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Home Implosion at Jews for Ron Paul

Implosion at Jews for Ron Paul

In the aftermath of my expose of Jim Christian Perry aka Yaakov Perry, his name has been taken off the Jews for Ron Paul staff page. Also gone are the JFRP's Treasurer and several advisors, including Ilana Mercer. The old line LewRockwell guys though remain.

Jim C. Perry self-proclaimed Orthodox Jew, who gave JTA intern Beth Young an interview as the Chairman and Executive Director of Jews for Ron Paul proclaiming himself to be a "kipah-wearing, fringes-hanging Orthodox Jew."

As it turned out however, Jim C. Perry is a Gay Unitarian and apparently a Pagan Minister. He was the GLBT Outreach Director for the George Phillies campaign. He is most certainly not an Orthodox Jew, something he falsely pretended to be. The JTA has yet to correct their intern's story, but it's about time for them to get on it.

Jim C. Perry also had some issues with his former Libertarian party complaining that he pocketed campaign contributions and skipped out owing people money. He was accused of deceptive behavior when he attempted to run as a Democrat and wound up skipping out on the election.

Despite these cosmetic changes at the Jews for Ron Paul site however, the web site itself continues to be registered to Jim C. Perry. As Yaakov Perry, he continues to moderate the Jews for Ron Paul Yahoo Group and go through the charade of being an Orthodox Jew.

According to the Bylaws of Jews for Ron Paul; Article 4, Section 2: Executive Director

The Executive Director shall have full and exclusive authority to manage the affairs of the organization, but may delegate specified limited authority to others. For statutory and regulatory purposes, the Executive Director shall be the only officer of the corporation, unless further officers are required by law
So it would appear that Jews for Ron Paul was designed to function under the control of Jim C. Perry. It's not clear that this control has been ceded yet or that J4RP has disassociated itself from him. Since J4RP was itself Perry's creation to allow him to function as a liaison for Ron Paul to the Jewish community as he has functioned to the LGBT community in the past, it may be a question of whether the Ron Paul campaign via the J4RP Lew Rockwell board of advisors is willing to push him out or continue using a discredited figure in a hopeless attempt to redirect the very real and serious questions about Ron Paul's ties to the far right.


  1. Anonymous16/11/07

    It's so easy to get the sheeple distracted from their present and grave threat to Iarael and his upcoming Annapolis meeting.
    Ron Paul will not be allowed to proceed much farther by the Bush/Clinton New Word Order CFR syndicate so he's reall not much of an issue ,but he is a distraction the Bush boot lickers use to keep the dumb sheep feeding on manure.

    Don't you find it odd that 98% of the people who write for and support Israel and those who post are all on their hands and knee's licking Bush's cow manure soiled boots and keeping them polished ?
    It's fascinating to see this same mesmerizing spirit which Hitler had over the masses sway the blind Bushbots who can't see past Secretary Rice.
    These MESMERIZED blind fools won't acknowledge that if Rice were not doing what Herr Georgewants he would have fired her .HE HIRED HER AND SAYS SHE IS DOING A GREAT JOB YOU IDIOTS.
    All of these phony hypocrites who bow to superpower BUSH are exposed as those who go down to Egypt for help.
    Sheer Power is what makes them the whores they are.
    if Bush ruled Costa Rica they would hang up on him and tell him to piss off.
    They are seduced whores for his power.
    That is where their hope lies ,not in God or His power.
    To the snowflake Zionists who support Israel
    I've been a witness to a strange thing among Israel's strongest supporters.
    They've all turn out to be pathetic cowards who make excuses for the Chief destroyer of Israel.
    And they continue their farce and outright deception with no shame.
    They are part of the problem facing Israel ,no where near the help that they masquerade to be.
    They won't even identify the Chief enemy ,the treacherous betrayer ,the wolf who wears a sheeps skin
    These cowards do go after his secretary.
    With enemies ,at least you know their intentions ,but with a treacherous friend who deviously plays the part of a friend
    it is evil personified .
    But the blind leaders of the blind snowflake Zionists continue to grovel at his feet and give him undeserved praise and cover.
    Their years of silence towards the one man who by way of his false peace and dream for his terrorist Islamic Palestinian state ethnically cleansed of all Jews destroys Israel is much worse than mere cowardice ,it is a henious betrayal of Israel.
    If they would have oposed their demi-god and idol ,President Bush early on ,the flood of destruction coming from this treacherous and evil man might have been quelled.
    Even after the Gaza debacle they continue to make pathetic excuses of ignorance or cowardly blaming his secretary,the Rat Rice.
    They do not have the courage to point the finger of responsibility and guilt where it belongs because they have a personal interest in their doubleminded hypocrisy.
    It's no wonder Israel is in such dire straits with pathetic Zionists like this who half heartedly support Israel and cover for their friend ,the destroyer of Israel.
    Everyone of you are shallow hypocrites .

    marcel cousineau

  2. Marcel,

    I've actually written numerous pieces critical of Bush




    But the topic is not the Bush Administration, the topic is the lies and deceit practiced by the Ron Paul campaign, which is backed by many of the same people who would like to see not only Israel but the Jews entire wiped off the face of the earth and some who have already tried to do that once

  3. Anonymous16/11/07

    I appreciate your effort to keep Jews for Ron Paul honest. I don't understand the last paragraph though; I don't see what his has to do with the Ron Paul campaign or the attempts to make him seem "far right."

  4. Anonymous16/11/07

    None of the things you mentioned are associated with the official campaign to elect Ron Paul. Just because fringe elements attach themselves to political candidates does not mean that the candidates support their position or endorse their beliefs. Likewise, to spend all of one's time distancing oneself from fringe elements would take all of any popular politicians time.

    People support who they support. It is up to you to support the candidate who really represents your values. If you choose to support the wrong candidate with your vote or your money, shame on you - not shame on them.

  5. ron paul's ties to the far right are exactly the issue here

    J4RP was meant to silence questions of ron paul's ties to white supremacist and racist groups

  6. Anonymous17/11/07

    It ain't not so that Ron Poal is an antesimite
    He is not. He just don't like Israel and any people from that place from what they do to the whole world with their brain washing like in hollywood movies.
    He just don't want money going to them Jews who run the banks and hollywood and the soviet union. I even heard the Jews got a book out about their own myth of having a conspiracy to run the whole world with brain washing and what you call it, mind control?
    I also hear that Israel been putting electronic and microwaves in the wall of houses in america to disrup the minds of the people.
    Ron Paul will make them stop if they got no money to put them in the walls any more.

  7. Anonymous18/11/07

    Sorry to hear the group and website was a fraud, but MAKE NO MISTAKE in LA & Hollywood we have several Jews for Ron Paul.

    I have linked them on my blog & met them in person.

  8. i'm sure there are jews out there who support ron paul

    there are jews who support hillary and david duke too after all

    the specific org in question was a fraud though

  9. Interesting to see that anti-semites
    are calling Jews and the friends of the Jews nazis...

    Its like Naomi Wolfe the famous
    Al Gore's Earth tone Stalinist constantly citing Orwell.

    But it is the core of bolchevism,
    language prostitution



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