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The Turkey Mess Stews on America's Burner

While we're talking a lot about Iran these days, Turkey is causing plenty of real headaches. The former bastion of secularism is looking more and more like Pakistan these days with a religious government right down to the new President, hate-filled propaganda, Al-Queda operating freely in Turkey and now a showdown with the Armenians and the Kurds.

Like Iran, Turkey is built on the oppression of indigenous minorities. In Iran it's the Azeris who make up much of Iran but have few rights compared to the ruling Persian minority. In Turkey it's a laundry list of ethic and religious minorities, topped by the Armenians and the Kurds. And right now the Armenian genocide bill is headed to the White House. The Bush Administration rightly points out that it will create a national security disaster with Turkey while Nancy Pelosi rightly points out that she doesn't care because anything that goes wrong for the White House can only help the Democrats. Not that it really matters though because sooner or later Turkey will openly turn on America, whether or not we recognize that Turkey is built on oppressing its minorities and even murdering them wholesale.

The supposed killings of a number of Turkish soldiers by Kurdish militants is now creating a situation where Turkey may invade Iraq. Iran which has been flirting with both Turkey and Iraqi Kurds is happy enough to take advantage of this and may even have created the situation. From movies like "Valley of the Wolves" to the open sale of Mein Kampf in Turkey, Turkey's Islamist government has been conducting a propaganda campaign against America intended to force a split and hostility between Turks and America that will cut off Turkey's military from America and allow a new Muslim realignment for the former secular Republic.

The real problem with Turkey is not the Armenians or the Kurds, it's an Islamist government that is determined to remake Turkey along the lines of Pakistan's General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and that government will seize on any pretext to create tension with Washington, if it's not the Armenians or the Kurds, it will always be something. Putting out the individual fires doesn't make the real difference, recognizing that the current Turkish government is our enemy, will.


  1. I mostly think a Turkey should get stuffed.

  2. Roast the Turkey until it Kurdles?

    Let's make it into a reality tv show - Turkey Shoot! Followed by Iranian Idol, where arabs are forced to do their impression of their false god and how he'd sing! muuhahahaaaa.

    Next comes the arab version of "Lost" called "Vanished!" Which is what we wish would happen to them! muuhahahaaa part 2.

  3. The Armenians pressing for everyone to sign their genocide thingy is not helping either I think.
    Turkey wanted to join the EU but it was not popular there to let them in . I am not sure why.


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