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America and Israel's Immigration Problem

Reading both the American and Israeli press, you find yourself struck by the similarity of the agenda being pushed by the media in both countries. It isn't the usual anti-war and pro-terrorist activism thinly disguised as terrorism and foreign policy coverage. No it's immigration.

In tandem with the American press pushing amnesty for twelve million illegal aliens, the Israeli press is pushing the entry and citizenship of large numbers of Muslim Sudanese immigrants. As in the United States where longtime citizens find themselves not receiving a fraction of the benefits that immigrants do, in Israel the expelled refugees of Gush Katif continue to be denied aid by the government that expelled them and there are elderly Holocaust survivors who are scrounging through the garbage; while ministers and department heads issue self-congratulatory statements on "Our Moral Duty" to granted illegal Sudanese, Thai and other illegal aliens, full government benefits and even citizenship.

In America and Israel, the advocates for legalizing millions of illegals are full of high minded phrases about our religious obligations and our values. While reconstruction in New Orleans is floundering and actual Americans have been left out, we're told that we have a moral duty to do everything we can for foreigners who illegally entered the United States. While tens of thousands of Israelis live in tents, the government insists that we have a moral duty to the Muslim refugees who illegally entered Israel and represent a national security threat.

If the governments of America and Israel really cared about their moral duties and their responsibilities and values, they would first help their own citizens. But instead they neglect their own citizens in order to aid and legalize large numbers of foreign aliens who despise the country they are entering. Mexicans continue to hate and resent the United States and view California and parts of the Southwest as their rightful territory. The Muslim world and Muslims do not even recognize the right of Israel to exist and are pledged to fight a Jihad against it. the McCain-Kennedy amnesty means legalizing 12 to 20 million illegal aliens. In Israel, Yossi Edelstein, of the enforcement department in the Interior Ministry has warned that if Israel begins legalizing the Sudanese, the 3 million Sudanese refugees in Egypt will pour across the border into Israel.

The fact of the matter of course is that these government actions have absolutely nothing to do with moral values or religious values. They have to do with cheap labor. Powerful corporate and business leaders want cheap labor for their factories and fading socialist Kibbutzim want to replenish their ranks with cheap Sudanese workers. Factories and businesses in the United States and Israel and Europe want cheap labor they can pay as little as possible and whose rights they can virtually disregard.

This kind of self-destructive importation of hostile foreigners has given us Londonistan and a Muslim occupied Europe. It's given us millions of illegals marching through the street, threatening the government and waving Mexican flags. It's given Israel a large Arab population, first imported as cheap labor by the British and then kept on by Labor leaders. And then given their own terrorist state, aided by powerful figures in Israel who thought they could set up factories and a casino in Palestinian controlled areas. Their greed is our destruction.

America has woken to the threat of the illegal aliens rights movement and European countries are slowly realizing the cultural and social toll of their refugee policies, it's time for Israel to do the same thing before we get in too deep. Israel has already imported hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish Russians, who take part in Anti-Semitic attacks and vandalism in Israel. The Bosnian Muslim refugees Israel took in during the 90's began quickly forming links with fellow Muslim Arab terrorists. Importing and legalizing a large Sudanese Muslim population is the literal equivalent of recognizing a "Right to Return" for Arabs.

From the Falash Mura to the Bosnians and the Russians and the Sudanese, Israel needs to take care of its own people before becoming the clearinghouse for taking in the peoples of the world who hate us. As illegal aliens inflate America's crime statistics, this Erev Rav inflates Israel's crime statistics. And those who remind us of all the countries that denied refuge to Jewish refugees fleeing during the Holocaust are drawing the wrong lesson. The purpose of Israel should be to provide a place to flee to for Jews anywhere in the world. It is not to sell out our country for cheap labor and cheaper liberal rhetoric. Israel is a tiny country. It cannot open its doors to the world, nor should it be expected to. The day when Israel can feed and clothe its own, is the day when the government and the self-appointed moralists of Israel can lecture us on our duty to anyone else.


  1. Those who wish unbridled mixing of the nations are the same type who came to America in the 1800s and caused the NYC riots.
    They never belonged here and were not supposed to be here, but, they are the ancestors of those who do damage today still.
    You see the same thing in Eretz Israel by the same kind of people.

    You can call yourself whatever you choose, but it doesn't make it so.

    America and Israel were established with a certain culture which is now under attack by these elements.

    This is why Eliyahu must come and seperate out what is wrongfully included from what is not.

  2. Illegals in Floriday alone cost 1.8 billion to educate, add an additional, $165 million a year in health costs, and$155 million in keeping them in jail.
    $910 million in welfare is paid out to them annually.
    This is ONLY FLORIDA!
    Multiply that by many more states.

    Crime has gone through the roof.
    Murder, rape, theft and drug selling is their hobby and it has increased dramatically.
    They account for over 58% of all arrests.

    violent gangs are made up of illegals. Some of these gangs taking over whole towns in the American west .
    One in LA has over 20,000 violent offenders in its ranks.
    Israel needs to throw out the pretenders.

  3. The US and Israel have moral obligations to protect their respective citizens. And the fact remains that both nations are terribly vulnerable in the world today and can't allow to get lax on who they allow into their countries.

    It makes no sense to air load Sudanese Muslims into Israel or millions of illegal aliens to sneak into the US at the southern borders.

    I still think that if these illegals were on the up and up and just looking for a better life, they could have applied for VISAs and come into the US legally. What are they hiding? Hmm. Possibly criminal histories that would show up on any background check?

    I think so. yup. If they were really looking for the American dream they'd entire legally just like our ancestors did. I get so sick of talk show and reporters comparing illegal aliens to the legal immigrants.

    btw, I think there is something in the bible about taking care of your own family first, before helping others.


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