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Friday Afternoon Roundup

- The Jewish Press Media Monitor has named Sultan Knish in its list of web choices for 2007, along titans like Little Green Footballs, Seraphic Secret, Mediacrity and IsraPundit and it's a real honor to be included in such company.

- Senator Obama apparently described Senator Edwards as "kind of cute," making you wonder if Ann Coulter wasn't so far off the mark. It's unknown if this Senatorial Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name will play a role in the campaign, with Obama perhaps offering to give Edwards a back rub during the debates or asking if he'd like to have coffee with him during the Iowa primaries.

What this really means is that between Hillary, Obama and Edwards, there isn't a single heterosexual front runner for the Democratic nomination. This can open up the field for Senator Biden to run under the slogan, "Joe Still Likes Women." (Via Lemon Lime Moon)

- The situation with Israel's Arabs is growing worse. As David Bedein writes via IsraPundit,

"Last summer, the elected officials of the Israeli Arab members of the Israeli Knesset Parliament showed support for Hezbollah's missile attacks on Israel. Some high-ranking security officials said that the turn of events within the Arab minority constituted "the real, long term strategic threat" to the very existence of Israel as a Jewish state."

This is of course inevitable. Outside of some Bedouins, Druze and Christian Arabs, few Arabs believe they have any stake in the survival of Israel. And even for those, life in Israel much like life in the West is an uncomfortable accommodation. Arab life is rooted in extended families and much of the Israeli Arab population has families in Jordan, Syria and Egypt. This is a particular issue with the Druze.

Pile on the growing takeover of Sunni Mosques by Saudi backed Imams and the spread of Shiite radicalism, Arab Muslims in Israel are being fed the same poison as in the West, with the same results.

The real problem has been caused by Oslo. Israeli Arabs might choose to go with a winner, but never with a loser. Given the choice between an Israeli identity that surrenders to Arab terrorists and a Palestinian identity which celebrates killing Israelis, the choice for any Middle Easterner is obvious.

- For anyone who still hasn't seen the shocking Memri video of a Palestinian TV broadcast that involves the children of a suicide bomber, it's the most important Memri video you'll ever see that reveals the true depth of evil of the enemy. I am reminded that in the Hebron massacre, Arab children stabbed the bodies of Jewish victims with knives to see if they were still alive and if they were, called on adults to finish the job.


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