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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Apartheid Promoter Jimmy Carter Shills for the Mass Murdering Sudanese Government

Jimmy Carter, freelance moral ambassador to the world, vociferous critic of any free country trying to protect itself from the menace of terrorism, particularly the United States and Israel... is taking a little trip to Africa.

Of course Carter will be going to Sudan. No, not to stop the genocide of Christians, Animists and Africans, by the Islamic Arab Sudanese government. No Carter will be going to lecture on preventing guinea worm infections. Now, no doubt guinea worm infections are a serious problem, but so is the murder of hundreds of thousands of people, the rape, torture and enslavement of many times that number.

Instead Carter arrived in Khartoum on February 9th and praised the Sudanese Federal Ministry of Health for its work in preventing infectious diseases. Carter attended a conference presided over by the head of the mass murdering Sudanese state, President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir himself.

While Carter goes on a book tour calling Israel an Apartheid State, there is no such venom directed to the Sudanese regime, which has murdered hundreds of thousands of its citizens, based on their race and religion. Instead Carter makes nice. He shakes hands. He praises their medical achievements. If it was the Munich Olympics, he'd have been in the stands with Adolf, talking about fighting cholera in Dusseldorf.

But don't think that Jimmy has entirely forgotten about the ongoing genocide in Sudan. Because of course Jimmy Carter, moral voice of authority, peacemaker and freelance diplomat, made a statement. Oh yes he did.

The new U.N. Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, is pushing for the deployment of a few more thousand UN Peacekeepers to stop the killing by arab militias. Enter Jimmy Carter to condemn the move.

"You can't resolve a conflict in an area as wide as Darfur, even with 50,000 troops. Troops are not the way to do it," Carter said. "The government in Khartoum is not going to let them in. Even with five times as many troops they still couldn't do it," he told Reuters on the eve of a trip to Sudan, where he is expected to meet with Bashir.

Oh yes, you wouldn't want Peacekeepers on the ground to actually try and stop the killing. And in any case, why Carter's Arab buddies who are doing the killing, wouldn't let them in any way. And so Carter, the great booster of the UN, helpfully tells us even UN Peacekeepers are a bad idea.

"The United Nations, Europe and the United States needed to push for a negotiated settlement first. The U.N., the EU and the U.S. need to harness all their tremendous influence to force all of the conflicting parties to negotiate a peace agreement and accept it. We need to emphasize a negotiated settlement."

That's the answer then. Continue the "negotiations" while the Sudanese government continues the genocide. By no means send in UN Peacekeepers to protect the millions in refugee camps. Let them die. Let the women be raped and their children murdered.

There's no talk of Apartheid. No condemnation of a regime that has carried out genocide and displaced millions from their homes. There's no book tour. There's negotiations in which the killing goes on and the Peacekeepers stay home.

Why is there no moral outrage from the Great Peanut Farmer of Georgia who has lust in his heart to smear Jews and Americans, but forbears from saying a harsh word for the people who perpetrated atrocities like this... but instead meets with them to praise their progress in fighting guinea worms?

"One of the most savage atrocities yet recorded in Sudan was laid bare yesterday when it was reported that Janjaweed militia shackled villagers and burned them alive during a raid in the Darfur region."

Why not only does Jimmy Carter not call for action, but instead shills for the Sudanese government and resists sending in UN Peacekeepers to protect the people being murdered there?

Sudan's Islamic Arab government has close ties to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has quietly backed Sudan's genocide, as part of an overall global Islamic campaign. Carter backs the murderers in Khartoum, just as he backs those in Ramallah. The rhetoric changes, but the agenda remains the same.

Jimmy Carter has been and remains a shill for mass murderers. Particularly Marxist and Muslim governments and groups, to which he cultivates close ties. While Carter plays at being the conscience of the world, he's the spokesman for bloody killers and he has blood on his hands too.


  1. What a piece of mush Carter's become. Conflict resolution? Negotiations? You'd think the only crimes happening in the Sudan and Israel were landlord disputes instead of genocide and terrorism respectively.

    (note: I consider everything Carter and the liberals are doing and saying regarding Israel as genocide. They're pressuring the government to give up land for their grand illusion of peace, and people are being killed. Jewish people. That's a slow genocide.

  2. Carter, from a long line of slave holders despises black people as much as he despises jews.
    So to a man like jimmy carter, the death of some Africans is not of much importance.
    Lecturing on worms for which he receives PAYMENT, is worth his time since it lines his pockets.

  3. He certainly did disguise his true nature for a long time, huh? I generation seems to be the average amount of time it takes before presidents are revealed for what they really are. As I recall, it took 30 or so years before Nixon's anti-semitic tapes were released to the public.

    And Carter's anti-Israeli sentiments revealed in roughly 25-30 years after he left office.

    Just something that crossed my mind.

  4. I just can't help but hope someday he gets picked off by an arab. I can see it now. Carter on his knees begging for his life as a muslim stands over him with a gun pointed at Carter's empty head saying, "Thanks for the help. We no longer need your services." Bang. It could happen actually. The Russians did it. The Germans did it. They probably do or will too.

  5. You can see from the photo on the post that Jimmy is (Dovy Hands.. private Joke..hehe) about to strangle that poor baby .
    The sweet baby is crying out for help.
    Luckily his mother heard and came and punched out Jimmy who is now confined in a home for unwanted former presidents who made disasterous decisions in Iran.

  6. Anonymous14/2/07

    Ya know Yobee, I think that's probably going to happen to a many liberals. Arabs for the time being are using them but in the end, they'll face the same fate as anyone else the arabs hate.

    Keli ata--forced to post anonymously--again.

  7. Anonymous15/2/07

    What happened to the old days when the FBI would maintain files on traitors like Peanut Jimmy?

    Lemon, Jimmy is not descended from slaveholders. He's white trash, descended from landless layabouts who may have served as overseers on the plantations. And that means he probably has black cousins, as well as relatives who belong to the KKK.

  8. People who worked with Carter in the 70s knew of his anti-jewish stance. It was evident. He would not hire people with jewish sounding names, whether they were Jewish or not!
    I suspect a little small vessel disease is loosening his public mouth now. I would think he has some form of senile dementia at this point.

  9. When I first moved to Georgia, the blacks who worked at KFC with me all freaked when I told them I was Jewish. They pulled me aside and whispered, "Whatever you do, don't tell anyone. They hate you guys more than they hate us!"

    They weren't kidding. I had enough trouble with the KKK that I had to move.

  10. You want to know what motivates Peanut Brain Carter? The almighty dollar, that's what. He's a FAILED peanut farmer and the yishmos bailed him out when his farm went bankrupt after he nearly bankrupted the US. After all, they love him - he did more to weaken the US than Osama ever could.

    Like Lipa Schmeltzer says - it's all about GELT!



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