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Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - Refusal, Surrender and the Threat of War

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Refusal, Surrender and the Threat of War

In Israel things are going from bad to worse. With Ahmadinejad talking openly about a summer war and Syria and the Palestinians preparing for one, the Olmert government continues its disastrous reign over Israel.

Their latest concession is to allow the terrorist Badr Brigade to enter Israel from Jordan. Jericho and Kalquiya, which had to be recaptured once, have been turned over to Fatah. The Badr Brigade will enter Israel to hold it.

In Hevron 10 IDF soldiers consulted Rabbi Dov Lior and Rabbi Levanon and Rabbi Melamed over orders to replace border guards who were to be dispatched to hunt Zionist youth who were returning to Homesh. Rabbi Levanon and Rabbi Melamed told them to register a protest but fulfill their duties. Rabbi Dov Lior asked them for time to study the issue and after several hours informed them that they should refuse. After registering their protest, the soldiers eventually complied.

From blogs

Over at Israpundit, Ted Belman has a disturbing post on Bush and the Saudi Plan

"They must guarantee that a Palestinian state is viable and contiguous. And they must lead to a territorial settlement, with mutually agreed borders reflecting previous lines and current realities, and mutually agreed adjustments.”

I should point out the Bush in effect for the first time, endorsed the Saudi Plan requiring ‘67 borders. The Roadmap is based on Resolution 242 which supports some land for peace and secure borders. This is a further erosion of Israel’s position. No one else has noticed this."

Daled Amos has a post on journalistic bias

Lemon Lime Moon has a post on Sun Tzu Know Your Enemy

From mainstream media news stories worth noting.

Kremlin preaches Putin's greatness at youth camp

There are lessons outlining Putin's foreign policies or economic initiatives, an army camp shows off Russia's military and a Nashi security service trains to work alongside police.. He said Nashi's aim was political and that previous Nashi members were already making their way through government ranks and pro-Kremlin businesses

This features the rise of the Putin Youth in Russia meant to serve as the Russian equivalent of the SS.

Palestinian Terrorist Prefers Israeli Jail to Freedom

One of the 256 terrorists slated for release Friday as part of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ’s “good will” gesture to the Palestinian Authority has said “Thanks, but no thanks” to the offer.

Newsweek Censors the Iranian Crackdown on Civil Rights

Women’s-rights activists, students, trade unionists, journalists, and those with connections to the West are under assault by the full extent of the state ’s repressive apparatus—Torture of the growing number of political prisoners is routine. Why did a journalist as experienced as Michael Hirsh not notice?

Police Halt TV Search for Muslim Rapist After Threats of Racial Backlash

A police force withdrew plans for a televised appeal to help catch an Afghan suspected of sexually assaulting women after a race watchdog warned that it might spark a violent backlash. The Afghan had absconded from bail after being arrested in connection with the rape of one woman and the sexual assault of three others

A voyage to find my father in Iran

Following the 1979 revolution my father, like many other Western-leaning Iranians, had been sentenced to death. He served four years in the "Hotel Evin", a notorious Teheran prison.I was an illegitimate child and it was vital that my link with Amir be kept from the authorities.

Shabbat Shalom to all. May the coming month be a month of redemption and salvation and comfort.


  1. Anonymous20/7/07

    I love your site.

    A few months ago you posted about a story involving anti-Israel protests at Wayne State University in Detroit.

    The following website documents much of what has gone on at Wayne, as well as some other schools across the country.

    I think you will be interested in the anti-America/anti-Israel flyers from the group Anti-Racist Action that are posted on the site.

    You are doing a great job!

  2. Putin is just creepy. Dead eyes

  3. yes he does, eyes without a soul in them

  4. thank you anonymous, i remember the story and it's a link well worth checking out


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