Home Russian Journalist Investigating Russian Arms Transfers to the Middle-East Murdered
Home Russian Journalist Investigating Russian Arms Transfers to the Middle-East Murdered

Russian Journalist Investigating Russian Arms Transfers to the Middle-East Murdered

Ivan Safronov, a retired colonel and military correspondent for the Kommersant newspaper was murdered. Ivan Safronov had been investigating covert Russian arms shipments to Syria and Iran. He had been warned repeatedly by the authorities that there would be consequences if his investigation continued. Now he was murdered.

Ivan Safronov is the 212th journalist to be murdered under Putin. The Putin regime is of course calling it a suicide and claiming that he jumped out of a window. On the floor the oranges he had just returned from buying still lay, untouched.

Before his death Safronov had extensively reported on Russia's military push into the middle east, including the creation of a future base for the Black Fleet in Syria and the plan to base a permanent fleet in the area. This will include the addition of troops and air defense systems.

Safronov had also extensively reported on the Putin's regime's plans for a new generation of missiles and nuclear weapons in its escalation of the second cold war. This is of crucial importance to America and Israel, now that Russian planes are buzzing US bases, Russia is lighting the fuse in the middle east, having tricked Syria into believing that Israel was about to invade it last year in order to boost arms sales (Russia successfully pulled off the same trick in 1967) and creating the threat intended to destroy Israel and create a hegemony of Russian allies across the middle east once more.


  1. According to the international Committee to Protect Journalists, Russia is the third deadliest country for journalists.

    Regarding this case specifically, CPJ writes that initially it was ruled a suicide then they looked into the possibility of classifying it as an "incitement to suicide" in other words, someone or some organization provoking the "suicide" through threats and abusive treatment."

    The only reason it was apparently classified as a suicide was the absence of foul play. There's some confusion over the oranges as the CPJ reports that they were scattered, which could have resulted from a struggle.


    To my way of thinking, that isn't suicide either.

    In the US, anytime there is an unattended death it is assumed to be a homicide and is investigated. In Russia where this man was a high-ranking military officer (colonel I believe), a military correspondent and writing about arms sales to the Middle East, and from a personal standpoint an unlikely potential suicide victim they didn't so much as bother to check his computer.

    It all screams murder not suicide. And as we've seen with the other cases in which Russians have been poisoned, the government is quite good at masking murders.

  2. Many orange purchases have driven Russians to suicide. I heard that Catherine the Great once became suicidal over even bananas. Hence the term, "gone bananas".
    Russians can be very fruity people and this is the result.
    Sorry, I couldnt resist.

    Russia is business as usual as the book by Golitzin warned. The perestroika, the glastnost, the fall of the USSR.. all a circus show put on for people.
    Nothing changes.
    The horrendous thing now is that certain Jewish groups are luring Jews back to Russia. I feel they are working for the government just as many of the priests of the Orthodox church were agents of the Soviets.

  3. LOL Lemon.


    And all the while the BBC blathers on about the Russian middle class (is there a Russian middle class?) being infatuated with Putin's pecs. Okay, so he's not an old, baffoonish drunk like Yeltsin at least with the old school Cold War Russian hardliners you knew what they were up to and where they stood.

  4. I nearly grew suicidal over turnips once. I would have been successful too if the bloody turnip leaf didn't keep bending every time I stabbed myself.

    Maybe I'm biased, prejudiced, etc. etc., but if anyone dies in Russia, even if it's from the common cold - the Russian government is probably behind it.

    It's interesting to think how much times have changed since the 70's. Back then, Russia was moving tanks into Israel using tunnels. Nowadays they can pretty much do it out in the open.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Bush is financing it. Not that I'm prejudice, believe in conspiracy theories or that turnips are a government plot to terrify little children or anything. :]

  5. Anonymous24/9/07

    Grapes of Wrath?

    Bashar Assad and Vladymir Putin have a lot in common - and they're good buddies. Only their techniques are different. Vladymir is much more imaginative - like the mob. Bashar uses what works. If your in the opposition in Lebanon it's best not to drive.

  6. Anonymous24/9/07

    If the arms dealers killed Princess Diana to stop her anti-landmine campaign, they wouldn't think twice about killing a Russian journalist.


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