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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fixed Earth - Untethered Anti-Semitism, Unearthed Paranoia

I predicted this back during Coral Ridge Ministries' "Darwin's Deadly Legacy" documentary that claimed Darwinism was the real source of Nazism and the Holocaust. I pointed out then that most such historical revisionism winds up taking a snake's turn and then pinning the whole thing on the Jews.

The left did it by claiming that the real source of the Holocaust and Nazism, was nationalism and then proceeding to identify Zionism with Nazism. Now we're seeing it done by claiming that evolution was invented by the Jews. Since the Jews now "invented" evolution and the Nazis were Darwinists, then the Nazis were really the Jews.

The second most powerful member of the Texas House of Representative, Warren Chisum passed on a memo from a Georgia House of Representatives member claiming that teaching evolution means teaching "Jewish religious beliefs."

This particular idea comes from a hate site Fixed Earth, which claims among its other ravings, that the earth doesn't rotate but remains in place, that Einstein was a Kabbalist, that ET is part of a conspiracy to teach people evolution, that Israel backed by Christian Zionists are plotting to take over Turkey and that there is a vast Jewish conspiracy to perpetuate Superstring Theory.

"So “superstrings theory” is yet another blatant example of how contra-scientific, Christ-hating Pharisee Kabbalist Occultists (using theoretical non-science and phony physics) have deceived the whole world into believing that 15 billion years of Big Bang Evolutionism has produced all that exists."

So if anyone seriously thought that there was ANYTHING in the world that Anti-semites couldn't blame Jews for, apparently we're now to blame for Superstring Theory. And gravity apparently. And trying to fool people into believing that the earth revolves around the sun. And wanting to invade Turkey.

Aside from its preoccupation with the Jewish conspiracy to perpetuate physics, Fixed Earth is basically a collection of the usual Anti-semitic ravings about the Talmud, Israel, Satan and "Kabbalic Judaism" done in twenty different colors, misspelled and underlined.

For all its rabid hatefulness, the site generally fall into the pathetic range, what is troubling is the willingness of politicians to pick up material from there. A pretext for relabeling evolution as religious is a tempting weapon to evolution opponents. So much so they're willing to traffic in a bigoted position in the vain hopes of scoring a point against their opponents. Instead all such an approach accomplishes is to delegitimize people on the side of creationism as bigots.

Fixed Earth not only engages in garden variety Anti-semitism. There's also your garden variety Holocaust denial. There's your claims of a vast Jewish conspiracy running the world. It's a whole lot to overlook and there's a whole lot of ugliness revolving there.

This should however be a reminder to some of the Jewish liberals in Europe and America endlessly complaining that Israel is the reason they're hated. Anti-semitism is not based on any reasonable grievance. It's based on people who blame everything that troubles them on the Jews. It existed long before the recreation of Israel. It may appear sometimes to have a rational basis, when its apologists are saner and more coherent than Fixed Earth's Marshall Hall. But in the end it all comes down to the same lunatic ravings, just some times better disguised than others.

For Marshall Hall, for Fixed Earth, for Warren Chisum and for all of them, here is the Stonecutter' Song from The Simpsons

Who invented gravity
Who propounds string theory
We do
We do

Who made Darwin famous overnight
Who really flew Franklin's kite
We do
We do

Who kabbalistically controls the Earth
Who travels coach from Sydney to Perth
We do
We do

Who made ET's bicycle fly
Who set the value of PI
We do
We do

Who stole Marshall Hall's brains
Who gives him constant gas pains
We do
We do


  1. I haven't gotten my official Stonecutter's ring yet. What's the hold up?

    Trying to make sense of the convoluted conspiracy "logic" of people like Hall is like playing cribbage with a lunatic; the cards go flying everywhere.

    By their reasoning if one Jew in all of history believed in evolution it must be a global Jewish conspiracy. Their logic is sort of like saying: All elephants have big ears. Prince Charles has big ears. Hence, Prince Charles is an elephant.

    (Actually, my sister said there was a logic question similar to this among some of the LSAT questions.)

  2. Go far enough left on a round planet and you end up right again. Go far enough right and you end up left.
    So they are the same kind of people at both ends of the spectrum whose brain power is diminished by their hatred and obsessive belief in myths they adore.
    People like Warren Chisum love to hate. It is their bread and butter and keeps them going. As long as they have someone to step on they feel big.
    The blood of the people he hates will be on his hands at the judgement.

  3. all stonecutter rings will of course be distributed at the annual stonecutters meeting taking place annually in tharsis crater on mars

    I almost can't wait to see what they blame us for next

    the cold weather?

    their tires going bald?

    solar eclipses?

  4. And we Jews created farts! Which is really a devious chemical attack we Jews intend to use against the US someday to gain full control and run out all the goyim.

    I guess that makes us a bunch of stinkers. :]

  5. Anonymous20/2/07

    Well done.



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