Home Europe Islam The End of British Jewry?
Home Europe Islam The End of British Jewry?

The End of British Jewry?

Immigration of British Jews to Israel has doubled in the last year alone. Attacks on Britain’s Jews have risen to the highest level since records began.

"A study published today shows the number of reported anti-Semitic incidents has almost tripled in 10 years, with more than half the attacks last year taking place in London.

The findings prompted the report’s authors to warn of a “wave of hatred” against Jews. The number of incidents increased to 594 last year, up by 31 per cent on the previous year.

Violent assaults soared to 112, up by more than a third on 2005."

Britain expelled its Jews twice. Are we seeing the beginning of a third expulsion now? Or an exodus?


  1. I'm sorry. That was a morbid and insensitive thing for me to think--and post.


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