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Surrender to Islam Now and Beat the Rush

Tory Leader David Cameron spent two days living with a Muslim family. He reemerged back into the fresh air to write an article about what he learned which ended with the following insight.

Here the picture is bleak: family breakdown, drugs, crime and incivility are part of the normal experience of modern Britain. Many British Asians see a society that hardly inspires them to integrate. Indeed, they see aspects of modern Britain which are a threat to the values they hold dear - values which we should all hold dear. Asian families and communities are incredibly strong and cohesive, and have a sense of civic responsibility which puts the rest of us to shame. Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.

Read that again. Then read it one more time. Cameron is not a Labor leader but a Tory leader, the leader of what passes in Britain for the right and he proclaims that it's Britain which is defective and needs to learn to integrate with its Muslim immigrants. In short the message is surrender now and beat the rush.

When the contender for the leadership of the United Kingdom, that moldering remnant of the British Empire states that it's England which needs to learn to adapt to the enemy, what he's really stating is that the culture and values of the country he wishes to lead is of less value than that of the invaders.

At no point does David Cameron concede that it's things like the right of women to walk down the street in casual clothes without being beaten to a bloody pulp or the right of different religions to practice their beliefs and the right of daughters not to be murdered for their choice of husband that is a threat to the "strong cohesive asian families". He has only a brief offhanded criticism of Muslims. Instead his thrust is aimed at England. The leader of the traditionalist party spends paragraph after paragraph showing his contempt for native Britons and his humiliating sycophantic praise of the glories of Muslims.
It's another reminder that integration is a two-way street. If we want to remind ourselves of British values - hospitality, tolerance and generosity to name just three - there are plenty of British Muslims ready to show us what those things really mean.

Why one wonders is integration a two way street? But we cannot ask this as David Cameron has already assumed that it is so. And he's conceded the superiority of Islamic values. Certainly Alan Johnson could probably tell David Cameron something about Muslim hospitality, tolerance and generosity. Or those British prisoners in Saudi Arabia who were brutally tortured for months. But I rather doubt he's interested in listening.

Instead David Cameron has emerged with a 'comprehensive' program to build a more cohesive England. Does it focus on integrating Muslims? Not so much. It focuses instead of informing British people that they're drug ridden, uncivil filthy racists who aren't worthy of kissing the boots of the Sons of Mohammed who have generously agreed to move to their country, live on their dole and preach Jihad in their streets.
First, a concerted attack on racism and soft bigotry.
Ah you can't go without a concerted attack on racism and soft bigotry. Does that mean a crackdown on preachers who call for Jihad? Get real.

But many Muslims I've talked to about these issues are deeply offended by the use of the word 'Islamic' or 'Islamist' to describe the terrorist threat we face today.
Bigotry now means describing Islamic Terrorism as Islamic Terrorism. Once we've launched our concerted attack on bigots who describe Muslim terrorists as Muslim terrorists-- the problem will go away. Or at least we won't be able to talk about it. Not without running afoul of our War on Soft Bigotry.
The second priority for building cohesion in our country is more integration: people from different backgrounds sharing public services, neighbourhoods, social networks. As I found in Birmingham, this is something they naturally want to do, and local institutions - including religious ones - provide the opportunity.
Yes... naturally. And when race riots happen, that's just the public declaring how much they enjoy sharing public services and social networks together. Never mind that the end result of a Muslim takeover of a neighborhood is that not only native Britons but Hindus, Sikhs and Africans are either squeezed out or move toward a series of confrontations with the Muslims. But in David Cameron's magical world where the sky is pink and unicorns regularly crop the lawns, squeezing people together who can't stand each other's cultures and whose beliefs are entirely incompatible will make everyone love each other.
For example, those who say that faith-based schools hinder integration are wrong. The three Muslim children in the household I stayed with go to a local faith school - a Jewish faith school, which is massively oversubscribed, has a mixed roll with some 60 per cent of pupils from Muslim families, around a third from Birmingham's Jewish community and the rest a mixture of Christians and Sikhs
Which is entirely possible as the school in question is a Jewish school but how many Muslim schools can that particular trick work with? For that matter how many Muslim schools will even tolerate non-Muslims without trying to convert them or assault them? After all when the school teaches that they're the descendants of pigs and monkeys-- preaching tolerance becomes rather tricky.

But those are the uncomfortable realities of Islam. Instead David Cameron disdains the uncomfortable realities, decrying them as racism, in favor of lambasting his own countrymen for not living up to the standards of the drug dealing, bus exploding, raping, terrorizing, dole-living Muslim horde the country has imported and continues importing down its gullet at a terrific rate. His message instead is, Surrender to Islam now, integrate into their culture and religious institutions. Surrender now and beat the rush. After all-- in his view-- it's not as if there's anything British culture or nationality worth saving anyway.

Those who make apologies for Muslim culture must ultimately come to denigrate their own. Those who justify and advocate the Muslim invasion of their nation must see their nation as inherently worthless. David Cameron certainly does.


  1. Hmmm. I wonder what other descriptive terms they'd like us to use, aside from Muslim terrorist or Islamists?

    OT--did you see Al Gore on "Nightline" last night promoting his new book (rolling my eyes) "An Assault on Reason"?

  2. correction: *The* Assault on Reason

  3. al gore's ghostwriters must be working over time

    I suppose it'll be 'militant extremists' or 'religious activists' or something safely innocuous

  4. Anonymous22/5/07

    Her Majesty needs to step up to the plate, inform Blair, Cameron, and all of Parliament that they are the weakest link and take over. She'd do a much better job and would have the support of most of the people.

    From what I've been told by various Brits, she's doesn't care for muzlims and is supportive of the Jewish schools and has encouraged more of them.

    Plus, unlike Blair and Parliament, Her Majesty can't be intimidated. Her family proved that when hitler had the Palace bombed eight times and they were in it. She's tough. Unlike the men (said in the weakest sense of the word). :]

  5. Anonymous22/5/07

    Islam is the enemy of women and children.

  6. Her Majesty is old now, and her children are inbred louts.

    Englandistan will be completely irrelevant in a generation, as its best and brightest go abroad (British expat execs and bankers are to be found from the US to India to China to the former Soviet bloc) to find opportunities, while its nobility lose their estates and the middle class grows poorer. Only the Indians and secularized Pakistanis show any sort of entrepreneurial flair or respect for education in the UK, but as their home countries modernize they will move most of their activities back home.

    That will leave Englandistan as a cheesy tourist attraction, until Muslim terror makes it too dangerous to visit. Then it will sink into the North Sea.

  7. No Politician, and no Government anywhere in Europe is going to stand up for their nations and it's people.
    They are all trying to save their own skin and their positions.

    Fighting for our civilization and our freedom is left for the people.

    Are we going to do it, or are we to fat and complacent to care.
    Are our youngs going to resist, or are they all trapped by material comfort and entertainment, not to mention the brainwash, they have been subjected to since decades.


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