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Olmert's Campaign of Terror Comes to Hevron

This is what those soldiers were refusing to take part in. This is what they will serve prison time for.

A group of soldiers from the Duchifat counter-terror battalion, including at least two squad commanders, refused or avoided orders they received on Monday morning to secure a road leading to Hevron ahead of the planned forced evictions. An IDF spokesperson said that only 12 soldiers refused orders outright, but reports from the field indicated that a total of almost 30 soldiers said that they would not actively carry out the relevant orders.

Those Duchifat troops who refused or avoided assisting with the Hevron evictions, however, were not soldiers from a Hesder yeshiva, and a significant portion of them were not even outwardly religious, according to witnesses from the unit in question.

The fault for what has happened here is not merely Olmert's. Not merely Kadima's. It is the fault of every party that continues keeping them in power. It is the fault of religious and secular parties who continue slurping at the trough while evil continues. It is the fault of Rabbis who issue proclamations about concerts and when it comes to this proclaim with Kayin, "HaShomer Achi Anochi." It is the fault of those who look away. And now nothing is left but to look.


  1. More power to the 12 soldiers!!! I love it!!!

    Death to Olmert and his cronies! May the fury of a 1000 menopausal women take them down.

  2. Well Israelis are keeping mostly quiet about this.
    Not much was said when the comment by Peres was made defining Israeli's as something different from Jews. So, this isnt a surprise and more will come if Israel wishes to continue its seperation from Jewishness.

  3. Sonsabi#$!*&es. I hope they all rot. Why?! Why?!
    Why do terrorists get to stay and be given a state, by dividing Israel, no less, by the world, while those who are doing nothing more than being in the wrong place ( in the eyes of the leaders) at the wrong time. These, so-called, leaders are no worse than damn gang members who hurt those who are "on their turf". Crappy people, I cannot wait to see these people get their come-uppance for doing these things and I hope I live to see it!!!!

  4. Anonymous7/8/07

    The last paragraph sums the situation up eloquently. Now, what are we prepared to do about it? I am open to suggestions and ready to make some of my own. This is how it happens: consistent lines of communication and willingness to act. I welcome (and prefer) correspondence that is secured. Write me: I will respond.

    Yesha Galluzzo
    988 Duvall Hwy
    Pasadena, MD 21122

    Kahane was right. Layla tov,


  5. Anonymous7/8/07

    I am sorry, but I grow tired of the constant repetition of the evil that has become normal. We know that problem. Let us work on a solution. We know that the religous parties cannot change things. Even in the time of Rabbi Akiva most of the Rabbis were lukewarm in their support of Bar Kochva. Why change now? But, perhaps if there was a significant showing for a real Jewish leader the Rabbis will be supportive. So the key is not talking about the evil empire, but to focus on supporting a true leader. Once we find a leader and party we will finally see this goverment acting out. Unfortunately, not in a good way. You will likely see the person threaten for alleged illegal activites. If not him then people close to him. If that doesn't work then they will find an accident. Historically it would not be the first time that a threat was murdered. Someone claims that Rabin was an inside job and then Amar was framed. But I do not know. I think some blog stated that the evil one will try to kill the true leader. Anyway the evil ones don't mind meaningless talk, as long as we waste time, since time works in their favor. Remember they won by apathy, not by a true majority of the people. Enough talk, now is the time for action.

  6. Anonymous7/8/07

    To clearify what I said about an "accident" to get rid of a true leader. One of the Biblical blogs claims that Olmert represents Armulis. And supposedly some Sage tells that Armulis will kill or at least try to kill someone who will represent true Jewish values. Again, I personally don't know.

  7. It's painful to watch view once again photos of atrocities against innocent, simple, law abiding people.

    Perhaps a dozen or so soldiers protested this time. Next time there will no doubt be more as they become enraged at the victimization they are being forced to partake in.

    Especially the sexual abuse of women (and pulling down the pants that they're wearing under their skirts IS sexual abuse).

    Maybe we're getting close to the time when religious and secular Jews are seeing the writing on the wall--that it's either fight the corrupt government and its edicts, live under Muslim persecution, or be destroyed by Iran and its allies.

    It's time to unite and fight for the nation's survival.

  8. Anonymous8/8/07

    G-d bless those soldiers for refusing to participate in this cruelty.

    It's a tragedy Jews aren't even one tenth as united as the Muslim world is united. One Muslim stated the difference between "moderate" Muslims and one who openly supports jihad is guts - not disagreement. The moderate supports openly or silently (with money etc.) the fighter because he/she doesn't have the guts to fight.

    When does a Jew fight back? I asked my rabbi this. When Jews behave as brownshirts and roust religious Jews out of their homes or beat them on the head with clubs? When do we say enough is enough and fight for our brothers and our dwindling nation? When? How much more, after they give away Judea and Samaria and deem it Judenrein? Is this what our creator expects of us? Where are the leaders? Will it take another holocaust, this time one that wipes out 2/3rds of Israelis?

  9. Anonymous8/8/07

    May the Living G-D bless all of you and protect you just for writing, questioning, and thinking.
    Obtain the book, "Never Again!" by Rabbi Meir Kahane (used, out of print: runs about $4.00).

    He spoke simply yet eloquently: the only ones we Jews can depend on are Jews. The establishment will not lift a finger to help the average Jew! The goal of establishment is to promote, solidify, and expand itself.

    The organizations' fawning, publicly-visible policies are forms of appeasement...for a world of goyim THAT WILL NEVER, NEVER APPROVE OF US! Why search for such approval? Vayikra 18.5 You shall keep My laws and My rules, by the pursuit of which man shall live... WE NEED NO SANCTION FROM THE GOYIM!

    We must do two things: not compromise the standards of Torah, and take care of one another. If that means by fighting to defend ourselves, then let us fight them! Why are we so fearful? What are we fearful of? Of them, the goyim? Of conflict or quarrel with our own, even if they are in the wrong?

    Udiyah: Ken! Ken, achi! Sisu et yerushalayim, gilu'va kol oha'veya! Watchmen upon the wall! All of us! Klal Yisrael!

    Yes! Who will say we cannot? We can! We can! If G-D is with us and we follow Torah, no pagan idol worshipper can stand against us. But it must begin here.

    It must begins here, with us, the "nobodies," the average Jews who will stand for something greater than themselves: for the Living G-D, His Torah, and our people. My address is above, this post. Use it! The time is now. Now, not later! Udiyah is right! Will we await them to take our elderly, our women, our children...again...while we are complacent? May G-D forbid it! May I die fighting before I see it happen! Kahane was right!
    I love you, my people. We can do it. We Jews. We!
    Yesha Galluzzo

  10. Anonymous8/8/07

    Lets us use our imagination. We cannot each give a million dollars to Kadima. But if a million people give one dollar to a party dedicated to Jewish values we can make a difference. We don't have a lot of time. Let us get behind a serious leader and fund his effort. Many small donations can balance the funds given by anti-Zionistic people/groups. It will also show solidarity with the people in Israel. If Moshe Feiglin is the one and he fails to lead Likud then let him build a new team with those who believe in what they are doing. Yes, Likud/others will say that he is dividing the opposition and giving the election to the Left. But, has Bibi shown himself to be any better then a lukewarm centrist? Let the people have a real choice. If it is close then have Bibi back away. Let us work for the best for the country. Once elected Feiglin can team up with Likud/Bibi and the religous parties.

  11. Anonymous8/8/07

    One more thing: go over to Reb Akiva's "Mystical Paths" site..to see photos of the Defense Minister and the army chief of staff. They are watching through binoculars WITH THE LENS COVERS ON!

    So then, it is up to others to step forward to defend Klal Yisrael and to uphold the Torah of the Living G-D. Those "others" are us.
    Yesha Galluzzo

  12. Anonymous8/8/07

    The 12 soldiers in question have honor, morality and Jewish Law on their side. They are right, and the Erev Rav government is both morally wrong and suicidally appeasement-oriented. IMHO, Olmert is the worst PM without ANY question - the rest aren't even in his league. I simply cannot believe that the Israeli public didn't start demonstrating in the streets after the Lebanon fiasco of last summer, and the continued lousy decisions and anti-Jewish actions only reinforce my disbelief. Olmert and all of his cronies must go, to be replaced by a pro-Jewish, pro-Israeli, non-appeasing strong man of morals.

    Paul W
    San Antonio, TX

  13. There are no parties dedicated to Jewish values. As soon as someone pretends to have values the truth comes out.

    Right now we're getting exactly what Hashem said He would do to us if we walked away from Torah. He said (in modern terms) He'd nail our sorry hides to the wall until we do teshuvah.

    Have you seen a sign of teshuvah yet? So long as it doesn't exist, tens of thousands of Jews will die again. In over 3000 years, we still haven't caught on that our rebellious attitudes aren't worth it.

  14. Thanks for the hard work you do at this important time.
    How can Dodi Cohen know this Palestinian terrorist lives in Jerisusalem if he did not have identity papers ?
    Could he have been recently given immunity for turning in his WWI weapon in Ramallah and so the government covers up the truth again ?
    exerpt from Israeli government disinformation services.
    The attacker, who lives in the area, was walking with a friend on Hanotsrim Street near Jaffa Gate, when he attacked the guard, succeeding in taking his gun. He then shot the guard, hitting him in his shoulder and moderately wounding him................
    Security sources said the attacker was approximately 20 years old, and carried no identification. Police and Shin Bet security services are attempting to locate his family
    Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen said at the scene, "East Jerusalem security is at its maximum level, and people can come visit."


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