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Im Eskachech Yerushalayim Tiskach Yemini in the Knesset

On Sunday Shas Minister Eli Yishai barred Jewish workers from working on Shabbat during the renovation of the runways at Ben Gurion airport. Shas however has not barred its MK's from sitting in the Olmert led coalition that is preparing to hand over much of Israel to Arab terrorists... including Yerushalayim.

Which one wonders is the worse sin, chillul Shabbat by working on an airport runway or the destruction of the land of Israel and the murder of Jews.

Like Esav, Eli Yishai discusses taking Maaser from salt while his hands are red with blood. The Right Wing and Haredi parties, Ashkenazi and Sefardi, which continue to maintain this government while fussing over the niceties of Halacha are nothing more than pig's feet stretched out to the public. Look we wear beards, we don't work on Shabbat, see how Kosher we are. Yet as Pirkei Avot says, their tables are laden with vomit. Their hands are bloodied with the blood of their brothers though as Kayin they proclaim a thousand times with false piety, that they know nothing of the matter.

Addressing Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu, two phony right wing parties, Netanyahu demanded;
"What are you doing in this government? Do you really agree to let Hamas rule neighborhoods in Jerusalem? Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's plan to give the Palestinian Authority a state in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and much of Jerusalem is a danger to Israel and you are not preventing the danger by sitting in the government. To the contrary - you are giving it legitimacy and allowing it to happen."
And the answer of course is that they do agree to the plan so long as those neighborhoods aren't populated by their own voters. Netanyahu's question is rhetorical because by now we know that Shas will do anything for money and Avigdor Lieberman will do anything for a shot at the Prime Minister's office.

In response to Olmert's plan to give away Yerushalayim, Shas issued a tepid squeak.

"The prime minister stressed that the division of Jerusalem would not be a part of the declaration of principles. However, he explained that any reference he might make to Ramon's words could undermine Palestinian President Abbas' efforts to control the Palestinian Authority, and the American efforts to promote the diplomatic process," a Shas member said.

Yes of course Olmert isn't planning to give away Yerushalayim. He just can't say so... right now, because it would be undiplomatic. But of course just like Rabin, Peres and Barak, once the agreement is made it won't include anything like that. After all if we learned anything from the last decade and a half, it's that our Prime Ministers never keep the public in the dark, never lie about their proposed concessions and never present them as a fait accompli when they're agreed to.

Go to sleep children, we're not giving away Yerushalayim anymore than we would create a Palestinian state, arm the terrorists and give them Gaza and divide up Yerushalayim. Again. We just can't say so right now. Trust us, it'll be okay.

He added that Shas would "find it difficult" to remain in the coalition if the declaration of principles include reference to the division of Jerusalem or the return of Palestinian refugees to Israel. "The Jerusalem issue is a very sensitive one for Rabbi Ovadia,

Oh yes, the poor dears in Shas would find it "difficult" to remain in the government when it announces that it's giving up Yerushalayim. Yet somehow... somehow they'll manage. As they have before. As long as their price in shekels is met. I hope they built another mikvas with those shekels to wash off all the blood.

Yerushalayim is a "very sensitive issue" for Rabbi Ovadia. How nice that we've gone from Im Eskachech Yerushalayim Tiskach Yemini to "a very sensitive issue". We've gone from the Leviim who mutilated themselves to Shas' "spiritual leader" who considers it a "sensitive issue". Compare his rhetoric blasts against everything under the sun to this anonymous little message informing us that it's a "sensitive issue" for him.

Yes children, Rabbi Ovadya Yosef finds Yerushalayim to be a very sensitive issue and he hopes it won't be given away. And if it is, he might shed a tiny little tear too. And then he'll inform us who else he's decided is going to hell in his weekly lecture.

Avigdor Lieberman and Eli Yishai posture and pretend that they're right wing, that they care about Israel and are against any division of Yerushalayim and they show us their cloven hooves. The average Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu voter is right wing. They are good people who have been hijacked by parties dedicated to narrow ethnic interests run by corrupt figures who care nothing about the country itself. These are the wages of voting for Yisrael Beiteinu or Shas. These are the wages of hell.

If a party or a man does not truly believe, Im Eskachech Yerushalayim Tiskach Yemini, do not vote for him and do not support him. He may look like you. He may speak your language. He may promise to represent you but he represent no Jew at all.


  1. "Yes children, Rabbi Ovadya Yosef finds Yerushalayim to be a very sensitive issue and he hopes it won't be given away"


  2. Anonymous11/10/07

    "Im eshkachech Yerushalayim, tishkach yemini" -- One could maybe read this as, "If I forget you, Jerusalem, forget my 'right'; forget those politicians who posture and pretend to be on the right."

    -- MAOZ

  3. A sensitive issue. That rabbi makes a life and death matter for the Israeli people sound like a matter of etiquette that must be discuss gingerly.

    In my experience with politicians and cops alike, they typically pull out the old "sensitive matter" routine when they aren't doing their jobs or are afraid of public backlash.

    Or more commonly, when they are too cowardly to say "No" or "Hell No" when the situation warrants it.

    Excellent article, Sultan. Keep hammering at them.

  4. Sorry, didn't mean to curse. But you did write unless you really have to.

    I had to.

  5. Anonymous11/10/07

    to see the real Ehud Olmert

  6. no worries k.a.

    much more true to life, digger ;)

  7. Anonymous11/10/07

    While it tends to be very heavy, and almost feels like being lectured to by a professor who speaks in monotone, there is a website called "Israel End Times" that offers much insight into the mind set of England and much of the anglo-european world. This includes America too. Recognize that in America you have two distinct groups. You have the masses and you have the technocrats. The President straddles between the elected and the "movers." The people (still) favor Israel, but the government favor cost/value. the Congress supports a Jewish State. But, the State Department wants to squeeze Israel out of existence. The only limiting factor is how to minimize another holocaust. The Two-State solution is simply a temporary step to a Arab majority State. The hope is to get the Arabs to allow a protected Jewish minority (Dhimi-fication of a non-Muslim people). Much of the rest of the world will accept whatever happens. Should millions of Jews be killed they will erect a nice memorial.

    Of course, one might ask why should "Jews" willingly lead and be lead to slaughter?

    This is very complex. The Sultan has address this in the past. There are two articles listed on the Jerusalem post website. One was written by Mr. Pipes.

    My thought as previously expressed is a deep seated hatred of all things Jewish by the Left-Elite. What better way to disprove the Bible then by ending the "experiment." Many Christians and Jews saw in the 6-day war the hand of G-d. By reversing the event the Left hope to show it was only luck.

    The worldwide-Left seeks to end all religion. Or, at best, create a unified religion for all. To do this means wiping the slate clean. Like the Anti-Jewish Jews this means to undermine the Bible. That is why two antagonist, Muslims and Atheist, can work together. Of course, once they are done you will have a battle between them with no moral limits.

    What about new elections by the Jewish Right? There simples isn't an organized Right Wing party. Therefore, new elections will not make a real change. Seriously who believes that a government lead by Bibi will be any better? Bibi will likely form a unity cabinet with Labor. It will be very stable, but the tail will wag the dog. And, then they will have four years to do tremendous damage.

  8. Yo's solution to the problem: First we feed the rabbis to the arabs and then kill the arabs for the fun of it. That way we've killed two groups of frauds with one stone.

    Oh I know. The rabbis are fellow Jews so we can't feed them to the monkeys. I vote we do it anyway. It's called "do the Pinchas!" :]

    A Keli quote: "Sorry, didn't mean to curse. But you did write unless you really have to."

    ROFL!!!!!! I love it. hee hee

  9. Anonymous12/10/07

    When I went to camp we had a song, "Here we sit like birds in the wilderness waiting for our food." Seems nothing changes.

    Two interesting articles to read. One by Mr. Pipes about the end of Zionism and one called Bannana Republic. Both recently see in Jerusalem Post.

    It is interesting how things are becoming more polarized. The forces of good and evil have been moving away from each other. The masses have to make up their minds and decide where they want to be.

    The respect for the Sages is being cslled into question. Maany Rav's went to Gush Katif and said the disengagment will not happen. Many Jews were spiritual destroyed with the withdrawal.

    Now we again have many leading Rabbis coming out with statements that Jerusalem must not be offered and certainly not divided (see todays Arutz Sheva). This will only fortify the current leadership to offer up Jerusalem. Not to say that they need much pushing. These anti-Jews will do anything to destroy tradition.

    A corrollary to all this will be the Army. Why should secular Israelis fight a losing battle. A war that their parents teach them to be tired of winning. Also why should they fight a battle defined by the ultra-religious segment of the population (to them this included the settler movement, the Haredium, etc.). Soon you will have an army lacking in recruits. The Haredium will hardly fill the ranks in place of the secular youth. This will destroy a major part of what protects the people.

    I hate to say it, but we Jews are in a downward spiril. The lack of love is our worse enemy. And it is growing. I wish I had a solution. But, I don't.

  10. ROFL Yo!

    I cursed (a little) but at least I didn't raise my virtual voice or throw chairs)


  11. The throwing chairs refers to me and my previous actions on the blog.
    He can't make me stop though, he only thinks he can.

  12. LOL Lemon. You and Sultan have carte blanche on my blog. Feel free to throw chairs all you like there :) Besides, I've never seen you display anger without a good cause.

    SHABBAT SHALOM Sultan, Lemon, Yobee, Yesha, Digger, Anonymous person...anyone else I might have missed.


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