Home Urban Outfitters announce their latest line of WASP Terrorist Sympathizer Wear
Home Urban Outfitters announce their latest line of WASP Terrorist Sympathizer Wear

Urban Outfitters announce their latest line of WASP Terrorist Sympathizer Wear

Urban Outfitters announces their new line of terrorist sympathizing wear for the rich slacker activist. Dress just like those guys who kill Americans on TV while you demand the withdrawal of the troops. Don't miss your pedicure but keep your scruffy look for that street activist cred. Make vague statements about Israeli apartheid while sipping your Starbucks and be sure to ask Mommy and Daddy to sponsor your trip to Gaza over spring break. Photos against the wall included.

Don't be the last in your dorm still wearing that Che T-Shirt. Get with the times. Che was the terrorist of the past. Arabs are the terrorists of the future. Show your commitment to their cause of killing American soldiers, Iraqis and random innocent people with a keffiyah, aka Anti-War Scarf for the low low price of 19.99 at worse malls everywhere.


  1. Anonymous16/1/07

    Snobby kids with no experience and too much free time on their hands are the kind who buy these palestinian scarves.
    The boy in the photo has stringy , greasy hair. Part of the great unwashed of this generation of kids.
    Urban Outfitters should lose all their business over this blatant support of terroism.

  2. You nailed these arrogant, self-indulgent punks to a tee.

    Oh yes, they want to appear profound, deep, morally elite, above the rest of us common people. And woefully misunderstood as they align themselves with the "misunderstood" terrorists, oops I mean freedom fighters.

    The James Deans of the 21st century. Rebels who have take on the cause (he he he, had to throw in a little pun) of murdering torturing terrorists. Just as some models are so emaciated their look is called "heroin chic" these terrorist supporters and their ilk want to don attire which will make them appear "terrorist chic."


  3. Both Urban Outfitters and some Levi's Stores carry them and call them "Anti-War Scarves".
    No decent person should shop at these stores anymore.

  4. Anonymous16/1/07

    yeah man! fight the power! Their new world order has a third reich odor!

    I remember when "The Man" was the one to fight against-now it's "you da man"

    Besides the arab's dress way cooler than orthodox Jews! There is just no way to make shaved heads and side curls look kewl. Although the black trench coats are pretty wicked bad with those fedoras.

    At least urban outfitters aren't selling "meditation shawls" ie tziz tziz.

  5. Anonymous16/1/07

    My husband bought one of those scarves. He wrapped it around the head of our spar pro manequin and routinely kickes the stuffing out of it. It drives the dogs nuts.


  6. Anonymous16/1/07

    Moshe Aryeh Friedman a/k/a Freaky Freedy wears such a scarf, with the Dome of the Schlock embroidered at each end! Anyone who wants to copy his idea of fashion needs to have his or her head checked and repaired very fast!

  7. Mark Steyn in America Alone proves that the Burqa and other coverings for women did not exist outside of this last century.
    They are used by Mohammed worshippers to hide while pulling off jewelery heists and terror.

    there is no evidence that any Muslim woman anywhere ever wore the jilbab before the disco era, when it was taken up by the Muslim Brotherhood and others in the Arab world. It is no more ancient and traditional than platform shoes, bell bottoms and cheesecloth shirts." from America Alone

    By the way..shaving the head for women is from Egypt and a very pagan custom which should be quickly abandoned as avoda Zara.
    However you could decorate it by tatooing the head with a map of the rest of the body. I mean if you are into shaving the head which is wrong.. tatooing is equal to it and in for a penny in for a pound.
    Peyot can be schnazzed up by braiding them with beads and bells or sporting cute bows on the ends of the long ones. Perhaps wearing them a la Pippy Longstocking would be cute?

  8. Anonymous16/1/07

    re: lemon's comment-no pippy longstocking is defininately not cool, but I like the beads and bells idea.

  9. LOL. Pippy Longstocking peyot. LOL. Now I have a mental image that I can't get out of my head.

  10. Glad to help out Keli muwahahahahahaha

  11. "there is no evidence that any Muslim woman anywhere ever wore the jilbab before the disco era,"

    See what disco led to!!!!! Curse those funky lights and bell bottoms! Just goes to prove polyester really did cause brain damage. :]

    Anyway! I'm with Keliata, you're dead on the little dorky punks. It makes you wonder how it's possible for anyone's head to be that empty to want to support terrorists.


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