Home Israel As Protests Mount, Kadima and Olmert Continue Their Corrupt Reign
Home Israel As Protests Mount, Kadima and Olmert Continue Their Corrupt Reign

As Protests Mount, Kadima and Olmert Continue Their Corrupt Reign

With Prime Minister Ehud Olmert now holding at a miserly 7 percent approval rating, with polls showing the vast majority of the country demanding his and Peretz's resignation and with the phony Kadima party he and Sharon created now likely to get about as many votes as the Marijuana Party, this corrupt government continues to dig its claws into the state of Israel and refuses to leave.

Throughout Israel marches and protests continue demanding Olmert's resignation. On Friday hundreds or reserve soldiers and families of soldiers wounded and killed marched to Golda Meir's grave to demand that Olmert follow in her footsteps (after the Yom Kippur War) and resign.

"Eliphaz Balua, the father of Nadav who was killed in Lebanon, read a letter he wrote to his son: "It hurts me not just because I lost you, but because of an entire nation who lost its direction and because her leaders who cannot take responsibility and say 'we were wrong, we need to go home'," he said."

Elipaz Balua has also announced a hunger strike near the Knesset until Olmert resigns. "A cynical prime minister who doesn't pay heed to the demands of 97 percent of the people... who has drowned us in a sea of corruption and despair the likes of which we have never known. He has not freed us from the burdens of his sins, nor from those of the defense minister he appointed as an act of contempt to the entire nation."

While Peace Now (the EU backed organization which ranks Olmert's wife and daughter among their members and has close ties to Peretz) has attempted to smear the marchers and protesters as part of a "right wing conspiracy", the truth is that they come from all sorts of political backgrounds and many from no political backgrounds at all. They are ordinary men and women, many who have lost their children to the corrupt incompetence of the Kadima Mafia, and want an end to it.

Olmert and Kadima only continue to dig in and act as if nothing is wrong. After giving Halutz up as the sacrificial lamb, they manufactured a fraudulent sex scandal to force President Katsav out of office and replace him with Olmert ally, Shimon Peres. The fraudulent scandal was also meant to distract the public from Olmert's own miserable failures.

From Hevron where Olmert's left wing Peace Now allies are constantly plotting new provocations against the Jews living there to the West Bank, where the thoroughly corrupted police forces are already threatening violence against the peaceful non-violent march to the settlement of Homesh, which was illegally ethnically cleansed of Jews as part of the Disengagement, the wicked do not rest.

The Jerusalem Post, which under Sharon has become little more than a shrill propaganda organ for anything the Kadima Mafia does, runs an entire article smearing the marchers.

"Israel Police were gearing up over the weekend for expected violence on Monday as thousands of right-wing activists are scheduled to try and march to the former northern Samarian settlement of Homesh..."

Now who could that "expected violence" possibly be coming from?

"Security sources said they hoped the event would not turn violent but that they were prepared to use force to uphold the law."

In other words it will turn violent when Olmert's police thugs decide to assault non-violent protesters marching to a settlement on the grounds that they're breaking the law.

"We will do everything possible to prevent the events of Amona from recurring," a police source said. "But the organizers should know that violence against security forces will not be tolerated."

Except of course at Amona and elsewhere the violence has come from the security forces. And in the previous paragraph, they had already threatened to use violence.

"IDF sources slammed event organizers, saying that the military and police would have to divert "precious resources" from training and anti-terror operations to deal with the illegal march.

"Soldiers who need to be in training are going to have to instead deal with these right-wing activists who are breaking the law," an officer said. "Especially following the Lebanon war, we would have expected the organizers to understand that our time and resources are precious."

Of course these sources go unmentioned, as is the fact that there is no justification or need to use the IDF against Israeli citizens who are engaging in non-violent civil disobedience. There is no need for the IDF to "deal with this," that is a purely political decision made by a corrupt undemocratic government which is trying to suppress a peaceful protest and shift the blame for its actions on to the protesters.

"On Thursday, Asst.-Cmdr. Kobi Cohen, police chief in Samaria, warned would-be participants that they would face strict penalties if they participated in the event and were arrested."

Of course Peace Now protesters who violently riot and assault police officers and IDF soldiers to support Arab terrorists never face strict penalties. At most some are briefly detained. But then they're allies of this corrupt government. And this will go on until this government is finally overthrown.


  1. Israel sounds more and more like the west everyday. Unfortunately it's not the good stuff. People have turned their back's on the almighty and we are all now suffering for it. What will it take to get people to wake up and return to what made life worth living?

  2. Well, since they already consider any form of protest including sit-ins, marches etc. it's a given that the IDF and police will use violence against the protesters.

    BTW: Why use the IDF at all in this matter? It should be a matter for law enforcement not the military. Talk about swatting a fly with a battering ram.


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