Ron Paul government is that he'd stop giving aid to all countries. So Olmert and his cronies would have no money coming from America. That would mean an end to Olmert's political prostitution.
    Well, sweet dreams. It isn't happening. Not with Ron Paul.
    So it is a mute point.
    It is up to us, the Jews, to get rid of Olmert.

  74. Anonymous19/11/07

    Jim Perry seems to create an ugly scene wherever he involves himself. How do we know he is not a hired agent provocateur rather than someone who is idealogically driven? The rampant duplicitousness would certainly fit that possibility. Of course, following Razor's maxim he is more likely just a sociopath.

    I know Ron Paul and do not think he harbors animus against any race, creed, or religion. He opposed granting a congressional medal honoring Rosa Parks, who he says is one of his heroes, reasoning that the US Constitution does not authorize such uses of taxpayer money. Instead he encouraged fellow members of Congress to join him in chipping in from their own pockets for the medal.

    Paul favors a cessation of all US foriegn aid around the world because he believes it is unjust to force you and I to pay for it as taxpayers. He would not oppose private aid because it is voluntary.

    I do think Ron Paul should do more to distance himself from some factions that are supporting his campaign. I also think a good many of his supporters should channel their energy into forward action that wins votes rather than angry responses that only reinforce opposition viewpoints,

    Jim McClarin
    New Hampshire

  75. fair enough jim, but unfortunately Ron Paul has spent too much time associating with the far right and those associations taint him and continue to taint him and raise questions about his real beliefs

  76. Ron Paul is a kOOk. His insane clown posse are annoying spammers. During normal circumstances, this doesn't matter because kOOks are mostly harmless. It's a different matter when they get to be politicians, though.

  77. Anonymous22/11/07


    I can dig it. Check out my site for more info. on Paul and the Paulistas.

  78. Anonymous5/12/07

    Check out this post on Ron Paul...


  79. Anonymous22/3/11

    Jews for Ron Paul is similar to turkeys for Thanksgiving.


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