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Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Afternoon Roundup -

Well it's been a week of controversial posts. I have no doubt lost some readers and links, but I don't have much time to keep track of such things anyway. Unlike the major blogs involved in the Vlaams Belang argument, I don't expect that my posts will have generated any of the kind of flurry of linking delinking that greeted the LGF, Brussels Journal, Gates of Vienna spat. I've expressed my opinion on those things and I'm moving on.

Onward and upward.

In the blog roundup, first of all we have the Elder of Ziyon himself, with two interesting looks
at a pan of Walt and Mearsheimer from Tikkun Magazine and from Joseph Massad, neither friends of Israel to say the least.

In 2006, ‘pro–Israel’ PACs and individuals are estimated to have contributed more than $9 million to party coffers and congressional campaigns. While that is a significant amount, it ranks significantly below that of PACs and individuals supporting the interests of lawyers ($58 million), retirees ($36 million), real estate interests ($33 million), health professionals ($32 million), securities and investment interests ($29 million), the insurance industry ($21 million), commercial banks ($16 million), the pharmaceutical industry ($14 million), the defense industry ($13 million), electrical utilities ($12 million), the oil and gas industry ($11 million), and the computer industry ($10 million), among others. If campaign contributions had such a direct impact on policy as Walt and Mearsheimer claim, Congress should therefore have a strong and consistent pro-labor agenda since contributions given in support of unions representing public sector workers, the building trades, and transportation workers each were significantly higher than the total contributions given in support for the Israeli government. Furthermore, with rare exceptions, PACs allied with the Israel Lobby do not contribute more than 10 percent of the total amount raised by a given campaign.

- Over at Our Children Are the Guarantors, Zionist Youngster has a great post on Standing for Nationalism

Today, however, it is important to defend nationalism, because it is very much the only stop-gap against the encroachment of superstates, whether nanny-state socialist like the European Union or Islamofascist like the planned Caliphate; superstates which, by nature, would spell the death of civil liberties to all those who fall under their jurisdiction. It is necessary, first of all, to clear nationalism’s name from the Marxists’ post-WWII narrative, and then to show how nationalism, when properly done, is the best fit for the human race.

-- Lemon Lime Moon posts on culture and the six arab men detained at the airport

Well , no the airlines and the woman did not make everyone scared of you, your own arabic speaking peoples did that when they blew up the World Trade Center mass murdering over 3,000 human beings and when your people rejoiced the world over in the streets as if it was a holiday and when your people still mouth off about doing even more damage. That is what made people afraid and wary and suspicious of all of you.

-- Meanwhile Space Ramblings has some disturbing reports on the descent of the Ron Paul campaign into criminal behavior that includes Ron Paul supporters using hacked computers under a botnet to send Ron Paul spam and Ron Paul supporters replying to an article about it by targeting and harassing the Wired reporter Sarah Lai Stirland who wrote the story.

"The tactics of Ron Paul supporters have only gotten dirtier since I wrote about them previously in Ron Paul Supporters Now Openly Turning to Crime, Hacking Computers, Terrorizing Reporters, the tactics of the Ron Paul supporters now suggest some of the worst behavior of the Nixon administration and Hillary Clinton. It isn’t really a surprise because the Ron Paul campaign is a stalking horse for the far right, the sort of nuts who cut their teeth on staging these same dirty tricks for Oliver North and Pat Buchanan and David Duke in their own races, now empowered with the internet and a lot of free time.

The next stage occurred when these or other Ron Paul supporters then created a post by Sarah Lai Stirland, on a pro-Rudy forum that they themselves might have created or at least taken over, that had her claiming she wrote the article to support Rudy and asking for money to be sent to her PayPal account. It is of course ironic but not surprising that Ron Paul supporters responded to an accusation that they had engaged in criminal activity in support of Ron Paul by trying to refute it with more criminal activity. It just shows how fundamentally rotten the Ron Paul base is.

-- Right Truth meanwhile rounds up some of the latest developments in domestic terrorism

And that's all folks

See you next week. Shabbat shalom


  1. Hiya Sultan.
    I won't stop reading your blog Sultan and links from my page to yours will always be there (such as they are, LOL) and I know my blog isn't much. I like your blog. I may not always agree, but I love HaShem and see you do too. There has to be something there and I think we see eye to eye on a lot of things. I gave money to the Temple Institute, it wasn't a lot, but it was alot to me and I want to see it rebuilt.
    Thank you for your blog Sultan.

  2. Anyone who would remove a link to your blog just because they disagree with your views on a couple of matters is simply acting childishly.

    Continue to write fearlessly, and Shavua tov.

  3. I gues I have to put his link back now.
    Sucks thumb and pouts .

  4. you can put it up on the wall of truth!

  5. just put an umbrella then

  6. Well I DO remove people I don't agree with from my links or don't link to them at all. I will not promote junk, immoral behavior, or bad language, etc .from my blog. I believe that there are standards to be held to.
    I might even agree with someones views on their blog, but will not list them due to the type of language they use.
    I limit who I link to because of that.



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