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Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - Terrorists, Defeatists, Muslims and Nationalists

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Terrorists, Defeatists, Muslims and Nationalists

From releasing terrorists who had not yet successfully murdered Israelis, the abomination that is the Olmert government is now proposing releasing terrorists who murdered Israelis-- so long as those murders occurred Pre-Oslo.

At the same time this government is also proposing allowing in the mastermind of the Maalot School Massacre and the Avivim School Bus Massacre into the West Bank. There are no words left to describe this horror of a government anymore, except, "They Must Go."

Meanwhile over a year after Israel was torn apart and the Israeli residents of Gaza expelled from their homes, Israeli soldiers continue to die in Gaza. The liars who promised the nation that there would be peace and no more soldiers would die in Gaza if only the nation brought the thousands of residents of Gaza as a human sacrifice unashamedly continue to sit in the government and the military and write their editorials smugly pushing the next wave of appeasement, devoid of all honor, decency and humanity, they perpetuate the corruption of the nation and their state with their very presence.

In the Friday Afternoon Roundup, over on Lemon Lime Moon is a nice piece titled, Protesting the Dead.

Jewish graves have been discovered near Barcelona. Spanish shovels have stirred the earth and turned up bodies at an archaeological dig there. Arutz Sheva reports that Rabbis in Israel and Europe are calling for Spain to respect the sanctity of the dead. Yet who will respect the sanctity of the living?

Every day Jewish bodies are being lowered into the earth. Some because of natural causes but all too many that could be prevented. We spend a lot of time on preserving the dead but too little time learning the lessons of how they died.

Meanwhile at IsraPundit, which always has a lot of posts worth reading, but this is an important post on The nationalist camp vs the disengagement camp

In this seminal article he stresses that the contest shouldn’t be between the religious right and the secular left but between the nationalist right and the anti-occupation, pro-Oslo left. Hatikvah will thus target this nationalist community which includes secular and religious Jews.

I fully agree that this is the case. Withdrawing behind a limited right wing presence within the nationalist religious camp means being isolated and eventually destroyed. Disengagement demonstrated quite well how easy it was to demonize and break a large portion of the population.

Hockey Hound has a good post, Islam in Profile

"I’ve never understood the meaning of the term ‘profiling’ in the negative context as bandied about by the politically correct, especially when this same politically correct crowd is defending the millions upon millions of supersensitive Muslims of this world from those of us who, driven by conscience, voice publicly our concerns about the self-evident patterns of violence constantly associated with the religion of Islam."

Shabbat Shalom to all


  1. G-d does profiling.
    He profiled many nations over the years.

  2. Anonymous14/7/07

    Another secular nationalist party? Because thats really worked out so well with the Likud, Tekhiya, Tekuma, Moledet, Herut, and Ichud Leumi.

    The only Nationalist party which was ever a threat to the existing order was Kach, and we see how that ended. All the Lefts vaunted Democratic principles went out the window the moment their power was threatened.

    What so many pundits forget is the vast majority of Rabbi Kahane's support came from secular Jews, the lesson they should, and wont learn is that when Jewish leaders pursue Torah without fear they will have success, when they pervert Torah in the hope of gaining approval from Goyim and hellenists they will never have success.

  3. Anonymous14/7/07

    What is sorely missing in Israel, and much of the world, is a conservative opposition to the "satanic" left.

    Specifically, Israel is particularly adverse to a truly right wing party because conservatism is often linked to religious principals. In most western countries that means Christian values; and a very watered down version at best. But, for Israel it means an Orthodoxy that the many non-religious will not vote for. If the large number of non-religious Jews had not out of apathy had a less religious consevative party to vote for the current default government never would have been elected.

    This was the bueaty of P.M. Begin. He offered a conservative program without forcing absolute religious demands on the nation. Yet, in his own way he was fairly traditional. He was the one who insisted that a national airline should not fly on the Sabbath. The gutting of Likud (and transfomation in a useful idiot by the left) occurred when tradition was removed from its core beliefs. We need tradition without demands in a right wind party that the masses can vote for.

  4. "...when they pervert Torah in the hope of gaining approval from Goyim and hellenists they will never have success."

    I agree. The term "secular nationalist party," when used in reference to Israel, is as much an oxymoron as the term "Christian Zionist."

    As Kahaneloyalist has pointed out, a "secular nationalist party" is antithetical to the Torah's definition of Israel and will never hold together but will divaricate when facing the public excoriations of the non-Jewish world. "Der oilem iz a goilem."

    And it is totally imprudent of Israel's Jews (if I may be so bold) to expect the Bush Administration (or any other Christian dominated government, for that matter) to have the same vision of, and yearning for, a veritable Jewish state as do Israel's observant Jews.

    A Christian Israel (G-D forbid!) would certainly be as much (or maybe more) a tragedy for the Jewish people as has been a "secular nationalist" state.

    And of course, it goes without saying, there will never be an Islamic Israel.

    "Every individual has a place to fill in the world, and is important, in some respect, whether he chooses to be or not." --Nathaniel Hawthorne


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