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The Corruption in Israel is Rising and the Clock is Ticking

As the rockets from Olmert's retreat from Gaza continue to slam into Sderot, the government has finally decided to do something about the problem. No, not the problem of the shelling of Sderot from Gaza but the problem of Mayor Eli Moyal who has served as the outspoken voice of Sderot, refusing evacuation plans and repeatedly demanding that the government do something about the situation. The latest step involved a plan by the residents of Sderot to head to Yerushalayim and to hold classes on the Knesset lawn.

After delaying for over a year, the government finally took swift action. Detectives descended on Sderot's city hall accompanied by the National Fraud Squad and the Tax Authority to investigate charges of corruption. Eli Moyal has voluntarily suspended himself and declared his innocence. That of course did not help fellow Likud Sefardi politician, Moshe Katsav. At least Olmert's people aren't bothering to accuse Eli Moyal of rape, even they know a cliche when they see it.

Meanwhile the rockets keep falling but an example is being made out of a Mayor who had become too vocal and confrontational. The message is that the same example can be made out of anyone. The disgusting charade of Olmert's government, a man who himself was on trial for corruption, siccing his dogs on his political opponents has only begun.

All the while Olmert continues trying to force the dismissal of
Accountant General Yaron Zelekha who is set to testify against Olmert in the Bank Leumi bribery scandal. Zelekha has said that this is the fourth attempt by Olmert to fire him and this one appears to have succeeded with Finance Minister Roni Bar On leading the coverup. Zelekha had started out as an advisor to Netanyahu and went on to serve as a thorn in the side of the Sharon and Olmert governments and their wealthy buddies overseas who were busy trying to buy up the country while slipping money to the Sharon Crime Family and Olmert under the table.

But it was the privatization of Bank Leumi when Olmert replaced Netanyahu at the treasury and worked to influence the tender so it went to a buddy of his that resulted in Zelekha's testimony opening an investigation against Olmert. Olmert has in turn accused Zelekha of subversion against the government (the same accusation aimed at the settlers) and announced that he would have him fired. Should Zelekha succeed in hanging on to his post, no doubt sooner or later anonymous figures will emerge to claim he assaulted them or the detectives will descend on his office as well.

Zelekha has called the Olmert government the most rotten in history, which it is. But it has its roots in the legal and political infrastructure of the country. When Sharon formed Kadima he carried along with him the biggest sellouts and the men and women with the least morals from Likud and Labor. Olmert's Peace Now connections allow him to tap into a left wing culture at the judicial level that will protect him so long as he continues putting Arab interests over Jewish ones. While the sham of the Israeli Supreme Court continues forcing changes to the wall, the legal system cracks down on settler activists while allowing anarchists and Peace Now activists to conduct a reign of terror against Jewish farmers.

Even in the face of a coming war with Iran, Olmert continues concentrating on appeasing America by meeting with Abbas and contemplating the handover of still more territory into enemy hands. And the Sderots that will arise from that catastrophe will not be addressed by the IDF but by treating those who expose the incompetence and corruption of the government, the Katsavs, the Moya's and the Zelekhas as enemies of the state. The corrupt oligarchy which Netanyahu attempted to prune back is now wreaking havoc on the nation. Its corruption has infected every sector of society and every political party, its dishonesty has corrupted even the culture itself, both business and personal. And the time is running out to purge the cliques and clean house.

In the last war IDF soldiers went sent underequipped into combat. In a matter of months or at most years, Israel will have a showdown with a nuclear armed Iran, which now controls Gaza and perhaps soon the West Bank. Under men such as Olmert, Israel will lose. While Olmert and portions of Kadima no doubt have planes waiting on runways and children already living abroad, ready to scamper away much as the Polish government did when the Germans went in, that is not an option for the nation. If they are not purged, Israel will be.


  1. There is no clearer example of evil afoot at the top in Israel.
    But we must understand who is pulling the string's of these modern day Kapo's.
    Weak ,cowardly and spineless leaders have been set up in power just as the Roman Empire set up yes men who would do the bidding of the Emperor over his distant province.
    Even Netanyahu could not say no to U.S pressure.
    When Sharon came back from his Washington visit he was a changed man.
    I learned that he was threatened to go along with the plan by president Bush or the U.S. would no longer stand with Israel.
    It worked.
    The Bulldozer began to implement the orders he had recieved to remove fellow Jews from their land with zeal.
    Soon after he became a vegetable.
    The empty soul,faithless and weak puppet Olmert follows the same comatose path.
    A weak Barak wets in his pants when he recieves a call from Washington and obeys without question.
    This is why Israel is in such a sickly condition.
    The only vision(Road Map)Israel's leaders have is the one from a corrupt, backstabbing phony ally which has become the greatest disaster in it's history.
    No other vision from these worthless politicians,the same sucking at the poison nipple of their old masters.

    Whenever the phone call from Washington comes,Olmert,Barak,Peres,Netanyahu just cannot say no.
    These weak and faithless leaders only know to bow to their earthly master because they cannot see beyond their nose.

  2. Anonymous4/9/07

    Yes, blame the US for weak spineless bribe ridden leaders?
    Thats crap. Israel's leadership is on the dole. They are sucking Israel dry .
    Men do what they do on their own.
    Don't use the USA as an excuse like an alcoholic uses pressure as an excuse for his sin.
    When will people stand up and be responsible for what they themselves do?
    So now Marcel, Olmert, like the Germans was only following orders?
    Come on. Thats nonsense.
    Israel is a grown up nation maybe it is time it acted like it.

  3. "Israel is a grown up nation maybe it is time it acted like it."
    The U.S interfered in Israel's election and props up only weak leaders.Thats a fact.
    Remember what happended to Yitzak Shamir ?
    Israel has to get off the nipple and get back to their roots of self suffiency and survival.
    Can you tell me the last time an Israeli P.M said NO to Bush or Clinton ?
    The Turks, Iraq,even britan,France ect. can say no to the U.S. but Israel is not able to.
    Why is that ?
    That won't happen until there is a divorce from the whore they serve and the Road Map is rejected by Israel.
    Think about it Israel is still sucking on the Road Map which we can all agree is destroying Israel wonderfully.
    Think about this also;
    What Israel's enemies could not accomplish in five wars, good old goldencalfboy George is accomplishing with a grin and help from Israel itself to ethnically clear out fellow Jews without a bullet fired.
    Israel ,defeated by peace...and too many Jews silently go along with it making excuses for this grand idol America and the goldencalfboy.
    What will you do when America is no more ?

  4. Anonymous4/9/07

    Grown ups dont lean on props Marcel, thats the point.
    If israel wants to play with the big boys she better damn well grow up and begin to make her own decisions. Blaming the US for what goes wrong in Israel is, as I said, like an alcoholic blaming others for his drinking.
    Israel is a nation with brains, ability and it does not need to lean. It is actually, a sin for it to lean on America or anyone else since Israel is not to make alliances.
    That being said, if they are going to make these alliances they can shut up and deal with the consequences or stand up on their hind legs and do what is right.
    You act as if Israel is a whimpish, 2nd rate retarded moshav instead of a full blown nation!
    You have the mentality that thinks Israel needs welfare to stand up.
    I disagree
    The only whore Israel serves is its own blind leadership who refuse to care about their nation first and their pocketbooks less.

    8:00 PM

  5. Anonymous5/9/07

    I learned an important lesson from my rabbi when I was grousing about President Bush "forcing "Israel to clear Jews from Gaza or make peace with the enemy.

    He told me Jews are our worst enemies. Not GWB or the EU but our brothers who connive in every devious way to thwart our nationhood. The Chomsky's, Beilins, Finlkesteins, Olmerts, Sharon's, the Yuli Tamir's, and Yariv Oppenheimer's. Their perfidy cuts deep. Not an ordinary pain but only the deep gut wreching, knife turning pain when the hand on the knife is your brother's.

    It's why I read the news with such dread. Why tears spring to my eyes so easily these days. And why I can daven the prayer against heretics with such intention.

  6. Lou,
    You always give the bully superpower a pass against the little outnumbered and weaker nation state which daily has it's sovereignty trampled by this pompous, arrogant,meddler who assumes to play God in dividing someone elses land and giving it to Islamic terrorists.
    Why is that ?
    It's no longer a relationship of Israel leaning ,because the superpower has become a bully towards the smaller asnd weaker dependent child.

    Israel's daddy has become a brutal bully who keeps his little children on a tight leash.

    Olmert can do nothing else but follow the orders of his master in Washington.He is a loyal puppet.
    Instead of crushing Hamas the order has been to help the nonhuman animals in Gaza with food, water ,electricity and don't go beyond a small skirmish.
    If the Jews were to defeat the arabs ever again this would trouble the U.S. relationship with the Arab world ,the Saudi's,Egypt and especially the
    'progress' in Iraq's Shiite theocracy.
    Israel is resatrained from any win any longer against her enemies
    Haven't you noticed ?
    This has been going on since Oslo and Arafat bering protected by Bush at the Mukata when Sharon was destroying it ,building by building.
    Bush came to Arafat's rescue and told Sharon not to harm Arafat.
    Israel is no longer permitted a decisive victory over your arab enemies anymore.The stooge puppet minister of Israel proved this in Lebanon and now in Gaza.
    He talks but knows he does not have permission from Bush to raise too much dust in Gaza. This would endanger U.S.,Arab relations.

  7. Olmert really needs to make amends with Hashem now, and this is an ideal time of year to do so. Please Mr. Olmert atone for your sins and crimes now.

    BTW just to sidetrack a little on the children of Sderot attending school...when their parents talked about keeping them home Olmert told them not to deprive their children of "the experience." How cold hearted can he be? For any of them that are emotionally traumatized injured or killed four words to remember Mr. Olmert--MEA CULPA! MEA CULPA!

    (sorry for using latin from a Catholic Mass on your blog Sultan. I just don't know the Hebrew words for "my fault, my fault" or literally my culpability, my culpability.

  8. chatati, chatati... i sinned, i sinned

  9. Anonymous5/9/07

    I have withheld comments for a few days because one christian gentleman and one yehudi passed condescending, inaccurate remarks regarding my earlier comment. Addressing that: goyim translates into "heathens" whereas the English word "gentile" is used to connotate a non-Jew (the stranger), and is respectfully connotated with the Hebrew word "ger." For those that do not know Hebrew, I recommend employing it correctly and not trying to combine the meanings of several words to substantiate isogetic labeling. I stand by what I wrote: the goyim leaders of this country are out to destroy the Jews.

    Second, I served in the U.S. Army for ten years with Honorable discharge. I earned the right to speak my mind. Perhaps not in Canada, but in the U.S. (for now) it is (supposed to be) so.

    The most accurate summary is given (drum roll) by Udiyah.

    We Jews are our own worst enemies. I mentioned this before: the rest of the world watches us either in glee (the majority) or in horror (a small minority of ger tsedekkim).

    But make no mistakes about it: for one reason or another, others have their own agenda. Goyim wish our destruction, and most gerim wish our conversion.

    Now let me put it into terms that a non-Jew can sympathize with, but for identical reasons cannot emphathize with. My grandfather's brother was a singer and a theatrical performer in Italy who drew pictures for children and raised animals.

    The SS hung him by hooks and beat him with steel rods. They flayed him alive before shipping him on a "train trip" to the fire. What did he do to them? Nothing.

    Some of us remember that: all of our families being wiped out.

    And the underlying fault is with us, because we sat there within complacency while the world burned, we were warned.

    Udiyah, you're right. Never again, I say.
    Yesha Galluzzo

  10. Anonymous5/9/07

    No-one can push you around unless you allow it. If a kid's pushed around and has his lunch money stolen at school and his parents tell him: Just walk away Johhny, don't lower yourself by reacting, he's going to get his lunch money stolen on a regular basis.

    Israel's leaders are no different. Why can't they stand up for the people, the land and Jewish ideals? Because they're weak, because they want to be welcomed into the bosom of the world.
    They're sick with leftist ideology and the distorted vision of Peace that comes with it.

    I loathe GWB for abandoning the Bush Doctrine. Hypocrite. I don't give a F about nuance or national self interest. I'm American. I love my country but I'm a Jew first. That should be the way Israel's leaders conduct business. As Jews first.

    Israel's leaders are not strong enough to stand up to the world. Period.

    * A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.

    - Alexander Hamilton

  11. Thanks! Yes, that is what Olmert must do. During the time before Yom Kippur he must go on national television and say that and beg forgiveness from the Israeli people and G-d.

  12. Anonymous5/9/07

    First, let of say that you have offered another thoughtful essay. I still think there is one missing component. The original secular Zionist had a plan to make themselves a special class just like other people are special in their countries. Catholics in western countries. Muslims in their States. Even atheist in their spheres of influence. Each place set its own glass ceiling to prevent outsiders from advancement. However, for secular Jews they needed to do something with our unique relationship with the Bible.

    I' ve heard two stories related to gutting religion. One was this big secular Kibbutz get together around the early 1900s where they discussed G-D and voted that He does not exist. The second was the opposition to using the G word in the Declaration of Independence. A third story involves Abba Eban. When giving his eloquant speeches at the UN he did not once mention His name to explain what was happening in '67. A Rabbi wrote him and asked why he avoided honoring His name? He allegedly responded by saying it was against government policy to mention G-Ds name.

    So secular Jews created Israeli to throw off the yoke of tradition.

    This worked great until you had Jewish revival. There liberated Jews were shocked that Israelis voted for Begin and Shamir.

    WHAT DOES THE PROFESSOR DO WHEN HIS CREATION BECOMES A MONSTER? He tries to redirect things or he destroys the experiment. This is what the Left did when opening up talks with the PLO in '92. They sold out Israel for the Arab vote. Anything to regain control. Yet, even this was not enough to destroy Jewish revival. Plus the Arabs have not tempered their demands for all the land. So what better way to destroy Jewish revival then to destroy everything?

    This does not minimize world socialist forces that want unity under the forces of the elite. So our elite and the elitist living in ivory towers are working together. So it is not that Israel is being wagged by America. The Israeli Left is simply carrying out its part of the plan.

    The plan is as Henry Kissenger once said to an Iraqi diplomat in 82, America wants to see a small friendly Israel. Of course, such am entity would self destruct. That in a nutshell is this governments plan. Shrink Israel to indefensible borders while lying about demographics. Add to the non-Jewish population by offering the so called Arab refugees the Right of Return. Import Russians and foreign works. Give refugees from Darfur citizenship. The outcome is to make committed Jews the minority.

    Then when we are weak, worse then now, we will be given a choice. Either be absorbed by the Arab majority or be crushed.

    Of course, the Arabs are not stupid. Why should they permit even a Jewish minority? So that will force the reoccupation of all of Palestine while figuring out a solution. In the mean time the elite will wheel and deal themselves protection. As long as the elite feel safe they have on need to change course.

    So you see that the leaders are not stupid or blind or a moron. This is all well thought out. If anyone is blind it is the people on the Right. The masses are being lead to the cliff to be sacrificed to idols of socialism.

    Interestingly it should be noted that many speak of the lack of Jewish leadership and a period of world occupation of Israel at the end, just before redemption.

    Is there a solution? I do not know. I guess staying spiritually and physically strong will help.

    sorry for so much.

  13. ""The SS hung him by hooks and beat him with steel rods. They flayed him alive before shipping him on a "train trip" to the fire. What did he do to them? Nothing.""

    Today the SS train their new commando's in Jericho with Israel's blessing.
    The IDF even allow's weapons ammunition and millions of dollars to help these special forces against their main target ,the Jews.
    The newest crop of kapo's follow their orders to the letter, never deviating from the highest globalist agenda.
    And yet the majority of Israeli sheeple quietly headed for the slaughter without much protest again, stop ,get on their knee's and lick the boots of their hero who throws them of their land for his 2 state final solution.

  14. anonymous,

    zionism had many strains and those that were nationalistic and secular still subdivided into groups hostile to religion and those that respected it

    the declaration of independence of the state of israel mentions Tzur Yisrael, the Rock of Israel and the Torah as the originating point of the jewish peopel

    quite a few of the more socialist kibbutzim held anti-religious views but that was balanced out by the clear inclusion of religion in government from the Rabbis who signed the declaration to the religious role in the IDF

    secular jews didn't need to create israel to throw off the yoke of tradition, all they needed to do was move to berlin or new york where it had already been done

    creating israel was about creating or recreating jewish identity and the zionist groups that existed debated over what that identity was supposed to be

    the old line secular socialists though increasingly began losing their monopoly on the country with begin's ascendancy, as you pointed out but the new left had increasingly begun making its own impact

    and like the american new left, the israeli new left was opposed to their own country

    with the old institutions crumbling, the new left has its hour in the sun wrecking israel with the aid of the EU and those in the US government like Secretary Rice who are more than happy to destroy israel if it feeds the Islamic crocodile

  15. Marcel,

    nothing is happening in israel that isn't happening in america and europe too

    england is selling out its traditions for the feelings of its invaders, france is debating on what terms to make permanent a Muslim occupation of its country and an Islamist Turkey is set to join the EU

    As American soldiers keep dying meanwhile, the government reassures everyone that Islam is the religion of peace

    the momentum is on the wrong side of the equation and there is a good deal of silence in the face of evil

  16. Anonymous5/9/07

    Sultan said:

    "nothing is happening in israel that isn't happening in america and europe too"

    This is a great point. Whatever happens to Israel will eventually happen to the rest ot the world.

  17. Anonymous5/9/07

    Sorry. While there were many flavors I think you great the parties to much favor. I impression of other pieces you have written don't jive with your response. Using the term Rock was described as a last minute by Ben Gurion compromise to get the NRP onboard. The rest of the dominate parties wanted nothing. The other religous parties were ignored. The story goes that Ben Gurion gave in by telling his people that in one or two generations religion would practically disappear. I would assume that he figured that they would make policies with that intent.

  18. Anonymous5/9/07

    You need to stop accepting anonymous post sir.
    Most of your anonymous people are flakes.

  19. Below is a reply that I had posted on Jihad Watch a while ago on an article about what the Waqf are doing on temple mount. One of the posters asked what the man on the street in Israel feels. Another blogger wrote something and I had to add my two cents which ended up being more like four cents. I believe it is relevant here.
    Please forgive me for the length.

    The feeling in the street of Israel is everything that you have said and more. The more being frustration.
    Frustration because of the political system. It does not matter who you vote for you end up with the same issues. Sharon was voted in on an anti-appeasement platform. He did an about face. Another blogger here mentioned Bibi. I don't remember increased violence during his period. In fact he was elected because of the increased violence that was inflicted by the terrorists during the Shimon Peretz period. I had great hopes for Bib.I will never trust him again. People have forgotten that he fast tracked the Olso accords (that was were the increased violence came from)
    The voice if the people is consistantly being ingnored in Israel. Sharon promised a refernedum with regards to the disengagement. It never happened.
    Shyguy said:
    Words that come to mind: complacency, ignorance, inertia, numbness, CONFUSION, surrender, slumber, hopelessness and just plain stupidity.
    The stupidity is reserved for the Media and the Left wing of the Israeli political spectrum. The left wing is in control of the Media, Academia and Judicial system.
    The Political system in Israel is structured so that there is no real accountability to the people. There is no proportional representation.
    In a system of proportional representation, the country is divided into zones. One zone for each seat in Parlaiment. Each political party then puts up a candidate for that zone.During elections each zone votes directly for a candidate to represent the zone in parlaiment.In Australia for example, if I don't like what my member for parlaiment is doing, I can decide not to vote for him/her. This puts the candidate in the position of having to display integrity to the people who voted him in as well as to his party. In theory an incumbant Prime minister can lose his position even if his party had the majority in Parlaiment.

    The way it works in Israel is like this: the people vote for a political party. The members of political party decides who will be the candidates for the Knesset. They have a list of their candidates going from 1 through to 120. This list is decided by members of the party.Therefore to get a good spot on the list you have to be a good shmoozer in your party. There is no direct vote by the general population.The only loyalty the politician has is to his political party. That is if the Likud get 20% of the vote they will get 20% of the seats. The first 24 people on the list will get into the Knesset. This is the flaw in the Israeli political system.
    In Australia if I don't like what my member for parlaiment is doing I can decide not to vote for him/her. This puts the candidate in the position of having to display integrity to the people who voted him in as well as to his party.
    In Israel I have no such power. I can only vote for the party. I can not change the players in the party. When I go to vote I can only hope that this time I won't be betrayed.
    Because there is no proportional representation in Israel, the politicians are increasingly divorced from what the average Israeli thinks. They can do this because there is no accountability, not from the left wing media, not from the Judiciary - short of a civil war the man on the street feels that there is nothing he can do . There is an expression in Israel that goes "Ze trefah ve Ze nevelah" the polite translation of which is one is as bad as the other.
    When people feel powerless and that they are not being heard.They become despondant, I wouldn't say slumber I would say exhaustion. The people in the street know full well that Israel in its present course is heading for a disaster. It doesn't matter who we vote for we still end up on the same road.
    However, there is hope people are becoming increasingly angrier and more than ever there is a movement back to religion.

  20. Anonymous6/9/07

    Sorry, I was getting on a plane so I had to rush to complete my last comment. What I was trying to say is that the variations between the dominant parties the pretty much controlled Jewish political activities under British occupation, The Left, was fairly homogeneous in terms of being anti-Jewish/tradition. The preference was to totally leave G-d out of it. Ben Gurion spoke about "Rock" to buy off the NRP. But, even he thought little of it. His attitude was in his claim that soon religion will be a relic.

    The variations between the various Left-wing parties is the degree they oppose religion. Some don't care while other will actively attack. Look at that fellow who hit Rabbi Cohen. How many ran to help Rabbi Cohen and how many offered excuses for the other fellow?

    The scary thing is that the Left is tightly in control. As you so well point out the opposition is a joke. You have Shas who is funded to support Peres, Oslo, etc. You have ultra-religious parties that non-religious but Jewish minded people will not vote for. I'm not sure that there is a Right-wing opposition that is not/loosely associated with religion. So that leaves Israel with a Leftist government out of apathy. That's what happened last time and easily will happen again.

  21. Anonymous6/9/07

    "non-religious but Jewish minded"


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