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Home Islam gives us the Pregnant Suicide Bomber

Islam gives us the Pregnant Suicide Bomber

JERUSALEM: Israeli security forces arrested a pregnant Palestinian mother of eight and her niece, also a mother, as they worked to carry out a pair of suicide bombings in Israel. While several women have blown themselves up in attacks on Israelis in recent years, among them a 64-year-old grandmother, there is no record of a pregnant woman attempting such an attack.

There is no figure more sacrosanct in human society than the pregnant woman. The pregnant woman brings forth the next generation of a people. Even the most savage barbarians protect their own pregnant women. It is a fundamental biological instinct in mammals.

Islam and Arab terrorism by contrast represent the ultimate and overwhelming degradation of human life. It is Orwell's boot on the face of mankind forever. Islamic terrorism has used children in war. They've used grandmothers in war. Now they've used pregnant women in war.

Before this attack, we had already seen a pregnant suicide bomber in Iraq. But each time, Islam achieves a new depth of evil, it is worth recording if only to recognize the horror to which mankind is silently bowing its head. The horror of Islam.

There have been many ideologies that perpetrated atrocities throughout history but so very few have had this degree of callous disregard for their own. The Fatah and Hamas gunmen murdering each other in the streets are only an outgrowth of the same instinct that drives the terrorists and the suicide bombers. Like the worship of Kali, Islam is not a religion of life but a cult of death. Its goal is to create slave states that promote human degradation and misery of every kind under the veil of a false piousness. That is the real face of Islam. The one the media will not show.

Why send a pregnant woman to blow herself up? As evil as the act of murder itself is, the terrorists could have waited a few months for her to have her latest baby. But that wasn't the point. The point was for her to blow herself up while pregnant and show a complete contempt and disregard for human life. It was to show off the "courage" of a new level of horrific act on which the rabid hordes of Palestinian Arabs pride themselves on. Each new level of horror that Muslims are willing to practice on themselves, whether it is murdering each other in Gaza and Iraq, murdering their own children or murdering themselves-- whips them into a greater frenzy like worshipers dancing around a bloody altar enraptured by their own elimination of all moral borders and boundaries. Each atrocity demands a greater atrocity and another still to follow.


  1. Women are miserable in Islam.
    They are treated worse than anything you can imagine.
    Their lives are worthless to the men. Their children are worthless to them.
    They beat up their pregnant wives,they kill their daughters, stone women who were raped.
    Why is this a surprise?
    There is no level of hell too low to which they will not stoop.

    When hatred is all that is in your blood, this is the result.

    This is why religion teaches the reward of "heaven" or "hell" or "purgatory" rather than the truth.
    This gives them leverage over people's lives right now.

  2. Oh dang! Too bad the women didn't explode themselves right after they were equipped to go. That would be two arab babies who wouldn't come into the world to kill Jews.

  3. Islam, the religion of death, torture, and blood.

    OT, btw Yobee, did you decide on an evil, devious laugh yet? LOL. Nya ha ha.

  4. ah but these are crazy people...maybe some man touched her and her father and brothers gave her a choice...stoning or blowing herself up...yup crazy mothers...half a word...have a good day sultan and stay safe

  5. True Mara, it could have been a choice between methods of dying.

    At the same time, it could also have been of her own volition given the mass psychosis and glorification of death among Palestinians.

  6. Anonymous16/6/07

    Is this the same woman who would have left 8 children behind? That's what I read today on Arutz Sheva. I mean, if you find out that you are terminally ill and you have a short time left to live or you get into a situation that you might realize that you might get killed, what is the first thought that runs through your mind as a parent? It's your children. It's not so much about yourself but what is going to happen to your children. Islam has stopped surprising me for a long time. But I never stop being amazed how depraved it's people are.


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