Home In the City of G-d the Abomination Parade Goes On Under Olmert's Watch
Home In the City of G-d the Abomination Parade Goes On Under Olmert's Watch

In the City of G-d the Abomination Parade Goes On Under Olmert's Watch

The failed Olmert / Barak regime can't protect the people of Sderot. Now rockets are again being fired from Lebanon into Israel. But these utter failures can protect one thing. They can protect the gay pride parade in Jerusalem.

Against the wishes of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim residents of Jerusalem, Olmert and his gay daughter got their way and desecrated a city holy to millions of people and 8000 police protected 2000 marchers who felt the need to recreate a little slice of Sodom and Gommorah in the City of G-d.

Along the way many were arrested. While the stories are full of supposed planned acts of violence by Haredim against the gay marchers, none of them are reporting the beating of two girls simply conducting a prayer protest against the parade by Yassam thugs. It gets in the way of the fuzzy stories about gay liberation and Haredi intolerance. Olmert's own favorite police thug, Nisso Shaham, who had boasted that he "knows how to deal with Haredim" by beatings in the "lower part of the body" was appointed the Deputy Jerusalem Police Commander and did his brutal best to insure that the abomination would go forward uninterrupted.

Maariv has a story on a family of Olim from Argentina who moved to Israel and now find themselves in terrible financial straits due to the father's stroke who is now on a transplant list. Donations are being raised via 050.630.0852 . They are looking for help from an organization but luckily the UJC has higher priorities like donating 200,000 dollars to the gay organizations behind the parade. At 2000 marchers, that's two hundred dollars per marcher. That's where your UJC donations go.

It is primarily US liberal Jewish groups that finance the gay movement in Israel. It is also those same groups that divert funding from helping the poor to promoting political agendas aimed at the undermining of Israel. They aren't alone. The European Union's Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights issued its own statement pushing the parade. A number of foreign groups which typically hate and condemn Israel have jumped in to push the parade too.

Meanwhile Shas which hypocritically continues issuing statements against the gay pride parade when if they had any honesty and integrity, their MK's and every Haredi MK that is propping up the government should be on a parade float. Shas MK Nissim Zeev is proposing government rehab centers for gays. I propose government rehab centers for Shas and Haredi party voters where they are given the therapy they need to stop worshiping men and voting for evil just so the party leaderships can score their toll of Shekels from Kadima and go back to worshiping G-d. I'm not sure that we have nearly enough centers to accommodate them all but we can sure try.

Genuinely charitable people could set up ex-gay organizations on their own instead of trumping a bill that the vile hypocrites running Shas know perfectly well will fail but will let them go on posturing as religious and right wing. With the 250 million Shas is set to get from Peres for pushing him into the Presidency, Shas can afford to set up up rehab centers on their own. But not all who participate in an abomination wave rainbow flags, some boast long beards and a false air of piety too.

Abomination now rules in Israel, this government and this Knesset is as unclean as the parade. Even more unclean because the parade does not hide what it is but they do. And until it is finally brought down by the people, the situation will grow far worse.

The real face of the gay pride parade and Olmert's government as police brutally break up anti-parade protests. This is a government that cannot and will not protect the people against Arab terrorism but when it comes down to protecting abominations, they are always ready and willing to crack heads.


  1. How many times in recent history have Jews, Christians, and Muslims been in argeement on a given matter? And yet Olmert feels no problem spitting in the faces of all of them and Hashem in allowing this abomination to take place, abusing innocent protestors in the process.

  2. Anonymous21/6/07

    They are not Gay. How dare they abuct the word which is not only a ladies name but a sweet meaning and use it for perversion.
    They are perverts.

  3. Anonymous21/6/07

    Not to beat a dead horse, but this fits what I had said before. These people want to truly undermine all Biblical beliefs. They want to disprove the Bible at any cost. Even to threaten a local uprising by Israeli Arabs, who are also disgusted by this. Their heart and "sole" is in destroying Jewish Israel, because they see it as a way to disprove the Bible. I saw a recent article which spoke of how the government makes a big deal of some old boat on the Kinnert, but ignores the possible site where Joshua made sacrifices upon entry into Canaan. Now which one is more historically important?

  4. sure the secular left has made their hatred of religion ever more open but as i wrote, do you really think this is limited to secularists?

  5. Evil Ehud, Shas and their evil buddies make Jezabel look like the most aidel woman whose ever lived.

  6. Anonymous22/6/07

    I guess I don't know what or whom you define as "secularist." I don't think a religious person knowingly would want to undermine their own beliefs. Perhaps one religion will not support another religon. But, why destroy your own? This thought actually leads to another interesting issue. How can Islam make friends with the atheistic left? Sure an enemy of my enemy can be my friend. But, Islam is extremely intolerant of these issues. So even they should have a problem. The answer is that when Islam speaks of the sanctity of the Bible they do not mean the Jewish or even the Christian Bible. They only mean the Koran. To them our Bible is a lie from beginning to the end. To them Jews/Christians corrupted the Koran into a false Bible. So working with anti-Bible forces makes good sense since it removed a false writing. Of course, once that task is completed they will now fight each other. Since neither have our moral limits they will abandon things like the Geneva rules of engagement. My will that be a bloody war to end everything. Doesn't that fit some Biblical prophecy?

  7. The people desecrating Israel, and Jerusalem in particular want to throw Hashem out. They've lost all sight of what is truly holy.

    Most of us when we walk into a synagogue feel a sense of awe, because that's where we feel the presence of Hashem the strongest. That has to be a thousand fold when entering Jerusalem. Yet these perverts, secularists (and political supporters who claim to be righteous) have no problem allowing such filth in the holy city.

    "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may they prosper that love thee. Peace be withing thy walls, and prosperity within they palaces.

    "For my brethern, and companions' sakes, I will now say: 'Peace be within thee.'

    "For the sake of the house of the lord, our G-d, I will seek they good."

  8. Anonymous22/6/07

    The parade goes ahead because the Israeli Government all all queers and everyone knows the police are gayboys.

  9. Anonymous22/6/07

    To answer the question about why the religious parties seem to be corrupted one needs to back off and understand where they generally come from. Other then the NRP the religious parties have little love for the "State." To them the State is something to milk for the betterment of their charities. Whatever they don't extract from these anti-Jewish establishment will not willing be given to their needed. The government is not altruistic when it comes to the Chareidim. So the religious parties are willing to sell their soul for money they need. Plus, they feel they lose nothing. What, to them, are the possible outcomes? Either their population increases and throws the elite out. Or things get so terrible that G-d will save them. In the mean time they are doing G-dly work. So they cannot lose. And, they get to stick it to the elite, since giving money to support the religious institutions probably feels like a bone in their throat.

    So please reconsider your attitude towards the religious parties. They are not the same type of evil as the left. They just view things differently.

    Of course, the NRP is a bit different. The NRP does have positive feelings for the concept of a secular State. Sure, even they would prefer a religious State, but they are more then willing to wait. As a fence sitter they are more corruptable then the other religious parties. Just look at what is coming out of the mouth of former Labor MK Burg. Wasn't his father a founding member of the NRP?

    Sorry about being so long.

  10. well as I've said the religious parties function as un-zionists drilling a hole in the boat

    no they don't share the same exact mindset as the secularist left but when they help them do the work and the consequences are the same, how much difference does it really make?

    I expect more from the religious parties because they are religious and because they preach loudly a high standard of conduct and morals and yet toss them out the window at the leadership level, that is worse than parties who have never pretended to be serving G-d or maintaining any moral standard

    the NRP these days is a broken mess, as for Burg, there's no shortage of children of parents who played a significant role in israel who themselves have turned out to be absolute garbage, but on the flip side leon's grandson is a committed zionist and living and working in israel, so maybe it flips around with the next generation


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